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Friday, December 12, 2008


The Nokia N91 is a mobile phone that was released to the public in April of 2006. It is part of the Nokia Nseries range of mobile phone. It features a 2-megapixel camera and a 4GB (8GB in the "new" 2006 version) hard disk to store approximately (XpressMusic) that slide down to reveal traditional mobile phone keys. The phone features a new version of the Symbian Series 60 Operating System. It was the first phone with this version (Symbian version 9.1, Series 60 version 3.0). The new version is needed for the support of a mechanical hard disk. In the past, the version of the Symbian operating system has been a good indicator of CPU speed. In the adverts for the phone it was stated that because of its 3.5 mm plug input, Nokia recommends quality headphones made from Bose and Sennheiser. N91 also comes standard with a full Web browser Also, in old firmware versions, when you install a new theme, it will reset itself back to the default theme. Users can update the firmware using Nokia's PC Suite. The key features which holds it on is a steel body with a futuristic look, N91 has a heavy body to subtle its loud music vibration and to hold the 4 gb Hard disk, first of its kind in mobile phones. With a 2 mega pixel camera to add on its an added advantage, but the resolution has been reduced to 176 x 208 CIF to increase the battery power to an optimization of min 8 hrs to 24 hrs of pure music play, depending on the format used but it can’t play an OGG format :( . It’s a hard hit on a MP3 market but wait till the Mp3 kings like ipod coming up soon with their own mobile phones. Advantages: Steel body parts External music controls on the sliding keypad cover 2 Mega Pixel Camera 4 GB hard disk Standard 3.5 mm jack Wi-Fi 3G support via network Symbian 9.1 OS Active stand-by mode Built-in FM radio USB support Extremely fast Java Manual keypad lock A number of extras that come in the original package Disadvantages: OS incompatibility Way too many constructional drawbacks for this price range Quite big and heavy Display is poorer than competitors' displays Poor macro mode of the camera No Infrared port Slower than common mobiles WELL I THINK THE DISADVANTAGES ARE IGNORABLE SO THAT TO BECOME COMFORTABLE WITH HANDSET

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