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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This will also bring a great revolution in mobile industry China context A pair of Chinese mobile-TV technologies are competing for a shot to prove their worth at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing: Terrestrial-Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (T-MMB), short for "satellite and terrestrial interaction multimedia." T-MMB was jointly developed by Beijing-based software firm Nufrontsoft, the Communication University of China and Southeast University. It is supposedly compatible with South Korea's DAB-based Terrestrial-Digital Multimedia Broadcasting. The spec supports frequencies from 30 MHz to 3 GHz, and a prototype chip is ready, with samples expected in 2007. Chinese officials said they hope to finish initial trials by the end of the year and move into commercial trials in 2007, so that the new technologies could be ready for the 2008 Olympics. The pair will compete with more-established global mobile-TV standards being tested in Chinese cities: T-DMB and Europe's DVB-Handheld. Chinese Standards Responsible entity DMB-TH Tsinghua University CMMB State Administration for Radio, Film and Television CDMB China Association for StandardizationT-MMB (Terrestrial-Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting) NuFront The goal was to deploy a domestic specification called China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting (CMMB) on a national level by the first half of 2008. Pre-commercial mobile TV services based on CMMB should have rolled out in six Chinese cities by the end of 2007. The other standard likely to co-exist alongside CMMB is TDBB - a mobile TV standard using China's home-grown 3G mobile telecommunication standard, TD-SCDMA. TDMB was developed by Datang Telecom, a research body of China's Ministry of Information and Industry. Technical Analysis on the China National Standard for Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting Key Technologies for Chinese Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting Standard Well its a very well settled and advance company in all over the world

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