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Saturday, August 23, 2008


My experience with ET_BOX and infinity box here----------------------------- All customers of the ET-BOX here to share experience after using the ultimate and unique box as that et-box is india's real hero and it has full ultimate system for indian market like c117 j100 c139 kg110 b2050 benqa38 and lots more these are unique feature with very minimal investment as all other product cost a lot to do this job at this time we all need somthing very cheap .which have perfect solution now we have the power of et_box we can do our works at very minmal rates that customers make happier. kindly make cdma unlocking (user code) not spc )possible through your masterpiece because as we know that this is only box which can give us this solution no other box will do this .ET_BOX is made for indian market and indian market have a lot of cdma handsets like 1255 please make a wonderful update for your box. Hi GuysHere i m posting latest pinouts for chinese phones...
i just got a infinity box plus and infinity pinfinder adapter. In this box, if u even not have infinity pinfinder, then we can also format ffs any chinese handset which has MTK CPU in it, and it should have its rx tx pinouts either in its jeck where we commonly attach charger and if it not detect from its jeck, then we have to see if rx tx points printed on its pcb anywhere , or under its lcd also. And in infinity box, we have to select chinese miracle option, and mt62xx based cpu models, and then just go in service option, and just do complete format ffs option, and when its all done, then y0ur handsets will get ok, their faults like dead, or restart on inserting sim in it. And many function in infinity box is keep on updating time to time.

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