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Sunday, August 31, 2008

sony lcd manufacturing information

SONY TO ACQUIRE IDTECH'S YASU LCD MANUFACTURING FACILITY Acquisition Will Serve As Second Manufacturing Base of Low-Temperature PolysiliconTFT LCD Display Panel for Mobile-Products Chi Mei OptoelectronicsInternational Display TechnologySony Corporation Sony Corporation (hereafter Sony) and Chi Mei Optoelectronics (hereafter CMO) have agreed on the basic terms of a transaction whereby Sony will acquire CMO' s wholly-owned Japanese subsidiary, International Display Technology (hereafter IDTech). Sony and CMO have agreed that Sony will purchase all the shares of a new company spun-off from IDTech. Sony plans to produce low-temperature polysilicon thin film transistor liquid crystal (LTPS-TFT-LCD) display panels in the new company. The acquisition price has been set at approximately 18.5 Billion Japanese Yen for all the shares of the new company and includes purchase of all of the production equipment, facilities, and personnel at IDTech's plant in Yasu-shi, Shiga prefecture, Japan. IDTech is a world leader in the design, development, and production of amorphous silicon thin film transistor liquid crystal (a-Si TFT LCD) displays. Among IDTech's leading edge products are the world's highest resolution TFT LCDs for medical displays, wide-angle view in-plane switching (IPS) display monitors, twisted nematic LCD notebook displays, and specialized TFT substrates. The IDTech facility will complement Sony's present LTPS-TFT-LCD manufacturing base, which was established in 1997 as the STLCD Corporation, a joint venture between Sony and Toyota Industries Corporation, for the production of LTPS TFT LCD display panels for mobile products, such as cell phones and cameras. A second production line at STLCD was completed in 2002 in which production was expanded to 40,000 (600x720mm) base plates per month; Sony expects to continue the expansion of production and its acquisition of IDTech is part of those plans. Sony will make an investment for equipment and facility modification of approx. 27 Billion Yen level, leading to building a manufacturing facility with production capability of 25,000(550x650mm) base plates /month. This will lead to further enhance the business in the field of LTPS-TFT-LCD display panel for use in mobile products, such as mobile phones. The name of the new company is due to be decided by the end of Mar.2005, when the necessary procedures for the acquisition and new company formation is planned to be completed. The commercial base mass production for LTPS-TFT-LCD display panel is scheduled to start from Apr. 2006. CMO acquired IBM's Third Generation TFT LCD plant in 2001, and formed IDTech in a precedent-setting Taiwan-Japan joint venture. From this acquisition, CMO has successfully leveraged IDTech's leading technology, its skilled workforce, advanced management system, global logistics system and profitable customer base, which provided a strong starting base for CMO's LCD production in a very competitive industry. Since that time, CMO has been aggressively building its next generation fabs. in Taiwan, including a 5.5 Generation fab., which will begin mass production this year. Because of the fact that the new fabs. will operate with new state-of-the-art equipment and greater efficiency, to better manage its total production capacity, CMO ultimately agreed to sell IDTech's Yasu fab. to Sony. CMO's Chairman, Mr. Liao Ching Siang stated: “The sale of IDTech will in no way lessen our commitment to our customers, rather it will improve our customer relations because of improved efficiency. The sale to Sony was based on CMO and Sony's strong business relationship, particularly in the area of LCD business. We are glad we can help Sony to strengthen its production capacity in the mobile devices business. We firmly believe that IDTech's production capabilities together with Sony's world-class management and technology will fulfill Sony's plans.” Sony's Executive Deputy President and COO, Dr. Ryoji Chubachi stated: ”LTPS-TFT-LCD display panels are used in various mobile products such as video cameras, digital still cameras and mobile telephones and we expect the market to dramatically grow from now onwards as well. The basic agreement with CMO and IDTech this time leading to the acquisition of Yasu Business Facility, IDTech will further expand Sony's mobile display production and will strengthen the business.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Dual sim card information:- Operation Guide for installing dual sim card into cellphones. Just first tear out the sticker ( the two center lines of the sticker are made according to international standard in appearance) Then paste the sticker on the up side (of the metal side), the two center lines of the sticker must be covered on the two center lines of the sim card also. After finishing above steps, then cut down the sim card along the black line of the sticker by scissor. If you are the first time to do so, please try to cut down out of the line for several times in order to cut exactly into alignment. Maybe you can cut down a bigger part,then you will further work to get the suitable sim card by scissor and emery cloth. Also be careful of cutting a smaller sim card. At last, please remember to take off the sticker to avoid thickening the sim card so that it not get so thick to fit in it. After that, put this two sim card in the cord card, then fit it with the stainless channel steel, last install it to the sim card space The core card own to the thinest integrated circuit, rule operate will destroy it, so operate it very gently, fix it without pressure on it. Then put the new dual sim card into mobile sim place. And different mobile with different sim place design, install new dual sim card may thicken, please tear down the stainless channel steel, make it stably with adhesive plaster. The sim can not contacting with some mobile place loose, please add one sponge to make new dual sim card compress tightly. This was all about how to fit dual sim into ur smart handset. Any more detail about it if u wanna know exactly, then contact on yahoo id i.e.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Nowadays mobile industry is one of the leading industries, as the techonology is going advanced day by day and the software & hardware of mobiles is also getting so vast. Free Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Problems, Solutions, Mobiles, How To Use Secrect Tricks On Symbian Mobiles, Alcatel, Bosch, NEC-N343, Nokia Secrets, gsmcodes, mitsubishi secrets, sagem secrets, siemens secrets, sony ericsson secrets, sony secrets,, Panasonic, Motrolla, Lg, Dancall, HageNukphilips secrets, Samsung.Tips and Tricks for Mobile Phones. Advice for changes on your symbian Mobiles, Most of the tips and tricks you need to know about Mobile Phones , Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Problems, Solutions, Mobiles. For some samsung mobiles , code is *2767*2828# to reset eeprom. for nokia 2310, 1600 code is to align dispaly is *#5512# and to come back again in right position *#5511# and many more, keep in contact with me There are many more cdma tricks too like for programming of non cdma handsets or walkies. For eg. walky W822A , W826A you can use this code to convert into all ruim - *983*826#, then there on left side option will display, press it , then in programming, put security code of six digits 000000, then go in phone disposition option then there select ruim only option. Then for haier tata handsets like of c- series c2000, c2010, c2020, c3000, c3010, c3020, if its old tata sim is working in it, then we can put code for min unlock i.e. - *32#99#, min on and min off option will display after applying this code, and just select min off button, handset will restart and ready for using all cdma ruim in it. And for Haier virgin handset like c5000, c6000, we can use code *32#00#, min on and min off option will display after applying this code, and just select min off button, handset will restart and ready for using all cdma ruim in it. For more contact at yahoo id.

Monday, August 25, 2008


SOME VIEWS ABOUT LG KF600 LATEST MODEL SUMMARY Summary: Touchpads are no longer revolutionary. But they are still not flawless either. It is managed to test so far have all fallen seriously short of being the best thing since sliced bread. 2" 256K-color TFT LCD display of QVGA resolution, 1.49" 256K-color TFT 176 x 240 pixel InteractPad, 3.15 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash, Tri-band GSM/EDGE support, Bluetooth and USB v2.0, Cool additional themes by Keith Haring, FM radio, Cool game The microSD slot is accessible only with the back panel off LG KF600 Evaluation 3.5 out of 5 Are two screens better than one? The KF600's morphing touch-navigation pad is a cool concept. Touchscreen is awkward to use, Cumbersome Web browsing, Poor quality camera, no xenon flash It seems like everyone is trying to figure out innovative ways to implement touchscreens, and while the LG KF600 is definitely an interesting concept, I don't think it works as smoothly as it could. The LG KF600 might split decisions, but it's an innovator. Its split-screen design includes a navigation area that changes depending on the feature you're using, from music to texting, and Keith Haring-inspired animated themes are included to help bring It seems like everyone is trying to figure out innovative ways to implement touchscreens and the LG KF600 is definitely an interesting concept. Wherever you go in the phone, the navigation pad changes the keys it displays to suit your needs better. Well this was all about its features and mechanism i hope u liked it and get some deep knowledge inside it.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


There are some nokia tools to download any applications in that phone through datacable or bluetooth 1. Nokia PC Suite Free applications for Nokia phones that lets you edit, synchronize and back up many of your phone's files 2. Oxygen Phone Manager II This application allows your PC and Nokia GSM phone communicate with each other. 3. Nokia Fast RingTone Tuner 1.0 A small, simple, easy to use ringtone converter 4. Oxygen Phone Manager for Symbian phones 2.18.5 Software for Symbian OS phones to PC data synchronization 5. GammUI 0.40.00 Read and export phonebook, calendar and todo list from a mobile phone 6. SMS Receiver 1.0 Will manage your incomming SMS messages 7. Oxygen Express For Nokia Phones 1.7.2 A smart tool for backing up Nokia phones mobile content 8. Noki 1.6 Noki can explore and extract SMS, Phone book, Calendar, Memo and other files from the backup file of Nokia phone 9. Mobile Ringtone Studio 1.0.0 this software is an all-in-one package for easy ringtone creation and management. 10. DAO4Sync Mobile Edition 1.5.4 Establishes a local hard drive representing your mobile data. A Synchronization engine keeps the data in balance. 11. MobiMB Mobile Media Browser 3.3.8 Manage color wallpaper, operator logos, photos, polyphonic ring tones, and games 12. Nokia Lifeblog 2.5.224 A digital photo album tool designed with mobile phone photographers and bloggers in mind 13. Smart Remote 1.0 Smart Remote allows you real time remote control of your mobile from the PC. 14. MovieTones 1.0 Movie Tones is a Windows application that allows any user to create video ring tones for smartphones based on Series 60 with an 15. Vcard Studio Express Vcard Studio Express lets you create, edit and view vcard files for Nokia phones 16. PasswordSafe 1.00 PasswordSafe - Password Manager for Nokia Communicator

Saturday, August 23, 2008


There are some important pinouts to find rx tx easily for chinese mobiles

1. For flash/unlock/reset you must use only 3 wires: Rx, Tx, Gnd2. other pins description (f.e. +v, USB etc.) only for your reference (f.e. if you need to build your own charger) ====================phone bottom connector_2x6_mini __________________/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 \ 7 8 9 10 11 12 --------------------====================phone bottom connector_2x7_mini _____________________/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 \ 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 -----------------------====================phone bottom connector_2x5_mini _______________/ 1 2 3 4 5 \ 6 7 8 9 10 -----------------====================phone bottom connector_1x8_mini _________________/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 \-------------------====================phone bottom connector_1x12_mini ___________________________/ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12\-----------------------------====================Nokia-8030 keyboard top1.........184: +V5: +V10: Tx12: Rx17: Gnd18: Gnd====================MP4-K18-PDAconnector_1x8_mini 3: Rx4: Tx5: Gnd====================ZT-6618connector_2x5_mini 10: Gnd4: D-6: D+2: +5V====================ZT-6618-PDA-2simconnector_1x8_mini 3: Rx4: Tx5: Gnd====================Huayu-K888 16 = rx red17+18 = gnd15 = tx white====================Bird: connector 18 pins keyboard top1.........183: Gnd12: Rx13: Tx====================Bird: connector_2x5_mini keyboard top1..........51: Gnd3: Rx4: Tx====================TCL-M580 connector 8 pins keyboard top1..........83: Rx4: Tx5: Gnd====================TCL: connector_2x5_mini 4: Rx5: Gnd6: Tx====================TCL-U80test points under battery 1 2 34 5 6 7 5: Rx6: Gnd7: Tx====================TCL-V6 keyboard top1.........188: Gnd13: Rx14: Tx====================TCL-V18 keyboard top1.........1815: Rx16: Tx18: Gnd====================Porsche-Cayenneconnector_2x6_mini 1: Gnd2: Rx7: Gnd8: Tx====================MPEG4-A968 0---0---vbat0---tx0---rx simtray here0---gnd====================Nokia-N95(T99) 2 sim connector_2x5_mini 1: +V4: phone Rx (RJ45 pin 2)5: phone Tx (RJ45 pin 3)6: Gnd10: connect to phone pin-1====================Swatch-Mobile-M300 connector_2x5_mini --- unlock/flash ---1+6: Gnd7: Rx8: Tx5+10: +5v--- usb data cable ---1+6: Gnd9: white usb4: green usb5+10: +5v====================Cect-P9100 o rx from unibox simtry o tx from unibox here o gnd o +ve batt o====================BMW-A8 connector 2x76-Gnd5-vpp4-Rx9-Tx Version info *#43*#====================V666 connector 2x7====================Motorola-K1 17: Rx18: Tx19: Gnd====================Nokia-V8-slim connector 2x7====================MPEG4-touchscreen-PDA keyboard top1.........183: Tx4: Rx9: Gnd10: Gnd17: Gnd18: Gnd====================Nokia-5300Nokia-3250Nokia-6280 slider keyboard top1.........188: Gnd11: Gnd13: Rx (RJ-45 pin-2)14: Tx (RJ-45 pin-3)====================2GSM-2sim keyboard top1.........181: Gnd3: Gnd13: Tx14: Rx====================Cect-v180 connector_2x5_mini 5: Gnd9: Rx10: Tx 4: Tx5: Rx6: Gnd====================Nokia-N95sNokia-N95-PDACect-P168 connector_2x5_mini 4: Phone Rx (RJ45 pin 2)5: Phone Tx (RJ45 pin 3)6: Gnd====================Nokia-N96i connector_2x5_mini 1: Tx2: Rx6: Gnd5: connect to phone pin-1010: connect to phone pin-5====================GStar-GM209GStar-G851 connector_2x7_mini 3: Gnd6: Tx13:Rx====================GStar-GM809 connector_2x7_mini2: Gnd11: +bat12: Rx5: Tx====================Cect-V6VertuVeptu connector_2x6_mini 1: Gnd2: Rx7: Gnd8: Tx====================Cect-888+test points with Rx, Tx, Gnd marks inside phone====================Cect-N81 keyboard top1.........183: Gnd7: Gnd10: Gnd12: Gnd14: Gnd====================Malata-M696 keyboard top1.........182: Gnd3: Gnd10: VBat18: VCharge====================Cect-K86 keyboard top1.........18 8: Gnd12: Gnd13: Tx14: Rx====================Cect-U8800Sony-Ericsson-K800Nokia-6700i keyboard top1.........18 1: Gnd9: Tx10: Rx12: Gnd====================Cect-N1000Cect-S500 O2 mini 3DVertu-8088Veptu-8088Narnia-8088Xunchi-138O2-S500 keyboard top, connector_1x8_mini 1:Vcc2:3:V changer4:USB5:USB6:Rx7:Tx8:Gnd ====================Nokia-8800+Nokia-N70Nokia-N73 (new release, PDA screen big than old model)Nokia-N73CNokia-N73C-2simNokia-N73GNokia-N75 smallNokia-N91Nokia-6228-PDATecno-M280Everfo-E591Everfo-E713DEverfo-E730Noca-T856-W88-PDASony-Ericsson K750CSony-Ericsson K790iSony-Ericsson P990iCect-O2RCect-Q610Cect-V668Cect-S500-O2SCect-S500-PDA-02Mini-3D-SoundCect-3360Cect-8380Pocket_PC-1688-2simLeady-X501G-net-G409-MiniSchauen-N16 keyboard top, connector_1x8_mini1: Gnd2: Tx3: Rx4: USB D-5: USB D+6: +Vcc7: +Vcc8:====================Motorola-A1200Cect-C600 keyboard top, connector_1x8_mini6: Rx7: Tx8: Gnd====================Samsung-E712D keyboard top, connector_1x8_mini2: Rx3: Tx8: Gnd====================GStar-GM128Samsung-E730+ keyboard top1.........24 1: +Vcc2: +Vcc3: +Bat4: +Bat6: Tx8: Rx11: Gnd17: Gnd20: Gnd====================Cect Q300 keyboard top1.........18====================Samsung-X810+Samsung-D500iSamsung-D600i keyboard top1.........18 3: Gnd7: Rx9: Tx====================Nokia-N70CTIANYU A699 ??? keyboard top1.........18 1: +Vcc2: +Vcc4: Tx5: Rx8: Gnd11: Gnd====================Nokia-G6-Power-MPEG4 connector_2x6_mini1: 2:3: 4: 5: 6: Gnd ??7: 8:9:10:11: 12: Gnd ??====================Cect-S560Cect-Q618Nokia-N73Nokia-N83Nokia-N95Nokia-N730 connector_2x6_mini1:2: Vcc3: Vcc4: USB D+5: USB D-6: Rx7: Tx8: Gnd9: HF ear10: HF ear11: HF mic====================Smarj-S70: points under battery near sim holder ANTENNA1 2 3 4 5 1: Rx2: Tx3: Gnd====================GStart-GM238: points under battery near MMC ANTENNA1 2 3 4 5 1: Phone Rx2: Phone Tx3: Gnd====================Nokia-8800i: points under battery near sim holder ANTENNA1 2 3 4 1: Rx2: Tx4: Gnd====================Samsung-D900Samsung-E900 keyboard top1.........18 4: Rx5: Gnd9: Tx17: +Charge====================Samsung-D820Nokia-N85Nokia-6300 18 pin====================Cect-N168Nokia-N800A950 keyboard top, connector_1x12_mini5: Gnd6: Tx7: Rx====================Samsung-D820Nokia-N77iNokia-N88Cect-C600Camry-V138Everfo-E863 keyboard top, connector_1x12_mini1: Gnd7: Tx8: Rx====================Nokia-N95 slider keyboard top, connector_1x12_mini1: Gnd6: Tx7: Rx====================Nokia-N95 slider keyboard top, connector_2x6_mini1: Rx2: Tx4: Gnd8: VBat12: Gnd====================Cect-T689Nokia-N99 keyboard top, connector_1x12_mini6: Tx7: Rx12: Gnd====================Nokia-3280 keyboard top, connector_1x12_mini1.........12 7: Rx8: Tx9: Gnd====================GStar-G2GStar-GM208GStar-GM238GStar-GM308GStar-GM508GStar-GM608GStar-GM618Nokia-8800iSamsung-E760Samsung-E730C connector_2x6_mini1: +Vcc2:3: Gnd4: Rx5: USB D-6: Gnd7: +Vcc8:9:10:11: Tx12: USB D+====================GStar-GM328Samsung-D900 connector_2x6_mini 1: HF ear2: Gnd3: +Vcc4: 5: Tx6: USB D-7: HF ear8: HF mic9: +Vcc10: +Battery11: Rx12: USB D+====================Nokia-N95 (T98) connector_2x6_mini 1: Tx2: Rx6: Gnd5: connect to pin 1212: connect to pin-5====================Cect-M1818 connector_2x7_mini 7: Tx8: Rx10: Gnd====================Cect-N1818 connector_2x6_mini 3: Gnd9: Rx10: Tx====================Cect-N1818Cect-M901 connector_2x6_mini 3: Rx5: Gnd10: Tx====================Cect-Y809 connector_2x6_mini 4: Tx9: Rx12: Gnd====================L7 connector_2x6_mini 1: Gnd6: Rx7: Tx====================GStar-GM108 KEYBOARD TOP1.........24 6: Tx8: Rx11: Gnd====================Motorola mpeg4 v3+ keyboard up1........1810: Gnd13: Rx14: Tx17: +Charge18: +Battery====================Cect-P168-9900 ______________ +B _. . Tx__. . ._Gnd . . Rx__. _________________====================


My experience with ET_BOX and infinity box here----------------------------- All customers of the ET-BOX here to share experience after using the ultimate and unique box as that et-box is india's real hero and it has full ultimate system for indian market like c117 j100 c139 kg110 b2050 benqa38 and lots more these are unique feature with very minimal investment as all other product cost a lot to do this job at this time we all need somthing very cheap .which have perfect solution now we have the power of et_box we can do our works at very minmal rates that customers make happier. kindly make cdma unlocking (user code) not spc )possible through your masterpiece because as we know that this is only box which can give us this solution no other box will do this .ET_BOX is made for indian market and indian market have a lot of cdma handsets like 1255 please make a wonderful update for your box. Hi GuysHere i m posting latest pinouts for chinese phones...
i just got a infinity box plus and infinity pinfinder adapter. In this box, if u even not have infinity pinfinder, then we can also format ffs any chinese handset which has MTK CPU in it, and it should have its rx tx pinouts either in its jeck where we commonly attach charger and if it not detect from its jeck, then we have to see if rx tx points printed on its pcb anywhere , or under its lcd also. And in infinity box, we have to select chinese miracle option, and mt62xx based cpu models, and then just go in service option, and just do complete format ffs option, and when its all done, then y0ur handsets will get ok, their faults like dead, or restart on inserting sim in it. And many function in infinity box is keep on updating time to time.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Some secret codes that i have discovered for Chinese Mobiles here are under below:- After a lots of request of users, now I publish the secret codes for most type of china brands mobile phone. Nokia N-Series: N95, N93, N73, N93I, N83, N8800, and more available in Chinese models. They have features like touchscreen, two camera, 2 SIM slot, two battery, two charger, two memory cards and some of other features. Most Chinese phones have same software and features, but have different appearance. Sony Ericsson phones also avaliable in Chinese models and soon will here. China Mobile Secret Codes and Pinouts: default user code: 1122, 3344, 1234, 5678Engineer mode: *#110*01#Factory mode: *#987#Enable COM port: *#110*01# -> Device -> Set UART -> PS Config -> UART1/115200Restore factory settings: *#987*99#LCD contrast: *#369#software version: *#800#software version: *#900#set default language: *#0000# Sendset English language: *#0044# Sendset English language (new firmware): *#001# Send *#0086#, *#0886# set to China*#0084#, *#0966# set to Vietnamese*#77218114#*#19992006#*#881188##*94267357#*#0084#call *******************************************AND SOME USABLE PINOUTS TO DO SOFTWARE OF CHINESE PHONES ARE N95Pda and N95S Pinout 2×5 pins jeck 4:Rx5:TX6:GND---------------------K1 Moto Pinout 4:Rx5:Tx6:Gnd---------------------PDA ZT6618 1..8 pin mini Conector3:Rx4:TX5:Gnd--------------------Cect 8380 1x8 pin mini Conector1:Gnd2:Rx3:Tx---------------------KG-2004:Gnd3:Tx2:Rx----------------------N91I1x12 pin Connector 5:Gnd . 12:Tx6:Tx . 13:Rx7:Rx

Thursday, August 21, 2008


There are many broadband internet packages in the market but the Internet Solutions Launches First HSDPA GSM network router. Internet Solutions (IS), a leading converged communications services provider, The device, which runs on cellular networks, allows for secure multi bearer GSM connectivity including HSDPA, 3G, Edge and GPRS and includes a wireless access point. The device will be aimed at servicing several requirements in the SA corporate market including: In many places it can be in used as A primary network or Internet access medium for SOHO or small remote offices; an access medium for temporary offices, conferences and shows; a wifi hotspot device as well as a failover device for critical networks that only have terrestrial based infrastructure. It is very excited about the launch of this product and have been working closely with Option Wireless and LayerOne to provide what we believe is the best GSM router device in the world,” says Richard Vester, manager, Mobile Solutions at IS. It has been tested over sixteen devices and found that the Globesurfer was the fastest, smallest, easiest to use and most cost-effective by a long way. Some of the main features of the Globesurfer that comes out for IS was the support of HSDPA, which is not available from other devices and provides up to 1.8 megs of throughput in HSDPA areas; as well as the fact that the device is built by Option Wireless. It felt that it was important to adopt the best technology available with the right levels of support, instead of trying to develop something or adopting a new untested device. This also allowed to bring a device to market that was both best of breed and affordable due to volume sales. I hope this information would be very beneficial to all of the readers.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


INTERNATIONAL SIM CARDS Now the technology going vast day by day and the new sytems are coming into the market. As this concerned by the International prepaid mobile and sim cards using in the roaming. Prepaid International Mobile Wireless Phones, SIM Cards and Airtime for GSM Cell Phones Affordable Mobile Phone Solutions for International Travel - a great selection of prepaid SIM cards and mobile phones for international destinations. Complete International Travel Mobile Phone Solutions: If you are an international traveler - this is the most affordable mobile roaming solution for all your trips abroad month after month, year after year. This is all you need is to buy One SIM Card international mobile package or just an international SIM card once and then just refill your balance on a SIM card as needed: Convenience - keep the same phone number every time you travel Low international roaming cost Receive calls for FREE in over 40 countries Includes $10 USD Initial Airtime Credit to start calling right away Save up to 75% on calls worldwide Coverage in over 140 countries Top it up from anywhere at anytime - directly from your phone It is so convineint that you are not worry now to be so much expensive as in roaming and in this getting more facilities and schemes after short durations.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


A Nokia doing a great business and launching business devices have been designed to support a wide range of email choices including Nokia email solutions, as well as a range of partner technology solutions. Examples - Nokia devices that support email include: Nokia 9500 Communicator, Nokia 9300i and Nokia 9300 which run Symbian OS/Series 80, and Nokia 6670 and Nokia 6630, running Symbian OS/S60 Software. Nokia 6620 and 6260, which run Symbian OS/S60 Software. Other Nokia mobile devices like Nokia 6810 and 6820 which are designed to interoperate with leading email offerings on the market today. The range of email offerings you intend to access personal email or business email. Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email is a mobile application that rapidly pushes emails, meeting requests, calendar updates and other information to a wide range of mobile devices, providing "office in your phone" functionality. The solution also provides the added ability to gather personally relevant data, such as flight information, maps and local weather. With wireless email, your entire business can continue to move forward no matter where your workers are located. More Features include: Broadband device support. Supports mobile phones, wireless tablets, laptops and devices based on the Windows Mobile/Pocket PC, Palm OS and Symbian operating systems. Full synchronization and real-time push of email, calendar, and contact information. Complete email & PIM synchronization. Supported groupware includes Exchange, Domino, IMAP and POP3. Partner Business Email Solutions Nokia cooperates with a wide range of technology to offer a wider choice of email solutions on Nokia devices. These companies are often leading-edge technology vendors with mobile solutions that have become. Selected Nokia mobile devices will work with: IBM, Oracle, RIM, Nokia One, and Forum Nokia Pro Program partners such as Visto and Smartner. RIM BlackBerry Email Connectivity Get BlackBerry email connectivity on selected Nokia phones such as Nokia 6820, Nokia 6810, Nokia 9300 and Nokia 9500, with the flexibility of either enabling BlackBerry Web Client or BlackBerry Enterprise Server connectivity. IBM WebSphere Everyplace Nokia and IBM are working to harmonize the technologies in Nokia's business range of devices and the IBM WebSphere product family. This will bring secure, manageable, and integrated end-to-end mobile solutions to enterprise customers at every stage - from horizontal mobile office applications to the most sophisticated vertical business process solutions. The IBM WebSphere Everyplace capabilities include: Enabling mobile access to calendar, contacts, and mobile messaging - including Instant Messaging and email Future mobile access to the intranet, groupware databases and applications Oracle Collaboration Suite Forum Nokia Pro Program Forum Nokia has an active developer community. Leading email vendors like Visto and Smartner belong to this community, making it possible for operators to use email infrastructure from these vendors with Nokia phones. Visto Mobile Access Platform: Uses IP push to deliver up-to-date email, contacts and calendar to selected Nokia mobile devices. VMAP is secure, easy to install, easy to administer and simple to use. Smartner Always-on Mail: Brings benefits of real-time enterprise messaging to selected Nokia mobile devices. I will feed more about nokia solutions further, be contact with these links and enjoy with ur cellphones.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


These are some tools used to unlock nokia phones Free Mobile Phone UnlockingMobile phones these days are locked to a certain network provider, SO the mobile phone unlocking software on this page is here to help you unlock your mobile phone so that is can be used with any other network provider, the software will unlocker your phone, but it WILL NOT unblock your mobile phone. The software listed here is at present quite old and brobably is not able to unlock your mobile phone as day by day the technology is going vast, we are in the process of updating this section of the site to include more upto date software and removing obsolete software. Ultimate Calculator V1This FREE Software will generate Remote Unlock Codes for the following phones. Nokia DCT-3 and DCT-4, Panasonic GD55, Siemens ST55 and CL50 and LG. This is a must have piece of software. DCT-3 CalculatorThis is a FREE DCT-3 Code Calculator. This will work for lock 1 and lock 2 on all Nokia DCT-3 Mobile phones. Smart DCT-4 CalculatorThis is a FREE DCT-4 Code Calculator similar to those other listed above and will unlock a lot of nokia mobile phones but not the most recent. CyberGSM DCT-4 CalculatorThis is a FREE DCT-4 Code Calculator, it can also generate codes for the Siemens ST55, CL50 and the Panasonic GD55. 3310 DCT-4 Calculator This is another FREE DCT-4 Code Calculator with a difference becuase this one you flash to a Nokia 3310 phone, you can still use the phone to make and recieve calls (not at the same time) and you can also use it to calcualte DCT-4 Codes.
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