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Thursday, November 20, 2008


World exclusive knowledge about data cables Data Cable for Magellan eXplorist 100/200/300 - GS1DC Magellan eXplorist 100/200/300 are compact/good performance/low cost GPS favoured mostly by Geocachers. However, they are lack of a computer interface thus it is not possible to transfer data with a PC or PDA as it is. We have decided to support this small community who may require such and have developed such external interface port for eXplorist 100/200/300. Such interface will allow users to: 1. Upgrade firmware 2. Change basemap (good news for European users) 3. Transfer data to/from PC and PDA 4. Use navigation software on PC and PDA. All above require additional software/data and are available for free or for a fee from many places on the internet. The data cable - GS1DC - actually consists of 3 parts: 1. data connector with data/power jacks 2. connecting cable specially made 2.5>2.5mm plug 3. locking screw/plate for securing data connector protective cover for the pins included when cable is not in used. Because the data connector occupies the original battery compartment, you need to power it externally through the universal 4.0/1.7 DC connector in the data connector. You can use either: 1. Any 5v AC adapter (or car adapter) with universal 4.0/1.7 DC plug, which is used by many electronic devices and PDA such as Ipaq, Toshiba, Fujitsu Asus, Acer, Axim etc. 2. Through PC USB port by connecting PUC2. 3. Car USB adapter with PUC2 (CKUC) 4. Battery Extender PB4A, if you are using it outdoors. The data cable - GS1DC - actually consists of 3 parts: To connect data connector: 1 remove the rubber cover of the data port 2. "drop in" the data connector which should sit in place 3. screw in the locking plate (push the connector right down) 4. now you can connect cable and power For other end (PC or PDA) you need appropriate interface and we support large range. This is what you need in different situations: (for PDA - Acer n30 is given as example) , AC means 5V AC adapter with 4.0/1.7 plug. Connecting to - situation you need power for GPS (suggestion) - also needed PC - indoor GS9SF (GS1DC+G9SF) PB4A, or PUC2 - through PC USB port, or AC PDA - indoor (power for PDA NOT needed) GSAC3 (GS1DC+GAC3) PB4A, or PUC2 - through PC USB port, or AC PDA - indoor (power for PDA needed) GSAC3P PPY2 + (PB4A, or PUC2 - through PC USB port) PDA - outdoor (power for PDA not needed) GSAC3 (GS1DC+GAC3) PB4A PDA - outdoor (power for PDA needed) GSAC3P PB4A + PPY2 PDA - in car (power for PDA not needed) GSAC3 CKUC PDA - in car (power for PDA needed) GPSAC3 included in the package (GS1DC+GAC3P+CK203+PUC2+PPY2) Power GPS in car - no connection GS1D CKUC Important: Every time you have finished using the data cable, switch off the GPS first via its power button BEFORE disconnecting the power cable. Otherwise data you have worked on may be lost before saving it to the GPS. By switching off the GPS, it will save necessary data before exit. so be careful while operating.


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