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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


READ CAREFULLY IT HAVE been asked for a product codes for Balkan, Polish, Thai and Ukrainian variants of Nokia E71. If you have any other codes please leave it in a comment or mail it to me. I’ll publish all collected codes, which could be helpful while software updating. POLISH product code for Nokia E71-1: 0558797.EURO product code for Nokia E71-1,which contains: English, Dutch, French, German & Italian: 0567045. ASIAN (SINGAPORE) product code for E71-1: 0560654which contains: English, Indonesia, Melayu, and Chinese. MIDDLE EAST product code for E71-1: 0559571which contains Arabic, English and French. SCANDINAVIAN product code for E71-1: 0558783which contains Finnish. BALTIC product code for E71-1: 0558843which contains Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian. Here is a huge update regarding codes for Asian market and Australia, WHICH could be more beneficial to you. Code: 0566235: RM-346 CTR APAC-S INDIA GREY STEELCode: 0566234: RM-346 CTR APAC-S INDIA WHITE STEELCode: 0561931: RM-346 APAC-S PHILS NTC/TA WHITE STEELCode: 0561930: RM-346 APAC-S NZ NZ276 WHITE STEELCode: 0561932: RM-346 APAC-T THAILAND WHITE STEELCode: 0567047: RM-346 CTR APAC-U KAMBODIA/LAOS GREY STLCode: 0560660: RM-346 APAC-T THAILAND GREY STEELCode: 0560659: RM-346 APAC-S PHILS NTC/TA GREY STEELCode: 0560637: RM-346 APAC-S SOUTH ASIA GREY STEELCode: 0560657: RM-346 APAC-S AUSTRALIA N342 GREY STEELCode: 0561923: RM-346 APAC-P TAIWAN WHITE STEELCode: 0560655: RM-346 APAC-U VIETNAM GREY STEELCode: 0560654: RM-346 APAC-R SINGAPORE GREY STEELCode: 0560653: RM-346 APAC-Q HK GREY STEELCode: 0561927: RM-346 APAC-S SOUTH ASIA WHITE STEELCode: 0561924: RM-346 APAC-Q HK WHITE STEELCode: 0561925: RM-346 APAC-R SINGAPORE WHITE STEELCode: 0561928: RM-346 APAC-R INDONESIA TA WHITE STEELCode: 0561929: RM-346 APAC-S AUSTRALIA N342 WHITE STEELCode: 0567052: RM-346 CTR APACU KAMBODIA/LAOS WHITE STLCode: 0560658: RM-346 APAC-S NZ NZ276 GREY STEELCode: 0560656: RM-346 APAC-R INDONESIA TA GREY STEELCode: 0563937: RM-346 CTR APAC-S BANGLADESH GREY STEELCode: 0561926: RM-346 APAC-U VIETNAM WHITE STEELCode: 0563938: RM-346 CTR APAC-S BANGLADESH WHITE STEELCode: 0560652: RM-346 APAC-P TAIWAN GREY STEEL some of them maybe doubled with codes posted here earlier. CODE: 0567908: RM-346 CTR BELARUS WHITE STEELCODE: 0567049: RM-346 CTR EURO A MALTA WHITE STEELCODE: 0569277: RM-346 CTR EURO K1 BULGARIA WHITE STEELCODE: 0558843: RM-346 EURO K2 LATVIA GREY STEELCODE: 0567048: RM-346 CTR EURO A BENELUX NL WHITE STEELCODE: 0567046: RM-346 CTR EURO B2 ICELAND GREY STEELCODE: 0567045: RM-346 EURO A UK/IRELAND GREY STEELCODE: 0558842: RM-346 EURO K1 CIS GREY STEELCODE: 0561182: RM-346 EURO M ITALY WHITE STEELCODE: 0558844: RM-346 EURO K1 UA UKRAINA GREY STEELCODE: 0558795: RM-346 EURO H GREECE GREY STEELCODE: 0558794: RM-346 EURO N ROMANIA GREY STEELCODE: 0558797: RM-346 EURO J POLAND GREY STEELCODE: 0558796: RM-346 EURO I HUNGARY GREY STEELCODE: 0558791: RM-346 EURO G1 CZECH GREY STEELCODE: 0558790: RM-346 EURO F TURKEY GREY STEELCODE: 0558792: RM-346 EURO G2 SLOVAKIA GREY STEELCODE: 0561184: RM-346 EURO Y ISRAEL WHITE STEELCODE: 0559569: RM-346 EURO M ITALY GREY STEELCODE: 0559568: RM-346 EURO M SWITZERLAND IT ALS ON GREYCODE: 0567042: RM-346 CTR EURO A BENELUX NL GREY STEELCODE: 0567915: RM-346 CTR ESTONIA GREY STEELCODE: 0561183: RM-346 EURO M SWITZERLAND IT ALS ON WHITCODE: 0567916: RM-346 CTR ESTONIA WHITE STEELCODE: 0559420: RM-346 EURO D SWITZERLAND ALS ON GREY STCODE: 0561156: RM-346 EURO I HUNGARY WHITE STEELCODE: 0561070: RM-346 EURO B2 DENMARK WHITE STEELCODE: 0561154: RM-346 EURO N ROMANIA WHITE STEELCODE: 0561163: RM-346 EURO K1 MD MOLDOVA WHITE STEELCODE: 0557206: RM-346 EURO A LUXEMBURG WHITE STEELCODE: 0559565: RM-346 EURO K1 MD MOLDOVA GREY STEELCODE: 0561088: RM-346 CTR EURO C WHITE STEELCODE: 0552257: RM-346 EURO A LUXEMBURG GREY STEELCODE: 0561158: RM-346 CTR EURO K1 RU WHITE STEELCODE: 0561157: RM-346 EURO J POLAND WHITE STEELCODE: 0561153: RM-346 EURO G2 SLOVAKIA WHITE STEELCODE: 0561155: RM-346 EURO H GREECE WHITE STEELCODE: 0567044: RM-346 CTR EURO A MALTA GREY STEELCODE: 0559567: RM-346 EURO L SLOVENIA ALS ON GREY STEELCODE: 0561093: RM-346 EURO D SWITZERLAND FR ALS ON WHITCODE: 0559566: RM-346 EURO L SLOVENIA GREY STEELCODE: 0561098: RM-346 EURO F TURKEY WHITE STEELCODE: 0561097: RM-346 EURO E2 PORTUGAL WHITE STEELCODE: 0561094: RM-346 EURO E1 WHITE STEELCODE: 0567050: RM-346 EURO A UK WHITE STEELCODE: 0567051: RM-346 CTR EURO B2 ICELAND WHITE STEELCODE: 0561090: RM-346 EURO C AUSTRIA ALS ON WHITE STEELCODE: 0561091: RM-346 EURO D FRANCE WHITE STEELCODE: 0569276: RM-346 CTR EURO K1 BULGARIA GREY STEELCODE: 0558783: RM-346 EURO B1 FINLAND GREY STEELCODE: 0559570: RM-346 EURO Y ISRAEL GREY STEELCODE: 0558786: RM-346 EURO C AUSTRIA ALS ON GREY STEELCODE: 0558784: RM-346 EURO B2 DENMARK GREY STEELCODE: 0558785: RM-346 EURO C GERMANY GREY STEELCODE: 0553619: RM-346 CTR EURO K1 RU GREY STEELCODE: 0558788: RM-346 EURO E1 SPAIN GREY STEELCODE: 0558789: RM-346 EURO E2 PORTUGAL GREY STEELCODE: 0559592: RM-346 EURO D FRANCE GREY STEELCODE: 0561100: RM-346 EURO G1 CZECH WHITE STEELCODE: 0561164: RM-346 EURO L SLOVENIA WHITE STEELCODE: 0561165: RM-346 EURO L SLOVENIA ALS ON WHITE STEECODE: 0561162: RM-346 EURO K1 UA UKRAINA WHITECODE: 0567907: RM-346 CTR EURO D BENELUX WHITE STEELCODE: 0561160: RM-346 EURO K1 CIS WHITE STEELCODE: 0567905: RM-346 CTR EURO D BENELUX FR GREY STEELCODE: 0561069: RM-346 EURO B1 FINLAND WHITE STEELCODE: 0567909: RM-346 CTR BELARUS GREY STEEL What’s a product code? You can locate it below device battery described as if u wanna more information in detail, contact me at

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