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Sunday, December 14, 2008


Nokia N70 NOKIA N70 IS VERY RELIABLE MOBILE FOR ALL ACCESSING MULTIMEDIA FUNCTIONS: Manufacturer Nokia Available Q3 2005 Screen 176 x 208 pixels, 35 x 41 mm Camera 2 Megapixels (Back) Second camera 0.3 Megapixels (Front) Operating system Symbian OS v8.1a, S60 Second Edition, Feature Pack 3 Input Keypad CPU TI OMAP 1710 ARM-926 220 MHz Ringtone Polyphonic (64 channels), Monophonic, MP3, True Tones Memory 22 MB Memory card DV RS-MMC / MMC-Mobile Networks GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA Battery Li-Ion BL-5C Battery, 3.7V, 850mAh Physical size 108.8 x 53 x 21.8 mm, 95.9 cc Weight 126 g Form factor Candybar Predecessor Nokia 6680 Successor Nokia N73 The Nokia N70 is a multimedia 3G smartphone made by Nokia and launched in Q3 2005. In 2007, it was the second most popular cellular phone, with 8% of all sales at Rampal Cellular Stockmarket.[1] FeaturesThe Nokia N70 (Model N70-1) (2002) is one of the handsets in Nokia's Nseries lineup of smart phones. It is equipped with a 2 megapixel camera with built-in flash, a front VGA camera to allow video calling, FM radio, Bluetooth, digital music player functionality, and support for 3D Symbian, Java games and other S60 2nd Edition software. It uses the S60 user interface and the Symbian 8.1a operating system. At the time of its launch, the N70 had the most built-in memory alongside its system memory and was the penultimate (before the related N72) Symbian OS 8.x device released by Nokia, since the introduction of their new OS9 platform released in 2003 which offers more flexibility than the original that was made in 1998 and upgraded from then on. In 2006 Nokia released N70 Music Edition phoneN70-5 modelTwo months after N70 became available Nokia also released N70 model without 3G support. N70-5 model doesn't have front camera, otherwise all functions are the same as N70-1 model. It was shipped to China, Mexico and East Europe markets and provides a lower-cost option for users who don't want or need 3G services. [2] Music EditionIn 2006 Nokia released its Music Edition series for N70, N73 and N91. All had black housings and new sales boxes and packages, and were special for their extra storage capacity as compared to the standard models. Music Edition of the N70-1 model featured 1GB memory card, 3.5 mm audio adapter, and some additional themes. WELL REPLY BY COMMENTS

Friday, December 12, 2008


The Nokia N91 is a mobile phone that was released to the public in April of 2006. It is part of the Nokia Nseries range of mobile phone. It features a 2-megapixel camera and a 4GB (8GB in the "new" 2006 version) hard disk to store approximately (XpressMusic) that slide down to reveal traditional mobile phone keys. The phone features a new version of the Symbian Series 60 Operating System. It was the first phone with this version (Symbian version 9.1, Series 60 version 3.0). The new version is needed for the support of a mechanical hard disk. In the past, the version of the Symbian operating system has been a good indicator of CPU speed. In the adverts for the phone it was stated that because of its 3.5 mm plug input, Nokia recommends quality headphones made from Bose and Sennheiser. N91 also comes standard with a full Web browser Also, in old firmware versions, when you install a new theme, it will reset itself back to the default theme. Users can update the firmware using Nokia's PC Suite. The key features which holds it on is a steel body with a futuristic look, N91 has a heavy body to subtle its loud music vibration and to hold the 4 gb Hard disk, first of its kind in mobile phones. With a 2 mega pixel camera to add on its an added advantage, but the resolution has been reduced to 176 x 208 CIF to increase the battery power to an optimization of min 8 hrs to 24 hrs of pure music play, depending on the format used but it can’t play an OGG format :( . It’s a hard hit on a MP3 market but wait till the Mp3 kings like ipod coming up soon with their own mobile phones. Advantages: Steel body parts External music controls on the sliding keypad cover 2 Mega Pixel Camera 4 GB hard disk Standard 3.5 mm jack Wi-Fi 3G support via network Symbian 9.1 OS Active stand-by mode Built-in FM radio USB support Extremely fast Java Manual keypad lock A number of extras that come in the original package Disadvantages: OS incompatibility Way too many constructional drawbacks for this price range Quite big and heavy Display is poorer than competitors' displays Poor macro mode of the camera No Infrared port Slower than common mobiles WELL I THINK THE DISADVANTAGES ARE IGNORABLE SO THAT TO BECOME COMFORTABLE WITH HANDSET

Thursday, November 20, 2008


World exclusive knowledge about data cables Data Cable for Magellan eXplorist 100/200/300 - GS1DC Magellan eXplorist 100/200/300 are compact/good performance/low cost GPS favoured mostly by Geocachers. However, they are lack of a computer interface thus it is not possible to transfer data with a PC or PDA as it is. We have decided to support this small community who may require such and have developed such external interface port for eXplorist 100/200/300. Such interface will allow users to: 1. Upgrade firmware 2. Change basemap (good news for European users) 3. Transfer data to/from PC and PDA 4. Use navigation software on PC and PDA. All above require additional software/data and are available for free or for a fee from many places on the internet. The data cable - GS1DC - actually consists of 3 parts: 1. data connector with data/power jacks 2. connecting cable specially made 2.5>2.5mm plug 3. locking screw/plate for securing data connector protective cover for the pins included when cable is not in used. Because the data connector occupies the original battery compartment, you need to power it externally through the universal 4.0/1.7 DC connector in the data connector. You can use either: 1. Any 5v AC adapter (or car adapter) with universal 4.0/1.7 DC plug, which is used by many electronic devices and PDA such as Ipaq, Toshiba, Fujitsu Asus, Acer, Axim etc. 2. Through PC USB port by connecting PUC2. 3. Car USB adapter with PUC2 (CKUC) 4. Battery Extender PB4A, if you are using it outdoors. The data cable - GS1DC - actually consists of 3 parts: To connect data connector: 1 remove the rubber cover of the data port 2. "drop in" the data connector which should sit in place 3. screw in the locking plate (push the connector right down) 4. now you can connect cable and power For other end (PC or PDA) you need appropriate interface and we support large range. This is what you need in different situations: (for PDA - Acer n30 is given as example) , AC means 5V AC adapter with 4.0/1.7 plug. Connecting to - situation you need power for GPS (suggestion) - also needed PC - indoor GS9SF (GS1DC+G9SF) PB4A, or PUC2 - through PC USB port, or AC PDA - indoor (power for PDA NOT needed) GSAC3 (GS1DC+GAC3) PB4A, or PUC2 - through PC USB port, or AC PDA - indoor (power for PDA needed) GSAC3P PPY2 + (PB4A, or PUC2 - through PC USB port) PDA - outdoor (power for PDA not needed) GSAC3 (GS1DC+GAC3) PB4A PDA - outdoor (power for PDA needed) GSAC3P PB4A + PPY2 PDA - in car (power for PDA not needed) GSAC3 CKUC PDA - in car (power for PDA needed) GPSAC3 included in the package (GS1DC+GAC3P+CK203+PUC2+PPY2) Power GPS in car - no connection GS1D CKUC Important: Every time you have finished using the data cable, switch off the GPS first via its power button BEFORE disconnecting the power cable. Otherwise data you have worked on may be lost before saving it to the GPS. By switching off the GPS, it will save necessary data before exit. so be careful while operating.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Information about Software Piracy Protection & Security Software is highly valuable, it must be protected from unauthorized use in order to ensure new and existing revenue streams. software piracy continues to increase globally. The effects of this increase are devastating: not only does software piracy reduce revenues, it also results in less R&D, and in less investment in marketing and channel development. The only way to stop software piracy before it happens is to implement a strong software DRM solution to protect your software from unauthorized use. Piracy rating %age given below* India Piracy Rate: 71% Losses:** ($M) $1275 Select from list Albania Algeria Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Belgium Bolivia Bosnia-Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Bulgaria Cameroon Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Guatemala Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea, Republic of Kuwait Latvia Lebanon Lithuania Malaysia Malta Mauritius Mexico Moldova, Republic of Morocco Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico (US) Qatar Republic of Macedonia Romania Russian Federation Saudi Arabia Senegal Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Tunisia Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay Venezuela Viet Nam Zambia Zimbabwe **IDC used the following basic research architecture to measure piracy rates: Determined how much packaged software was put into use in 2007. Determined how much packaged software was paid for/legally acquired in 2007. Subtracted one from the other to get the amount of pirated software. More about piracy The BSA and IDC Global Software Piracy Study covers piracy of all packaged software that runs on personalcomputers (PC), including desktops, laptops, and ultra-portables. This includes operating systems, systemssoftware such as databases and security packages, business applications, and consumer applications such asgames, personal finance, and reference software. The study does not include other types of software such as thatwhich runs on servers or mainframes or software sold as a service.China’s piracy rate stayed at 82% for a secondconsecutive year after dropping by ten points over theprevious three years. Despite appearances, this doesnot signify that the declining trend has halted. In late2007, IDC found that PCs sold by local assemblers(also known as "white box" vendors) were higher thanpreviously counted, which raised the overall estimateof the PC market by more than 25% and, hence, the2007 piracy rate. Without this new information, IDCbelieves the 2007 rate would have been closer to80%. Thus, China is demonstrating progress infighting PC software piracy. Indeed, PC software piracyin the government and large enterprises in China isdecreasing and piracy in the consumer and smallbusinessmarkets, which accounted for two-thirds ofthe country’s PC market last year, is also beginning todrop. The results have been aided by a legalrequirement for PC manufacturers to ship legaloperating systems with new PCs. Nonetheless, it isimportant to keep in mind that there is still much morework to do in addressing the use of pirated andunlicensed PC software applications by state-ownedand other enterprises in China. It is also important forthe government to ensure that it remains incompliance going forward with its own legalizationand legally licensed operating system pre-installdirectives.India’s piracy rate dropped two percentage points to69% as a result of government and industry educationand enforcement efforts, software vendor activationcontrols, and an increase in PC market share bymultinational vendors.Dealing with software piracy in emerging markets isstill a challenge. Rapid growth in first-time users fromthe high piracy consumer and small-business sectorsaffects country averages even when piracy drops inother areas. The increase in Internet access, especiallybroadband access, increases the supply of piratedsoftware. Sprawling geographies and weakinstitutional infrastructure make education andenforcement all the more difficult. In some cases, evenculture is involved, where societies see intellectualcreation as a common good and not the propertyof its creator.T here was notable progress in the battle against PCsoftware piracy in 2007. Of the 108 individualcountries studied in this report, the piracy rate droppedin sixty-seven countries from 2006 to 2007 andincreased in only eight countries.However, the weighted impact of high market growthin emerging markets was again felt worldwide.Because the worldwide PC market grew much faster inhigher-piracy countries and regions, the worldwide PCsoftware piracy rate increased three percentage pointsto 38% from 2006 to 2007. PC shipments in Brazil,Russia, India, and China–commonly referred to asthe BRIC countries–grew 26% last year, compared to13% in North America, Western Europe, and Japan.The combined BRIC countries are now as large a PCmarket as the United States.At the same time, because the size of the market grewsignificantly in 2007 and the value of the US dollardropped nearly 7% against other currencies, lossesfrom piracy rose by $8 billion to nearly $48 billionworldwide. In fact, real losses did not grow as fast asthe overall PC software market, which grew faster than15% last year.While the worldwide weighted average piracy rate is38%, the median piracy rate in 2007 is 61%, downone percentage point from last year despite theaddition of six new countries to this report. This meansthat half of the countries studied have a piracy rate of61% or higher. In more than one-quarter of thecountries studied, the piracy rate is 80% or higher.Among the larger emerging economies, Russia’s piracyrate dropped a remarkable seven percentage points to73% from 2006 to 2007. The reduction in the piracyrate is the result of legalization programs by vendors,enforcement and education by the government andanti-piracy groups, agreements between vendors andlocal distributors to bundle legal software withhardware, and, of course, an oil economy that helpeddrive a 22% increase in personal disposable income in2007 and lower consumers' propensity to use well discussed rest of later.

Friday, November 14, 2008


MORE CHINESE MODELS SECRETES CODES default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678Engineer mode: *#110*01#Factory mode: *#987#Enable COM port: *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200Restore factory settings: *#987*99#LCD contrast: *#369#software version: *#800#software version: *#900#set default language: *#0000# Sendset English language: *#0044# Sendset English language (new firmware): *#001# Send E900 software version: *#5002*8376263#E900 full reset: *2767*3855# Service codes Spice: S404 enable COM port: *#42253646633# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS -> UART1/115200S410 engineer mode: *#3646633#S900 software version: *#8375#S900 serial no: *#33778# Service codes Philips: S200 enable COM port: *#3338913# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS -> UART1/115200 Service codes "Chinese" models: default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678Engineer mode: *#110*01#Factory mode: *#987#Enable COM port: *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200Restore factory settings: *#987*99#LCD contrast: *#369#software version: *#800#software version: *#900# Service codes BenQ: software version: *#300#test mode: *#302*20040615# Service codes Pantech: software version: *01763*79837#service menu: *01763*476#reset defaults (phone/user code reset to default): *01763*737381# Service codes VK-Mobile 3xx, 5xx: software version: *#79#software version: *#837#service menu: *#85*364# (hold #) Service codes VK200, VK2000, VK2010, VK2020, VK4000: software version: *#79#service menu: *#9998*8336# (hold #)reset defaults (phone/user code reset to default): *#9998*7328# (hold #) Service codes LG: software version: 2945#*#KG300 NVRAM format: 2945#*# -> menu 15 Service codes Sony-Ericsson:J100 software version: #82# Service codes Fly: M100 software version: ####0000#2040(i) reset defaults: *#987*99# SendMX200 reset defaults: *#987*99# SendMX200 software version: *#900# SendSL300m reset defaults: *#987*99# SendSL300m software version: *#900# SendSL500m reset defaults: *#987*99# SendSL500m software version: *#900# SendMP500 reset defaults: *#987*99# SendMP500 software version: *#900# SendSet language to English: *#0044#Set language to Russian: *#0007# Service codes Konka: C926 software version: *320# SendC926 set default language: *#0000# SendC926 set English language: *#0044# Send Service codes GStar: GM208 (Chinese Nokea 6230+) engineering menu: *#66*#Set language to English: *#0044#Set language to Russian: *#0007# Service codes Motorola: Motofone F3 software version: **9999* SendC113, C114, C115, C115i, C116, C117, C118 software version: #02#*C138, C139, C140 software version: #02#*C155, C156, C157 software version: #02#*C257, C261 software version: #02#*V171, V172, V173 software version: #02#*V175, V176, V176 software version: #02#*C168, W220 software version: *#**837#W208, W375 software version: #02#* E900 software version: *#5002*8376263#E900 full reset: *2767*3855#Service codes Spice:S404 enable COM port: *#42253646633# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS -> UART1/115200S410 engineer mode: *#3646633#S900 software version: *#8375#S900 serial no: *#33778#Service codes Philips:S200 enable COM port: *#3338913# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS -> UART1/115200Service codes "Chinese" models:default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678Engineer mode: *#110*01#Factory mode: *#987#Enable COM port: *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200Restore factory settings: *#987*99#LCD contrast: *#369#software version: *#800#software version: *#900#Service codes BenQ:software version: *#300#test mode: *#302*20040615#Service codes Pantech:software version: *01763*79837#service menu: *01763*476#reset defaults (phone/user code reset to default): *01763*737381#Service codes VK-Mobile 3xx, 5xx:software version: *#79#software version: *#837#service menu: *#85*364# (hold #)Service codes VK200, VK2000, VK2010, VK2020, VK4000:software version: *#79#service menu: *#9998*8336# (hold #)reset defaults (phone/user code reset to default): *#9998*7328# (hold #)Service codes LG:software version: 2945#*#KG300 NVRAM format: 2945#*# -> menu 15Service codes Sony-Ericsson:J100 software version: #82#Service codes Fly:M100 software version: ####0000#2040(i) reset defaults: *#987*99# SendMX200 reset defaults: *#987*99# SendMX200 software version: *#900# SendSL300m reset defaults: *#987*99# SendSL300m software version: *#900# SendSL500m reset defaults: *#987*99# SendSL500m software version: *#900# SendMP500 reset defaults: *#987*99# SendMP500 software version: *#900# SendSet language to English: *#0044#Set language to Russian: *#0007#Service codes Konka:C926 software version: *320# SendC926 set default language: *#0000# SendC926 set English language: *#0044# SendService codes GStar:GM208 (Chinese Nokea 6230+) engineering menu: *#66*#Set language to English: *#0044#Set language to Russian: *#0007#Service codes Motofone-F3:Motofone F3 software version: **9999* Send***300* Set SIM Pin***310* / ***311* SIM Pin ON OFF***000* Reset Factory settings***644* Set Voicemail number***260* / ***261* Auto keypad lock ON OFF***510* / ***511* Voice Prompts ON OFF***160* / ***161* Restricted Calling (Phonebook only) ON OFF***200608* Send: software version***200606* Send: software version***200806* Send: flex version***250* / ***251* Keypad tones ON OFF***470* Select time format***500* /***501* Prepaid Balance Display ON OFF***520* Change languageService codes Motorola:C113, C114, C115, C115i, C116, C117, C118 software version: #02#*C138, C139, C140 software version: #02#*C155, C156, C157 software version: #02#*C257, C261 software version: #02#*V171, V172, V173 software version: #02#*V175, V176, V176 software version: #02#*C168, W220 software version: *#**837#W208, W375 software version: #02#* MORE AS I GET WILL SEND U TAKE CARE TILL THEN

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Nokia launches new CDMA mobile wanna know u: E-Mail Print Keeping in track with the popularity of the CDMA mobile users, Nokia launched two CDMA mobiles globally and three in Asia-Pacific region in "CDMA: Partnership For Growth" summit at Mumbai. However it is uncertain, when the models will come into the hands of users because it finally depends upon the service providers. The models launched globally are Nokia 2112 and 3125. Nokia 2112 is an entry-level black and white phone with features of an integrated hands-free speaker and flashlight, polyphonic ringtones and picture messaging. Nokia 3125 is a colour handset mainly designed for the professionals with MMS service, video messaging, video download and playback, animated screensavers, digital VGA camera, FM radio headset and car installation kit. Both of these handsets are expected in the Indian markets in the third quarter of 2004. Nokia 3205, 6015 and 6225 launched in the Asia-Pacific region are all colour mobile phones. Nokia 3205 is a dual-band, tri-mode mobile phone with caller photo id facility, integrated VGA camera and FM radio, built-in flashlight, over-the-air Java download facilities and WAP 2.0 browser. Other than the features of 3205 except camera, Nokia 6015 has additional features of integrated hands-free speaker and can store up to 250 telephone contacts. Targeted for the business executives, Nokia 6225 has some special features like built in VGA camera, MP3/AAC player, flash and digital zoom, live audio and video streaming capability, dual colour screens and expandable memory. Other than these phones, some existing Nokia CDMA mobile phones like Nokia 2280, 3586 and 3585 were also showcased. In spite of the launch of these phones by Nokia officially, it is ultimately the service providers who will gift the phones into the hands of the users. However Sanjay Sharma, Managing Director, Nokia Customer and Marketing Operations, India, appears quite positive about their current business expansion. He says, "We are quite confident that these new products will attract the different CDMA service providers." Speaking to Techtree about the price strategy, he adds, "Finally it is the service providers who will decide about the price." Hence it is quite clear that it is the service providers who will actually decide the real dates to launch these phones. When questioned whether Nokia would tie up with the service providers based on their popularity, Mr. Sharma safely comments that Nokia would like to tie up with all the service providers. However, the truth of this statement would only be judged through the future tie-ups, which is expected to happen soon. keep in touch always

Saturday, November 8, 2008


HERE DISCUSSING ABOUT CDMA TECHNOLOGY GOING AHEAD CDMA is characterized by high capacity and small cell radius, employing spread-spectrum technology and a special coding scheme. Capabilities of cdmaOne evolution have already been defined in standards. IS-95B provides ISDN rates up to 64 kbps. The next phase of cdmaOne is a standard knows as 1XRTT and enables 144 kbps packet data in a mobile environment. Other features available are a two-fold increase in both standby time and voice capacity. All of these capabilities will be available in an existing cdmaOne 1.25 MHz channel. The next phase of cdmaOne evolution will incorporate the capabilities of 1XRTT, support all channel sizes (5 MHz, 10 MHz, etc.), provide circuit and packet data rates up to 2 Mbps, incorporate advanced multimedia capabilities, and include a framework for advanced 3G voice services and vocoders, including voice over packet and circuit data. NOW there are numbers of CDMA brands: Composite CDMA/TDMA Wireless technology that uses both CDMA and TDMA. For large-cell licensed band and small-cell unlicensed band applications. Uses CDMA between cells and TDMA within cells. Based on Omnipoint technology. CDMA In addition to the original Qualcomm-invented N-CDMA (originally just 'CDMA', also known in the US as IS-95. See N-CDMA below). Latest variations are B-CDMA, W-CDMA and composite CDMA/TDMA. Developed originally by Qualcomm, CDMA is characterized by high capacity and small cell radius, employing spread-spectrum technology and a special coding scheme. It was adopted by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) in 1993. The first CDMA-based networks are now operational. B-CDMA is the basis for 3G UMTS (see below) cdmaOne First Generation Narrowband CDMA (IS-95). cdma2000 and now virgin is coming to revolute the cdma services

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NOKIA 6600 INTERNET WORKING Nokia 6600 Internet over bluetooth - How toMarch 30th, 2005 at 04:36pm Finally after lot of R&D, yesterday i could finally browse the net over my 6600 using my PC’s internet connection over bluetooth ! Two things are possible.1. You use the GPRS of your Mobile phone and browse on your PC.2. You use the DSL (or other high speed connection) of your PC to browse on your Mobile phone. 1 is pretty simple, and is very easy to setup on Nokia 6600. But #2 is not that simple. After reading lot of forums, i found that Nokia has on purpose blocked this feature in 6600. If you have already done a search on this topic, you would have definitely come across this page. But the instructions there are quite cryptic, and not very clear. So, i did lot of search on various forums, and finally got it right. What i have done is, i have basically documented the steps that i followed to make it work. Do give it a try!. It might work for you as well. If it works (or doesn’t) do comment here! Steps…First lets set up the PC. Things to do on PC : Deactivate all the Checkboxes in mRouter (at least the ones of the Bluetooth COM ports) Goto Bluetooth settings and Deactivate everything else in Local services than Bluetooth serial port, note the com port you set as bluetooth serial port Goto Phone and Modem options, go to “Modems” add a new one, activate “I will select it from a list” Choose “Communications cable between 2 Computers” from the list (in Standard Modem Types) Select the COM port from step3 In the modem settings set maximum port speed to 115200 Goto Network Connections and create a new connection (wizard) Select Set up an advanced connection -> Next Accept incoming connections -> Next Check the Communications cable between two computers -> Next Do not allow VPN connections -> select a username you want to give access to your pc over Bluetooth (that’s the username you will set on the phone later) -> Next Select Internet Protocol -> Properties, select “TCI/IP address assignment” and set the IP range to something like Remove Internet Connection Sharing from all interfaces run cmd.exe and enter the following commands: netsh routing ip nat installnetsh routing ip nat add interface "YOUR LAN INTERFACE NAME" fullnetsh routing ip nat add interface Internal private YOUR LAN INTERFACE NAME has to be replaced with the name of the interface connected to the internet if there is a “Bluetooth Network” connection in Network Connections delete it In network connections choose the incoming connection just created, and open its properties. Click on the users tab, check the last checkbox which says “Always allow directly connected devices to such as palmtop computers to connect without using a password” (this step helped me!) So, that’s the setup on the PC. Next we need to configure the 6600 Download gnubox6600.SIS and install it on your phone. Search Google for GnuBox Create a new Access Point on the phone (SettingConnectionAccess pointsNew access pointUse default settings). Use the following settings for it: Name: Bt (This name is important, the gnubox software will look for it, since its hard-coded in the code) Data Bearer: High speed (GSM) Dial-up number: e.g. 2222. It doesn’t matter what you have here as long as it’s not empty Username: the username you gave access to the incoming connection earlier Prompt password: No Password: Password for the user on Windows Authentication: Normal Advanced Settings: Use Login Script Yes Advanced Settings: Login Script CHARMAP [windows-1252]LOOP 10{SEND “CLIENT”+<0×0d>WAIT 3{“SERVER” OK}}EXIT KErrNoAnswer$OK:EXITBe careful that you get it exactly as show here, including line breaks. You could save it to a file, send to the phone and copy-paste to the settings. Advanced Settings: Use PPP Compression Yes Run the program you installed at step1 (gnubox) Inside gnubox: Options-> 2box Direct -> Bluetooth, select your computer, leave gnubox running in background Run the nokia wml browser select “Bt” as access point and connect. You can also use any other internet app like Agile messenger, real player, opera, profimail etc I was able to connect, and view my website and could read this blog too. I was also able to receive and send out mail using profimail, and the built-in mail client. for more information u can contact

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This will also bring a great revolution in mobile industry China context A pair of Chinese mobile-TV technologies are competing for a shot to prove their worth at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing: Terrestrial-Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (T-MMB), short for "satellite and terrestrial interaction multimedia." T-MMB was jointly developed by Beijing-based software firm Nufrontsoft, the Communication University of China and Southeast University. It is supposedly compatible with South Korea's DAB-based Terrestrial-Digital Multimedia Broadcasting. The spec supports frequencies from 30 MHz to 3 GHz, and a prototype chip is ready, with samples expected in 2007. Chinese officials said they hope to finish initial trials by the end of the year and move into commercial trials in 2007, so that the new technologies could be ready for the 2008 Olympics. The pair will compete with more-established global mobile-TV standards being tested in Chinese cities: T-DMB and Europe's DVB-Handheld. Chinese Standards Responsible entity DMB-TH Tsinghua University CMMB State Administration for Radio, Film and Television CDMB China Association for StandardizationT-MMB (Terrestrial-Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) NuFront The goal was to deploy a domestic specification called China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) on a national level by the first half of 2008. Pre-commercial mobile TV services based on CMMB should have rolled out in six Chinese cities by the end of 2007. The other standard likely to co-exist alongside CMMB is TDBB - a mobile TV standard using China's home-grown 3G mobile telecommunication standard, TD-SCDMA. TDMB was developed by Datang Telecom, a research body of China's Ministry of Information and Industry. Technical Analysis on the China National Standard for Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting Key Technologies for Chinese Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting Standard Well its a very well settled and advance company in all over the world

Monday, November 3, 2008


There are some Sagem Secrets And Secret Codes : Most Sagem phones have "secrets", also called secret codes that all the users can type on keypad in order to get some phone information or, in some cases, they can also change the cell phone's behavior. New Ringtones - Sophisticated Ringtones - Spicy "Ringtones-a-gogo" - Mystery Ringtones - Polyphonic Ringtones New melodies are added regularly. Subscribe to my newsletter and don't miss any Don't expect much from these Sagem secrets, however, since most of the time, all they will display is soporific information like: purchasing date, last repair date, serial number or software version. Most of the sites listed below provide these Sagem secret codes for free but since things change quickly on Internet, let me know if they are not free anymore. TOP 5 RINGTONES ON THIS SITE Spicy Legs (From "Ringtones-a-gogo") Bang Bang Cavalcade (Polyphonic, from "Far West Melodies") The Police (From "Mystery Ringtones") Boomerang Tango (From "Sophisticated Ringtones") Along The Nile (From "Mid-East Ringtones") Get Free Sagem Secrets *** WARNING: Using secret codes may be harmful to your phone and result in disabling or worse. One of our users had that bad experience. AND MORE WILL POST SOME OTHER TIME ABOUT SAGEM MOBILE PHONES

Saturday, November 1, 2008


There are some great companies launching wifi technology Alcatel-Lucent’s CEO States The Company Is In Good Shape From A Cash Standpoint Paris, France,-/Wi-Fi Technology News/- Alcatel-Lucent’s Board of Directors (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) reviewed and approved reported results for the third quarter 2008. During the quarter, revenues declined 6.6% year-over-year and decreased 0.9% sequentially to Euro 4.065 billion. At constant exchange rate, revenues declined 2.2% year-over-year and 2.9% sequentially. 4ipnet's New WHG101 Firmware Supports External RADIUS Servers And Other Devices 4ipnet's New WHG101 Firmware Supports External RADIUS Servers And Other Devices Also featuring sponsor links on login portal and more credit card online payment options. Taipei, Taiwan -/Wi-Fi Technology News/- 4ipnet, Inc., a leading provider of cost-effective complete wireless networking solutions, today announced the new firmware for its WHG101 Wireless Hotspot Gateway to support Ethernet connection to external terminal servers, traffic accounting with external RADIUS server, sponsor links on login portal, and more credit card online payment options. Royal Resorts Group Deploys New Wi-Fi Wireless Broadband From BelAir Networks Royal Resorts Group Deploys New Wi-Fi Wireless Broadband From BelAir Networks Kanata-/Wi-Fi Technology News/- With wireless internet access continuing to lead the list of must-have amenities for both business and leisure travelers, hotels and resorts are constantly looking for ways to improve their wireless services while reducing their operating costs. The Royal Resorts Group has addressed these challenges with high-performance broadband wireless from BelAir Networks, the market leader in service provider WLAN. Dubai GSM>3G Middle East Congress Attracting Interest From Telcos Dubai GSM>3G Middle East Congress Attracting Interest From Telcos London, UK-/Wi-Fi Technology News/- Informa Telecoms & Media is delighted to announce that the 13th annual GSM>3G Middle East congress and exhibition is attracting interest from telcos in a wide variety of markets across the region. Tanla Mobile To Run Mobile Phone Element Of The 2008 UK Poppy Appeal Tanla Mobile To Run Mobile Phone Element Of The 2008 UK Poppy Appeal London, UK-/Wi-Fi Technology News/- The ever-popular ‘Poppy Download’ returns for this year’s Poppy Appeal as Tanla Mobile has been chosen by The Royal British Legion to run the mobile phone element of their 2008 Poppy Appeal. Poppy Downloads allow members of the public to make a donation using their mobile phones and in exchange receive a poppy for their mobile phone wallpaper. Quantenna Launches First 1 Gbps Wi-Fi Chipsets Quantenna Launches First 1 Gbps Wi-Fi Chipsets Finally the most frustrating aspects of using a Wi-Fi network such as deadspots, limited range and unpredictable bandwidths within the home or office can be overcome. Sunnyvale, California -/Wi-Fi Technology News/- Quantenna Communications, after two years of intensive development and testing, today announced the Quantenna High Speed (QHS) family of chipsets to overcome the quality and reliability issues that traditionally beset Wi-Fi networks. The ability of Quantenna chips to guarantee wireless bandwidth means that carriers can now deliver multi-play services including HDTV over a wireless network to anywhere in the home. Vodafone 2008 Partner Award Goes To Seeker Wireless Vodafone 2008 Partner Award Goes To Seeker Wireless Sydney, Australia-/Wi-Fi Technology News/- Seeker Wireless, one of the leading location-based service technology companies announced today that it has been named Innovation Partner of the Year 2008 at a conference hosted jointly by Vodafone New Zealand and Vodafone Australia. Toumaz's Chief To Explore Wireless Body Monitoring Solution at Club Industry 2008 Toumaz's Chief To Explore Wireless Body Monitoring Solution at Club Industry 2008 Abingdon, UK,-/Wi-Fi Technology News/- Toumaz Technology Limited, the leading provider of ultra-low power wireless infrastructure for body monitoring solutions, today announces that Toumaz CEO Keith Errey will present key digital fitness applications of the Sensium™ system for intelligent wireless body monitoring at Club Industry 2008 (McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, October 15th – 18th 2008). SecuWipe First Data Erasure Utility For PDAs And Smartphones Released SecuWipe First Data Erasure Utility For PDAs And Smartphones Released London, UK-/Wi-Fi Technology News/- Aiko Solutions, Europe’s leading Windows Mobile security software developer, today announced the public release of SecuWipe, the first data erasure utility for PDAs and Smartphones. Operating Smartphones poses a great risk since they can store a treasure-trove of corporate and personal information. Meru Wi-Fi Access Solution Will Prove Reliable at Rotherham High School Meru Wi-Fi Access Solution Will Prove Reliable at Rotherham High School London, UK -/Wi-Fi Technology News/- Pupils at St Bernard's Catholic High School in Rotherham, South Yorkshire can access Internet course materials instantly from any classroom in the building, thanks to a wireless LAN from Meru Networks. The school wanted to provide reliable access for its 670 students throughout the school, so subject teachers can use Internet resources in any lesson, without having to move the class into a dedicated IT suite. The wireless LAN had to be reliable, and able to support up to 64 laptops at once.Meru Wi-Fi Access Solution Will Prove Reliable at Rotherham High School London, UK -/Wi-Fi Technology News/- Pupils at St Bernard's Catholic High School in Rotherham, South Yorkshire can access Internet course materials instantly from any classroom in the building, thanks to a wireless LAN from Meru Networks. The school wanted to provide reliable access for its 670 students throughout the school, so subject teachers can use Internet resources in any lesson, without having to move the class into a dedicated IT suite. The wireless LAN had to be reliable, and able to support up to 64 laptops at once. "Whole classes of students can access the network at the same time without interruption," said Paul Clark, Strategy leader for ICT at St Bernard's. "This network gives more flexible access to our ICT facility, and will allow us to get laptops into all curriculum areas." UK based Networks by Wireless won a competitive tender, convincing St Bernard's School that wireless LAN equipment from Meru Networks would succeed where other equipment had failed, and provide a network the school could trust. The school has a new wired LAN, installed this year, and each classroom has a networked PC and an interactive whiteboard. Paul wanted to go further, and give each student network access, but was not convinced wireless LANs were up to the job. "We had tried a wireless LAN before, with a few access points in a small area, but we took it out a year ago, because it was unreliable," said Paul. After this experience, Paul was sceptical that any wireless LAN could meet his school's requirements: "We had decided to move away from wireless and get things cabled in." The demands of pupil access changed that. When a large number of laptops, wheeled to the classroom in a trolley, are handed to students at the beginning of a lesson, wired connections are simply impractical. So the school issued an invitation to network companies, to tender for a reliable wireless LAN that would allow instant access anywhere in the school. The winner of that tender, Meru's fourth generation single-channel wireless LAN, avoids the unreliability and interference issues common place with legacy wireless LANs. Access points are placed on a single radio channel, eliminating the need for costly channel planning. Meru’s coordinated access points ensure bandwidth is shared efficiently, everyone gets the best connection possible, and the network is managed centrally with its award-winning Air Traffic Control technology and System Director software. "Our biggest misgivings were that Meru's single channel architecture was different to every other wireless LAN vendor," said Paul. His technicians evaluated the product, before it was set up by Networks by Wireless. The network was installed quickly by Networks by Wireless during the school's summer holiday, and was running smoothly before the pupils returned in September. Most vendors' equipment requires a detailed site survey to position the radios and avoid interference, but with Meru's single-channel architecture, that wasn't necessary: "The wireless part just worked," says Paul. "The hardest part of the installation was upgrading the network with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) injectors to drive the access points."

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NOKIA 1650 SOME GREAT FEATURES Nokia 1650 is a very good handset with good colored pixel lcd and after along wait of nokia new handsets it was launched and get very much successful in the market, Its repair is also more easy as comparitive to nokia 1110 or 1112 handset, Its colored display is directly attached to the display jeck on backside of the pcb. General 2G Network GSM 900 / 1800 Announced 2007, May Status Available. Released 2008, January Size Dimensions 104.2 x 43.8 x 17.8 mm, 69 cc Weight 80 g Display Type CSTN, 65K colors Size 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inches, 35 x 28 mm - Themes and wallpapers Ringtones Type Polyphonic (32 channels), MP3 Customization Download Vibration Yes Memory Phonebook 500 entries Call records 20 dialed, 20 received, 20 missed calls Card slot No - 8 MB user memory Data GPRS No HSCSD No EDGE No 3G No WLAN No Bluetooth No Infrared port No USB No Features Messaging SMS (up to 250), EMS, Instant Messaging Browser No Games Snake Xenzia, Beach Rally, Soccer League Colors Metallic Red, Metallic Black Camera No - FM radio- T9- Calendar- Calculator- Personal budget manager - Currency converter- Voice memo- Built-in handsfree- Flashlight Battery Standard battery, Li-Ion 1020 mAh (BL-5C) Stand-by Up to 420 h Talk time Up 8h.
This handset generally gets dead due to software problems, like overloading of anything like sms, or by any mean, they also gets restarts, but after flashing with ufs box, mx-key or by any other nokia box, it gets ok, but if its imei no. get corrupt, then it will not accept any sim so to do it ok, we need a rpl server , which automatically read its file saved in uem ic and make the rpl and write it to the flash ic automatic , this can also be done in mxkey or universal box where there are credits in it, but this process we have to do it very carefully. After writing it, just do ui settings and handset get ok.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Samsung tips Bad solder @ C310, 312, 325, 326, 329, 331, 361. Or use p/n 2203-0022793. Ceramic chip 1uf/25v CXB1922 *Buzz from power supply *Dead, power light blinks *Check power supply caps, Q1, Q2, C09 & C810 on TV PCB, 470/16v *C09(22uf BP) in VCR power supply CXC1313 Shuts off in pl, ff, rew Replace reel sensors and CXJ2512 VCR runs fast in SLP IC601 MVR2000C Audio/video fade out Q106 on main board, in center, 1in. from back. Remove glue. MVR2100C Shuts down No B+ regulation, replace C810 in primary SMPS. MVR3150 VCR not working, no play/eject C09 22/16v in power supply. VM3105 *Vertical trouble, Hor lines at top/bottom *Sound comes/goes, tap on VCR to cause. *Resolder D307, next to vertical chip KA2131 and vert pins *Resolder CN302, IC304 pins on VCR pcb, check all solder in audio section. VM3003 White screen, no operation Poor solder, Q106, VCR board, power supply VM6003 No TV mode pic, ejects cassette, drum doesn't turn. Bad solder Q106 VM6105 No TV reception/VCR normal. IC301(LA7323) VR1000 Counter doesn't advance, shuts down after 3 secs Chip D75104CW027 VR2310 No reel pulse @ micro R642 open *Video drum over speeds *No capstan movement. *Drum motor spins too fast, shuts down. *In play, pic pulses from good to snow. *No load or intermittent *Eats tapes, capstan not rotating *Repair connection from head circuit to fg coil. *Check D112, replace 10 uf cap on capstan pcb, repair traces. *Loose connections, drum stator pcb, esp. J2, J3 *Adjust AC head, replace 10uf cap on capstan pcb. *D112, 12v supply. *C6, 10/25v, capstan pcb, repair trace VR3602 Won't load, unload cassete. Side plate, cassette-221066. VR3604 Dead, no display C09-22/16v BP, in power supply VR3700 *No sound on p/b or TV *Spills tape in unit, bump unit and snow. *Drum has no torque. *Repair broken traces to audio pin on RF *Mode switch, solder W381 *C102 in power supply VR3702 No functions, has display, won't accept tape. C25, 22/16v, in power supply. VR3705 No power, humming from power supply 43v zener, in secondary of power supply VR3803 *Clock blinks, no power up *Dead *C09-22/50v, BP in power supply. *C09, 22/50v BP in power supply VR5604 Dead, open fuse. Q1(2SC5039F), Q2(KTC3203Y), C4(4.7/200V), C9(22/16vBP) VR5608 In safe mode Hold TV/VCR, on remote for 30 seconds. VR5702 Display flashes, won't accept tape. C09, C04, C14, in power supply. VR5703 *Dead, or flashing display *When inserting tape, light goes out, tape doesn't load. *Power pulsates on/off *C05, C09, C14 in power supply *33V power supply line is 7-9v, replace transformer. *C14 (47/50v) in power supply VR5704 Dead, fuse open Q1(C5039F-218959), Q2(KTC3203Y--212671), C4(4.7/200v), C9(22/16v-np) *Tape loading, head wheel not spinning, very slow cassette load & tape eating. OR> *Intermittent bad color, ver/hor sync, then blue screen. OR> *Not completely ejecting D114 cathode should be 14 volts.OR> *No capstan in Play -D114 cathode should be 14 volts.OR> *Unit is dead (D1103, D1104 cathode should be 9 volts.) *Will go into play, but returns to stop. Tape not taken back in. D110 cathode should be 13v in play. For all of these: Use RCA kit #216135. Includes 7 diodes, 1N4001, D1103, 1104, 108, 109, 110, 112, 114 VR5802 Intermittent & won't timer record Resolder front button mountings, re-solder tape end sensors. VR8700 Intermittently dead C16(330/35v), C17(1000/35v), C21(1/60v) VR8702 *Looses power when tape is insertd *Broken slide and carriage(won't accept) *C09-22uf *RCA #221066, basket #221563 VR8704 Dead, heating power supply restores Q01, 2SC4418(Upgrade) VR8803 *Slow to power up, display erractic or dead unit. *Dead *CP09(22/16v BP) in power supply *IC1(PC817), IC2(S431C), R14(100 ohm) in power supply VT3240 *Capstan errractic, slow. *Dead *Defective cap in 6v line of p/s-220/16v *C04, C09, ZD6(30v zener), check D04 all in power supply VT3260C *Doesn't load tape, clock flashes *Dead, no display *22uf cap in p/s, replace with 33uf *C04, C09, ZD6(30v zener), ZD4(18v zener) in power supply VT4240C Dead, no display. C09, C04 VKX306 Dead C35(470/16v) in power supply so this was all about samsung how to recover it.

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READ CAREFULLY IT HAVE been asked for a product codes for Balkan, Polish, Thai and Ukrainian variants of Nokia E71. If you have any other codes please leave it in a comment or mail it to me. I’ll publish all collected codes, which could be helpful while software updating. POLISH product code for Nokia E71-1: 0558797.EURO product code for Nokia E71-1,which contains: English, Dutch, French, German & Italian: 0567045. ASIAN (SINGAPORE) product code for E71-1: 0560654which contains: English, Indonesia, Melayu, and Chinese. MIDDLE EAST product code for E71-1: 0559571which contains Arabic, English and French. SCANDINAVIAN product code for E71-1: 0558783which contains Finnish. BALTIC product code for E71-1: 0558843which contains Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian. Here is a huge update regarding codes for Asian market and Australia, WHICH could be more beneficial to you. Code: 0566235: RM-346 CTR APAC-S INDIA GREY STEELCode: 0566234: RM-346 CTR APAC-S INDIA WHITE STEELCode: 0561931: RM-346 APAC-S PHILS NTC/TA WHITE STEELCode: 0561930: RM-346 APAC-S NZ NZ276 WHITE STEELCode: 0561932: RM-346 APAC-T THAILAND WHITE STEELCode: 0567047: RM-346 CTR APAC-U KAMBODIA/LAOS GREY STLCode: 0560660: RM-346 APAC-T THAILAND GREY STEELCode: 0560659: RM-346 APAC-S PHILS NTC/TA GREY STEELCode: 0560637: RM-346 APAC-S SOUTH ASIA GREY STEELCode: 0560657: RM-346 APAC-S AUSTRALIA N342 GREY STEELCode: 0561923: RM-346 APAC-P TAIWAN WHITE STEELCode: 0560655: RM-346 APAC-U VIETNAM GREY STEELCode: 0560654: RM-346 APAC-R SINGAPORE GREY STEELCode: 0560653: RM-346 APAC-Q HK GREY STEELCode: 0561927: RM-346 APAC-S SOUTH ASIA WHITE STEELCode: 0561924: RM-346 APAC-Q HK WHITE STEELCode: 0561925: RM-346 APAC-R SINGAPORE WHITE STEELCode: 0561928: RM-346 APAC-R INDONESIA TA WHITE STEELCode: 0561929: RM-346 APAC-S AUSTRALIA N342 WHITE STEELCode: 0567052: RM-346 CTR APACU KAMBODIA/LAOS WHITE STLCode: 0560658: RM-346 APAC-S NZ NZ276 GREY STEELCode: 0560656: RM-346 APAC-R INDONESIA TA GREY STEELCode: 0563937: RM-346 CTR APAC-S BANGLADESH GREY STEELCode: 0561926: RM-346 APAC-U VIETNAM WHITE STEELCode: 0563938: RM-346 CTR APAC-S BANGLADESH WHITE STEELCode: 0560652: RM-346 APAC-P TAIWAN GREY STEEL some of them maybe doubled with codes posted here earlier. CODE: 0567908: RM-346 CTR BELARUS WHITE STEELCODE: 0567049: RM-346 CTR EURO A MALTA WHITE STEELCODE: 0569277: RM-346 CTR EURO K1 BULGARIA WHITE STEELCODE: 0558843: RM-346 EURO K2 LATVIA GREY STEELCODE: 0567048: RM-346 CTR EURO A BENELUX NL WHITE STEELCODE: 0567046: RM-346 CTR EURO B2 ICELAND GREY STEELCODE: 0567045: RM-346 EURO A UK/IRELAND GREY STEELCODE: 0558842: RM-346 EURO K1 CIS GREY STEELCODE: 0561182: RM-346 EURO M ITALY WHITE STEELCODE: 0558844: RM-346 EURO K1 UA UKRAINA GREY STEELCODE: 0558795: RM-346 EURO H GREECE GREY STEELCODE: 0558794: RM-346 EURO N ROMANIA GREY STEELCODE: 0558797: RM-346 EURO J POLAND GREY STEELCODE: 0558796: RM-346 EURO I HUNGARY GREY STEELCODE: 0558791: RM-346 EURO G1 CZECH GREY STEELCODE: 0558790: RM-346 EURO F TURKEY GREY STEELCODE: 0558792: RM-346 EURO G2 SLOVAKIA GREY STEELCODE: 0561184: RM-346 EURO Y ISRAEL WHITE STEELCODE: 0559569: RM-346 EURO M ITALY GREY STEELCODE: 0559568: RM-346 EURO M SWITZERLAND IT ALS ON GREYCODE: 0567042: RM-346 CTR EURO A BENELUX NL GREY STEELCODE: 0567915: RM-346 CTR ESTONIA GREY STEELCODE: 0561183: RM-346 EURO M SWITZERLAND IT ALS ON WHITCODE: 0567916: RM-346 CTR ESTONIA WHITE STEELCODE: 0559420: RM-346 EURO D SWITZERLAND ALS ON GREY STCODE: 0561156: RM-346 EURO I HUNGARY WHITE STEELCODE: 0561070: RM-346 EURO B2 DENMARK WHITE STEELCODE: 0561154: RM-346 EURO N ROMANIA WHITE STEELCODE: 0561163: RM-346 EURO K1 MD MOLDOVA WHITE STEELCODE: 0557206: RM-346 EURO A LUXEMBURG WHITE STEELCODE: 0559565: RM-346 EURO K1 MD MOLDOVA GREY STEELCODE: 0561088: RM-346 CTR EURO C WHITE STEELCODE: 0552257: RM-346 EURO A LUXEMBURG GREY STEELCODE: 0561158: RM-346 CTR EURO K1 RU WHITE STEELCODE: 0561157: RM-346 EURO J POLAND WHITE STEELCODE: 0561153: RM-346 EURO G2 SLOVAKIA WHITE STEELCODE: 0561155: RM-346 EURO H GREECE WHITE STEELCODE: 0567044: RM-346 CTR EURO A MALTA GREY STEELCODE: 0559567: RM-346 EURO L SLOVENIA ALS ON GREY STEELCODE: 0561093: RM-346 EURO D SWITZERLAND FR ALS ON WHITCODE: 0559566: RM-346 EURO L SLOVENIA GREY STEELCODE: 0561098: RM-346 EURO F TURKEY WHITE STEELCODE: 0561097: RM-346 EURO E2 PORTUGAL WHITE STEELCODE: 0561094: RM-346 EURO E1 WHITE STEELCODE: 0567050: RM-346 EURO A UK WHITE STEELCODE: 0567051: RM-346 CTR EURO B2 ICELAND WHITE STEELCODE: 0561090: RM-346 EURO C AUSTRIA ALS ON WHITE STEELCODE: 0561091: RM-346 EURO D FRANCE WHITE STEELCODE: 0569276: RM-346 CTR EURO K1 BULGARIA GREY STEELCODE: 0558783: RM-346 EURO B1 FINLAND GREY STEELCODE: 0559570: RM-346 EURO Y ISRAEL GREY STEELCODE: 0558786: RM-346 EURO C AUSTRIA ALS ON GREY STEELCODE: 0558784: RM-346 EURO B2 DENMARK GREY STEELCODE: 0558785: RM-346 EURO C GERMANY GREY STEELCODE: 0553619: RM-346 CTR EURO K1 RU GREY STEELCODE: 0558788: RM-346 EURO E1 SPAIN GREY STEELCODE: 0558789: RM-346 EURO E2 PORTUGAL GREY STEELCODE: 0559592: RM-346 EURO D FRANCE GREY STEELCODE: 0561100: RM-346 EURO G1 CZECH WHITE STEELCODE: 0561164: RM-346 EURO L SLOVENIA WHITE STEELCODE: 0561165: RM-346 EURO L SLOVENIA ALS ON WHITE STEECODE: 0561162: RM-346 EURO K1 UA UKRAINA WHITECODE: 0567907: RM-346 CTR EURO D BENELUX WHITE STEELCODE: 0561160: RM-346 EURO K1 CIS WHITE STEELCODE: 0567905: RM-346 CTR EURO D BENELUX FR GREY STEELCODE: 0561069: RM-346 EURO B1 FINLAND WHITE STEELCODE: 0567909: RM-346 CTR BELARUS GREY STEEL What’s a product code? You can locate it below device battery described as if u wanna more information in detail, contact me at

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sony lcd manufacturing information

SONY TO ACQUIRE IDTECH'S YASU LCD MANUFACTURING FACILITY Acquisition Will Serve As Second Manufacturing Base of Low-Temperature PolysiliconTFT LCD Display Panel for Mobile-Products Chi Mei OptoelectronicsInternational Display TechnologySony Corporation Sony Corporation (hereafter Sony) and Chi Mei Optoelectronics (hereafter CMO) have agreed on the basic terms of a transaction whereby Sony will acquire CMO' s wholly-owned Japanese subsidiary, International Display Technology (hereafter IDTech). Sony and CMO have agreed that Sony will purchase all the shares of a new company spun-off from IDTech. Sony plans to produce low-temperature polysilicon thin film transistor liquid crystal (LTPS-TFT-LCD) display panels in the new company. The acquisition price has been set at approximately 18.5 Billion Japanese Yen for all the shares of the new company and includes purchase of all of the production equipment, facilities, and personnel at IDTech's plant in Yasu-shi, Shiga prefecture, Japan. IDTech is a world leader in the design, development, and production of amorphous silicon thin film transistor liquid crystal (a-Si TFT LCD) displays. Among IDTech's leading edge products are the world's highest resolution TFT LCDs for medical displays, wide-angle view in-plane switching (IPS) display monitors, twisted nematic LCD notebook displays, and specialized TFT substrates. The IDTech facility will complement Sony's present LTPS-TFT-LCD manufacturing base, which was established in 1997 as the STLCD Corporation, a joint venture between Sony and Toyota Industries Corporation, for the production of LTPS TFT LCD display panels for mobile products, such as cell phones and cameras. A second production line at STLCD was completed in 2002 in which production was expanded to 40,000 (600x720mm) base plates per month; Sony expects to continue the expansion of production and its acquisition of IDTech is part of those plans. Sony will make an investment for equipment and facility modification of approx. 27 Billion Yen level, leading to building a manufacturing facility with production capability of 25,000(550x650mm) base plates /month. This will lead to further enhance the business in the field of LTPS-TFT-LCD display panel for use in mobile products, such as mobile phones. The name of the new company is due to be decided by the end of Mar.2005, when the necessary procedures for the acquisition and new company formation is planned to be completed. The commercial base mass production for LTPS-TFT-LCD display panel is scheduled to start from Apr. 2006. CMO acquired IBM's Third Generation TFT LCD plant in 2001, and formed IDTech in a precedent-setting Taiwan-Japan joint venture. From this acquisition, CMO has successfully leveraged IDTech's leading technology, its skilled workforce, advanced management system, global logistics system and profitable customer base, which provided a strong starting base for CMO's LCD production in a very competitive industry. Since that time, CMO has been aggressively building its next generation fabs. in Taiwan, including a 5.5 Generation fab., which will begin mass production this year. Because of the fact that the new fabs. will operate with new state-of-the-art equipment and greater efficiency, to better manage its total production capacity, CMO ultimately agreed to sell IDTech's Yasu fab. to Sony. CMO's Chairman, Mr. Liao Ching Siang stated: “The sale of IDTech will in no way lessen our commitment to our customers, rather it will improve our customer relations because of improved efficiency. The sale to Sony was based on CMO and Sony's strong business relationship, particularly in the area of LCD business. We are glad we can help Sony to strengthen its production capacity in the mobile devices business. We firmly believe that IDTech's production capabilities together with Sony's world-class management and technology will fulfill Sony's plans.” Sony's Executive Deputy President and COO, Dr. Ryoji Chubachi stated: ”LTPS-TFT-LCD display panels are used in various mobile products such as video cameras, digital still cameras and mobile telephones and we expect the market to dramatically grow from now onwards as well. The basic agreement with CMO and IDTech this time leading to the acquisition of Yasu Business Facility, IDTech will further expand Sony's mobile display production and will strengthen the business.

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Dual sim card information:- Operation Guide for installing dual sim card into cellphones. Just first tear out the sticker ( the two center lines of the sticker are made according to international standard in appearance) Then paste the sticker on the up side (of the metal side), the two center lines of the sticker must be covered on the two center lines of the sim card also. After finishing above steps, then cut down the sim card along the black line of the sticker by scissor. If you are the first time to do so, please try to cut down out of the line for several times in order to cut exactly into alignment. Maybe you can cut down a bigger part,then you will further work to get the suitable sim card by scissor and emery cloth. Also be careful of cutting a smaller sim card. At last, please remember to take off the sticker to avoid thickening the sim card so that it not get so thick to fit in it. After that, put this two sim card in the cord card, then fit it with the stainless channel steel, last install it to the sim card space The core card own to the thinest integrated circuit, rule operate will destroy it, so operate it very gently, fix it without pressure on it. Then put the new dual sim card into mobile sim place. And different mobile with different sim place design, install new dual sim card may thicken, please tear down the stainless channel steel, make it stably with adhesive plaster. The sim can not contacting with some mobile place loose, please add one sponge to make new dual sim card compress tightly. This was all about how to fit dual sim into ur smart handset. Any more detail about it if u wanna know exactly, then contact on yahoo id i.e.

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Nowadays mobile industry is one of the leading industries, as the techonology is going advanced day by day and the software & hardware of mobiles is also getting so vast. Free Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Problems, Solutions, Mobiles, How To Use Secrect Tricks On Symbian Mobiles, Alcatel, Bosch, NEC-N343, Nokia Secrets, gsmcodes, mitsubishi secrets, sagem secrets, siemens secrets, sony ericsson secrets, sony secrets,, Panasonic, Motrolla, Lg, Dancall, HageNukphilips secrets, Samsung.Tips and Tricks for Mobile Phones. Advice for changes on your symbian Mobiles, Most of the tips and tricks you need to know about Mobile Phones , Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Problems, Solutions, Mobiles. For some samsung mobiles , code is *2767*2828# to reset eeprom. for nokia 2310, 1600 code is to align dispaly is *#5512# and to come back again in right position *#5511# and many more, keep in contact with me There are many more cdma tricks too like for programming of non cdma handsets or walkies. For eg. walky W822A , W826A you can use this code to convert into all ruim - *983*826#, then there on left side option will display, press it , then in programming, put security code of six digits 000000, then go in phone disposition option then there select ruim only option. Then for haier tata handsets like of c- series c2000, c2010, c2020, c3000, c3010, c3020, if its old tata sim is working in it, then we can put code for min unlock i.e. - *32#99#, min on and min off option will display after applying this code, and just select min off button, handset will restart and ready for using all cdma ruim in it. And for Haier virgin handset like c5000, c6000, we can use code *32#00#, min on and min off option will display after applying this code, and just select min off button, handset will restart and ready for using all cdma ruim in it. For more contact at yahoo id.

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SOME VIEWS ABOUT LG KF600 LATEST MODEL SUMMARY Summary: Touchpads are no longer revolutionary. But they are still not flawless either. It is managed to test so far have all fallen seriously short of being the best thing since sliced bread. 2" 256K-color TFT LCD display of QVGA resolution, 1.49" 256K-color TFT 176 x 240 pixel InteractPad, 3.15 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash, Tri-band GSM/EDGE support, Bluetooth and USB v2.0, Cool additional themes by Keith Haring, FM radio, Cool game The microSD slot is accessible only with the back panel off LG KF600 Evaluation 3.5 out of 5 Are two screens better than one? The KF600's morphing touch-navigation pad is a cool concept. Touchscreen is awkward to use, Cumbersome Web browsing, Poor quality camera, no xenon flash It seems like everyone is trying to figure out innovative ways to implement touchscreens, and while the LG KF600 is definitely an interesting concept, I don't think it works as smoothly as it could. The LG KF600 might split decisions, but it's an innovator. Its split-screen design includes a navigation area that changes depending on the feature you're using, from music to texting, and Keith Haring-inspired animated themes are included to help bring It seems like everyone is trying to figure out innovative ways to implement touchscreens and the LG KF600 is definitely an interesting concept. Wherever you go in the phone, the navigation pad changes the keys it displays to suit your needs better. Well this was all about its features and mechanism i hope u liked it and get some deep knowledge inside it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


There are some nokia tools to download any applications in that phone through datacable or bluetooth 1. Nokia PC Suite Free applications for Nokia phones that lets you edit, synchronize and back up many of your phone's files 2. Oxygen Phone Manager II This application allows your PC and Nokia GSM phone communicate with each other. 3. Nokia Fast RingTone Tuner 1.0 A small, simple, easy to use ringtone converter 4. Oxygen Phone Manager for Symbian phones 2.18.5 Software for Symbian OS phones to PC data synchronization 5. GammUI 0.40.00 Read and export phonebook, calendar and todo list from a mobile phone 6. SMS Receiver 1.0 Will manage your incomming SMS messages 7. Oxygen Express For Nokia Phones 1.7.2 A smart tool for backing up Nokia phones mobile content 8. Noki 1.6 Noki can explore and extract SMS, Phone book, Calendar, Memo and other files from the backup file of Nokia phone 9. Mobile Ringtone Studio 1.0.0 this software is an all-in-one package for easy ringtone creation and management. 10. DAO4Sync Mobile Edition 1.5.4 Establishes a local hard drive representing your mobile data. A Synchronization engine keeps the data in balance. 11. MobiMB Mobile Media Browser 3.3.8 Manage color wallpaper, operator logos, photos, polyphonic ring tones, and games 12. Nokia Lifeblog 2.5.224 A digital photo album tool designed with mobile phone photographers and bloggers in mind 13. Smart Remote 1.0 Smart Remote allows you real time remote control of your mobile from the PC. 14. MovieTones 1.0 Movie Tones is a Windows application that allows any user to create video ring tones for smartphones based on Series 60 with an 15. Vcard Studio Express Vcard Studio Express lets you create, edit and view vcard files for Nokia phones 16. PasswordSafe 1.00 PasswordSafe - Password Manager for Nokia Communicator

Saturday, August 23, 2008


There are some important pinouts to find rx tx easily for chinese mobiles

1. For flash/unlock/reset you must use only 3 wires: Rx, Tx, Gnd2. other pins description (f.e. +v, USB etc.) only for your reference (f.e. if you need to build your own charger) ====================phone bottom connector_2x6_mini __________________/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 \ 7 8 9 10 11 12 --------------------====================phone bottom connector_2x7_mini _____________________/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 \ 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 -----------------------====================phone bottom connector_2x5_mini _______________/ 1 2 3 4 5 \ 6 7 8 9 10 -----------------====================phone bottom connector_1x8_mini _________________/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 \-------------------====================phone bottom connector_1x12_mini ___________________________/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12\-----------------------------====================Nokia-8030 keyboard top1.........184: +V5: +V10: Tx12: Rx17: Gnd18: Gnd====================MP4-K18-PDAconnector_1x8_mini 3: Rx4: Tx5: Gnd====================ZT-6618connector_2x5_mini 10: Gnd4: D-6: D+2: +5V====================ZT-6618-PDA-2simconnector_1x8_mini 3: Rx4: Tx5: Gnd====================Huayu-K888 16 = rx red17+18 = gnd15 = tx white====================Bird: connector 18 pins keyboard top1.........183: Gnd12: Rx13: Tx====================Bird: connector_2x5_mini keyboard top1..........51: Gnd3: Rx4: Tx====================TCL-M580 connector 8 pins keyboard top1..........83: Rx4: Tx5: Gnd====================TCL: connector_2x5_mini 4: Rx5: Gnd6: Tx====================TCL-U80test points under battery 1 2 34 5 6 7 5: Rx6: Gnd7: Tx====================TCL-V6 keyboard top1.........188: Gnd13: Rx14: Tx====================TCL-V18 keyboard top1.........1815: Rx16: Tx18: Gnd====================Porsche-Cayenneconnector_2x6_mini 1: Gnd2: Rx7: Gnd8: Tx====================MPEG4-A968 0---0---vbat0---tx0---rx simtray here0---gnd====================Nokia-N95(T99) 2 sim connector_2x5_mini 1: +V4: phone Rx (RJ45 pin 2)5: phone Tx (RJ45 pin 3)6: Gnd10: connect to phone pin-1====================Swatch-Mobile-M300 connector_2x5_mini --- unlock/flash ---1+6: Gnd7: Rx8: Tx5+10: +5v--- usb data cable ---1+6: Gnd9: white usb4: green usb5+10: +5v====================Cect-P9100 o rx from unibox simtry o tx from unibox here o gnd o +ve batt o====================BMW-A8 connector 2x76-Gnd5-vpp4-Rx9-Tx Version info *#43*#====================V666 connector 2x7====================Motorola-K1 17: Rx18: Tx19: Gnd====================Nokia-V8-slim connector 2x7====================MPEG4-touchscreen-PDA keyboard top1.........183: Tx4: Rx9: Gnd10: Gnd17: Gnd18: Gnd====================Nokia-5300Nokia-3250Nokia-6280 slider keyboard top1.........188: Gnd11: Gnd13: Rx (RJ-45 pin-2)14: Tx (RJ-45 pin-3)====================2GSM-2sim keyboard top1.........181: Gnd3: Gnd13: Tx14: Rx====================Cect-v180 connector_2x5_mini 5: Gnd9: Rx10: Tx 4: Tx5: Rx6: Gnd====================Nokia-N95sNokia-N95-PDACect-P168 connector_2x5_mini 4: Phone Rx (RJ45 pin 2)5: Phone Tx (RJ45 pin 3)6: Gnd====================Nokia-N96i connector_2x5_mini 1: Tx2: Rx6: Gnd5: connect to phone pin-1010: connect to phone pin-5====================GStar-GM209GStar-G851 connector_2x7_mini 3: Gnd6: Tx13:Rx====================GStar-GM809 connector_2x7_mini2: Gnd11: +bat12: Rx5: Tx====================Cect-V6VertuVeptu connector_2x6_mini 1: Gnd2: Rx7: Gnd8: Tx====================Cect-888+test points with Rx, Tx, Gnd marks inside phone====================Cect-N81 keyboard top1.........183: Gnd7: Gnd10: Gnd12: Gnd14: Gnd====================Malata-M696 keyboard top1.........182: Gnd3: Gnd10: VBat18: VCharge====================Cect-K86 keyboard top1.........18 8: Gnd12: Gnd13: Tx14: Rx====================Cect-U8800Sony-Ericsson-K800Nokia-6700i keyboard top1.........18 1: Gnd9: Tx10: Rx12: Gnd====================Cect-N1000Cect-S500 O2 mini 3DVertu-8088Veptu-8088Narnia-8088Xunchi-138O2-S500 keyboard top, connector_1x8_mini 1:Vcc2:3:V changer4:USB5:USB6:Rx7:Tx8:Gnd ====================Nokia-8800+Nokia-N70Nokia-N73 (new release, PDA screen big than old model)Nokia-N73CNokia-N73C-2simNokia-N73GNokia-N75 smallNokia-N91Nokia-6228-PDATecno-M280Everfo-E591Everfo-E713DEverfo-E730Noca-T856-W88-PDASony-Ericsson K750CSony-Ericsson K790iSony-Ericsson P990iCect-O2RCect-Q610Cect-V668Cect-S500-O2SCect-S500-PDA-02Mini-3D-SoundCect-3360Cect-8380Pocket_PC-1688-2simLeady-X501G-net-G409-MiniSchauen-N16 keyboard top, connector_1x8_mini1: Gnd2: Tx3: Rx4: USB D-5: USB D+6: +Vcc7: +Vcc8:====================Motorola-A1200Cect-C600 keyboard top, connector_1x8_mini6: Rx7: Tx8: Gnd====================Samsung-E712D keyboard top, connector_1x8_mini2: Rx3: Tx8: Gnd====================GStar-GM128Samsung-E730+ keyboard top1.........24 1: +Vcc2: +Vcc3: +Bat4: +Bat6: Tx8: Rx11: Gnd17: Gnd20: Gnd====================Cect Q300 keyboard top1.........18====================Samsung-X810+Samsung-D500iSamsung-D600i keyboard top1.........18 3: Gnd7: Rx9: Tx====================Nokia-N70CTIANYU A699 ??? keyboard top1.........18 1: +Vcc2: +Vcc4: Tx5: Rx8: Gnd11: Gnd====================Nokia-G6-Power-MPEG4 connector_2x6_mini1: 2:3: 4: 5: 6: Gnd ??7: 8:9:10:11: 12: Gnd ??====================Cect-S560Cect-Q618Nokia-N73Nokia-N83Nokia-N95Nokia-N730 connector_2x6_mini1:2: Vcc3: Vcc4: USB D+5: USB D-6: Rx7: Tx8: Gnd9: HF ear10: HF ear11: HF mic====================Smarj-S70: points under battery near sim holder ANTENNA1 2 3 4 5 1: Rx2: Tx3: Gnd====================GStart-GM238: points under battery near MMC ANTENNA1 2 3 4 5 1: Phone Rx2: Phone Tx3: Gnd====================Nokia-8800i: points under battery near sim holder ANTENNA1 2 3 4 1: Rx2: Tx4: Gnd====================Samsung-D900Samsung-E900 keyboard top1.........18 4: Rx5: Gnd9: Tx17: +Charge====================Samsung-D820Nokia-N85Nokia-6300 18 pin====================Cect-N168Nokia-N800A950 keyboard top, connector_1x12_mini5: Gnd6: Tx7: Rx====================Samsung-D820Nokia-N77iNokia-N88Cect-C600Camry-V138Everfo-E863 keyboard top, connector_1x12_mini1: Gnd7: Tx8: Rx====================Nokia-N95 slider keyboard top, connector_1x12_mini1: Gnd6: Tx7: Rx====================Nokia-N95 slider keyboard top, connector_2x6_mini1: Rx2: Tx4: Gnd8: VBat12: Gnd====================Cect-T689Nokia-N99 keyboard top, connector_1x12_mini6: Tx7: Rx12: Gnd====================Nokia-3280 keyboard top, connector_1x12_mini1.........12 7: Rx8: Tx9: Gnd====================GStar-G2GStar-GM208GStar-GM238GStar-GM308GStar-GM508GStar-GM608GStar-GM618Nokia-8800iSamsung-E760Samsung-E730C connector_2x6_mini1: +Vcc2:3: Gnd4: Rx5: USB D-6: Gnd7: +Vcc8:9:10:11: Tx12: USB D+====================GStar-GM328Samsung-D900 connector_2x6_mini 1: HF ear2: Gnd3: +Vcc4: 5: Tx6: USB D-7: HF ear8: HF mic9: +Vcc10: +Battery11: Rx12: USB D+====================Nokia-N95 (T98) connector_2x6_mini 1: Tx2: Rx6: Gnd5: connect to pin 1212: connect to pin-5====================Cect-M1818 connector_2x7_mini 7: Tx8: Rx10: Gnd====================Cect-N1818 connector_2x6_mini 3: Gnd9: Rx10: Tx====================Cect-N1818Cect-M901 connector_2x6_mini 3: Rx5: Gnd10: Tx====================Cect-Y809 connector_2x6_mini 4: Tx9: Rx12: Gnd====================L7 connector_2x6_mini 1: Gnd6: Rx7: Tx====================GStar-GM108 KEYBOARD TOP1.........24 6: Tx8: Rx11: Gnd====================Motorola mpeg4 v3+ keyboard up1........1810: Gnd13: Rx14: Tx17: +Charge18: +Battery====================Cect-P168-9900 ______________ +B _. . Tx__. . ._Gnd . . Rx__. _________________====================


My experience with ET_BOX and infinity box here----------------------------- All customers of the ET-BOX here to share experience after using the ultimate and unique box as that et-box is india's real hero and it has full ultimate system for indian market like c117 j100 c139 kg110 b2050 benqa38 and lots more these are unique feature with very minimal investment as all other product cost a lot to do this job at this time we all need somthing very cheap .which have perfect solution now we have the power of et_box we can do our works at very minmal rates that customers make happier. kindly make cdma unlocking (user code) not spc )possible through your masterpiece because as we know that this is only box which can give us this solution no other box will do this .ET_BOX is made for indian market and indian market have a lot of cdma handsets like 1255 please make a wonderful update for your box. Hi GuysHere i m posting latest pinouts for chinese phones...
i just got a infinity box plus and infinity pinfinder adapter. In this box, if u even not have infinity pinfinder, then we can also format ffs any chinese handset which has MTK CPU in it, and it should have its rx tx pinouts either in its jeck where we commonly attach charger and if it not detect from its jeck, then we have to see if rx tx points printed on its pcb anywhere , or under its lcd also. And in infinity box, we have to select chinese miracle option, and mt62xx based cpu models, and then just go in service option, and just do complete format ffs option, and when its all done, then y0ur handsets will get ok, their faults like dead, or restart on inserting sim in it. And many function in infinity box is keep on updating time to time.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Some secret codes that i have discovered for Chinese Mobiles here are under below:- After a lots of request of users, now I publish the secret codes for most type of china brands mobile phone. Nokia N-Series: N95, N93, N73, N93I, N83, N8800, and more available in Chinese models. They have features like touchscreen, two camera, 2 SIM slot, two battery, two charger, two memory cards and some of other features. Most Chinese phones have same software and features, but have different appearance. Sony Ericsson phones also avaliable in Chinese models and soon will here. China Mobile Secret Codes and Pinouts: default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678Engineer mode: *#110*01#Factory mode: *#987#Enable COM port: *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200Restore factory settings: *#987*99#LCD contrast: *#369#software version: *#800#software version: *#900#set default language: *#0000# Sendset English language: *#0044# Sendset English language (new firmware): *#001# Send *#0086#, *#0886# set to China*#0084#, *#0966# set to Vietnamese*#77218114#*#19992006#*#881188##*94267357#*#0084#call *******************************************AND SOME USABLE PINOUTS TO DO SOFTWARE OF CHINESE PHONES ARE N95Pda and N95S Pinout 2×5 pins jeck 4:Rx5:TX6:GND---------------------K1 Moto Pinout 4:Rx5:Tx6:Gnd---------------------PDA ZT6618 1..8 pin mini Conector3:Rx4:TX5:Gnd--------------------Cect 8380 1x8 pin mini Conector1:Gnd2:Rx3:Tx---------------------KG-2004:Gnd3:Tx2:Rx----------------------N91I1x12 pin Connector 5:Gnd . 12:Tx6:Tx . 13:Rx7:Rx

Thursday, August 21, 2008


There are many broadband internet packages in the market but the Internet Solutions Launches First HSDPA GSM network router. Internet Solutions (IS), a leading converged communications services provider, The device, which runs on cellular networks, allows for secure multi bearer GSM connectivity including HSDPA, 3G, Edge and GPRS and includes a wireless access point. The device will be aimed at servicing several requirements in the SA corporate market including: In many places it can be in used as A primary network or Internet access medium for SOHO or small remote offices; an access medium for temporary offices, conferences and shows; a wifi hotspot device as well as a failover device for critical networks that only have terrestrial based infrastructure. It is very excited about the launch of this product and have been working closely with Option Wireless and LayerOne to provide what we believe is the best GSM router device in the world,” says Richard Vester, manager, Mobile Solutions at IS. It has been tested over sixteen devices and found that the Globesurfer was the fastest, smallest, easiest to use and most cost-effective by a long way. Some of the main features of the Globesurfer that comes out for IS was the support of HSDPA, which is not available from other devices and provides up to 1.8 megs of throughput in HSDPA areas; as well as the fact that the device is built by Option Wireless. It felt that it was important to adopt the best technology available with the right levels of support, instead of trying to develop something or adopting a new untested device. This also allowed to bring a device to market that was both best of breed and affordable due to volume sales. I hope this information would be very beneficial to all of the readers.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


INTERNATIONAL SIM CARDS Now the technology going vast day by day and the new sytems are coming into the market. As this concerned by the International prepaid mobile and sim cards using in the roaming. Prepaid International Mobile Wireless Phones, SIM Cards and Airtime for GSM Cell Phones Affordable Mobile Phone Solutions for International Travel - a great selection of prepaid SIM cards and mobile phones for international destinations. Complete International Travel Mobile Phone Solutions: If you are an international traveler - this is the most affordable mobile roaming solution for all your trips abroad month after month, year after year. This is all you need is to buy One SIM Card international mobile package or just an international SIM card once and then just refill your balance on a SIM card as needed: Convenience - keep the same phone number every time you travel Low international roaming cost Receive calls for FREE in over 40 countries Includes $10 USD Initial Airtime Credit to start calling right away Save up to 75% on calls worldwide Coverage in over 140 countries Top it up from anywhere at anytime - directly from your phone It is so convineint that you are not worry now to be so much expensive as in roaming and in this getting more facilities and schemes after short durations.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


A Nokia doing a great business and launching business devices have been designed to support a wide range of email choices including Nokia email solutions, as well as a range of partner technology solutions. Examples - Nokia devices that support email include: Nokia 9500 Communicator, Nokia 9300i and Nokia 9300 which run Symbian OS/Series 80, and Nokia 6670 and Nokia 6630, running Symbian OS/S60 Software. Nokia 6620 and 6260, which run Symbian OS/S60 Software. Other Nokia mobile devices like Nokia 6810 and 6820 which are designed to interoperate with leading email offerings on the market today. The range of email offerings you intend to access personal email or business email. Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email is a mobile application that rapidly pushes emails, meeting requests, calendar updates and other information to a wide range of mobile devices, providing "office in your phone" functionality. The solution also provides the added ability to gather personally relevant data, such as flight information, maps and local weather. With wireless email, your entire business can continue to move forward no matter where your workers are located. More Features include: Broadband device support. Supports mobile phones, wireless tablets, laptops and devices based on the Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, Palm OS and Symbian operating systems. Full synchronization and real-time push of email, calendar, and contact information. Complete email & PIM synchronization. Supported groupware includes Exchange, Domino, IMAP and POP3. Partner Business Email Solutions Nokia cooperates with a wide range of technology to offer a wider choice of email solutions on Nokia devices. These companies are often leading-edge technology vendors with mobile solutions that have become. Selected Nokia mobile devices will work with: IBM, Oracle, RIM, Nokia One, and Forum Nokia Pro Program partners such as Visto and Smartner. RIM BlackBerry Email Connectivity Get BlackBerry email connectivity on selected Nokia phones such as Nokia 6820, Nokia 6810, Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500, with the flexibility of either enabling BlackBerry Web Client or BlackBerry Enterprise Server connectivity. IBM WebSphere Everyplace Nokia and IBM are working to harmonize the technologies in Nokia's business range of devices and the IBM WebSphere product family. This will bring secure, manageable, and integrated end-to-end mobile solutions to enterprise customers at every stage - from horizontal mobile office applications to the most sophisticated vertical business process solutions. The IBM WebSphere Everyplace capabilities include: Enabling mobile access to calendar, contacts, and mobile messaging - including Instant Messaging and email Future mobile access to the intranet, groupware databases and applications Oracle Collaboration Suite Forum Nokia Pro Program Forum Nokia has an active developer community. Leading email vendors like Visto and Smartner belong to this community, making it possible for operators to use email infrastructure from these vendors with Nokia phones. Visto Mobile Access Platform: Uses IP push to deliver up-to-date email, contacts and calendar to selected Nokia mobile devices. VMAP is secure, easy to install, easy to administer and simple to use. Smartner Always-on Mail: Brings benefits of real-time enterprise messaging to selected Nokia mobile devices. I will feed more about nokia solutions further, be contact with these links and enjoy with ur cellphones.

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These are some tools used to unlock nokia phones Free Mobile Phone UnlockingMobile phones these days are locked to a certain network provider, SO the mobile phone unlocking software on this page is here to help you unlock your mobile phone so that is can be used with any other network provider, the software will unlocker your phone, but it WILL NOT unblock your mobile phone. The software listed here is at present quite old and brobably is not able to unlock your mobile phone as day by day the technology is going vast, we are in the process of updating this section of the site to include more upto date software and removing obsolete software. Ultimate Calculator V1This FREE Software will generate Remote Unlock Codes for the following phones. Nokia DCT-3 and DCT-4, Panasonic GD55, Siemens ST55 and CL50 and LG. This is a must have piece of software. DCT-3 CalculatorThis is a FREE DCT-3 Code Calculator. This will work for lock 1 and lock 2 on all Nokia DCT-3 Mobile phones. Smart DCT-4 CalculatorThis is a FREE DCT-4 Code Calculator similar to those other listed above and will unlock a lot of nokia mobile phones but not the most recent. CyberGSM DCT-4 CalculatorThis is a FREE DCT-4 Code Calculator, it can also generate codes for the Siemens ST55, CL50 and the Panasonic GD55. 3310 DCT-4 Calculator This is another FREE DCT-4 Code Calculator with a difference becuase this one you flash to a Nokia 3310 phone, you can still use the phone to make and recieve calls (not at the same time) and you can also use it to calcualte DCT-4 Codes.
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