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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Dual sim card information:- Operation Guide for installing dual sim card into cellphones. Just first tear out the sticker ( the two center lines of the sticker are made according to international standard in appearance) Then paste the sticker on the up side (of the metal side), the two center lines of the sticker must be covered on the two center lines of the sim card also. After finishing above steps, then cut down the sim card along the black line of the sticker by scissor. If you are the first time to do so, please try to cut down out of the line for several times in order to cut exactly into alignment. Maybe you can cut down a bigger part,then you will further work to get the suitable sim card by scissor and emery cloth. Also be careful of cutting a smaller sim card. At last, please remember to take off the sticker to avoid thickening the sim card so that it not get so thick to fit in it. After that, put this two sim card in the cord card, then fit it with the stainless channel steel, last install it to the sim card space The core card own to the thinest integrated circuit, rule operate will destroy it, so operate it very gently, fix it without pressure on it. Then put the new dual sim card into mobile sim place. And different mobile with different sim place design, install new dual sim card may thicken, please tear down the stainless channel steel, make it stably with adhesive plaster. The sim can not contacting with some mobile place loose, please add one sponge to make new dual sim card compress tightly. This was all about how to fit dual sim into ur smart handset. Any more detail about it if u wanna know exactly, then contact on yahoo id i.e.

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