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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


SAMSUNG B239 CDMA HANDSETS WITH FM IS VERY GOOD LOOKING and simple operating system and functions. Its colored handset with v3 like charging jeck, usb cable can also be attched with of motorola usb v3 and it detects its usb modem drivers. If the phone get locked and phone locked contact service comes or four digit lock code gets on it, then it can be unlocked by pressing rebuild buttion in b239 pst tool and tata ruim will again work in it. BUT IF YOU WANNA ALL RUIM WORKING UNLOCKING, Yet its not present exactly but you can try it, that i posted this link with it, by using and making serial or rj-45 cable by attaching its rx, tx , vcc, gnd pinouts on the pcb. after that power on the handset , and try to connect with pinouts. then just press method 1 unlock button, and handset will go in dm testing mode, and codes wil write in the handset and set will try to rebuild, but i tried too, but not unlocked, you try urself on ur behalf, may be u get success. well here is the all links. It it not works, then wait for some days, proper working solution will come but check always regularly this site

Saturday, March 28, 2009


HELLO ALL OF YOU, Here is the Amr ringtone converter software which you can use yourself without any help and guidance, just install this setup and after the software will installed on your computer, run its exe file, it will hardly takes 2 minutes to install. Its amr converter pro version. The software is free with full function utility but only for 15 days of evaluate period. After opening this tool, four options are there, file, edit, option and help. you can convert amr, mp3, ogg, wav, wma ringtones. Full songs can convert in it on stereo and mono and has vide range of conversion frequency (Hz) . Also here is the full version amr converter, use this too and post the comments as you are satisfied with it, and more great gsm and cdma solutions comingegularly daily, so check daily this site, and distirubute as much as u can.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi M.S.W. MEMBERS (mobile software world) , here is the latest solution for unlocking haier virgin c5000 solution tested by me many times of version 05 for which we were waiting for so much time. so here is the tool and unlock file and complete procedur to unlock this handset, after that using any cdma ruim in it. well first of all switch on the handset and attach with the motorola v3 data cable usb using with computer usb port, it will first ask for handset drivers which are also given, after installing the cable drivers. Then in the device manager see the comport made by it, and then open the downloader lite tool and set the comport that is made for it, and mark the option on backup and restore nv items otherwise proper sotware will not load in it, and functions will not see complete. After that, open the dloaderlite.exe configuaration settings and also selected port = that made in the device manager, then just select the c5000 unlocked file and press the start button, handset will go in then offline mode, and will backup nv items first and will then erase ram file and write ram and then it takes some time , but there do not plug out the cable because it takes normally 1 minute to restore nv items and then set wil restart and its file would be downgrade from 05 verison to 03 version and then use the old code i.e. *32#00# and off the minlock option displayed and set wil restart again and handset is unlocked. well here is the tool and file and drivers too.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


ZTE F285 NAMED V-GLIDE is a very impressive cdma handset ruim based technology, Its virgin company handset with alots of qualities in it, and in a very reasonable price. In todays vast going technology, people like and demand like this handset is. Its good looking metal body and its lcd quality are the attactive facts of this mobile. YOU CAN Acess alot of thing by attaching usb cable to the computer and handset, it will ask its modem drivers, because internet can also be used in it by activating the services in it like gprs or dial up connections. well here are the drivers i posted can also be used for its flashing the software, further if handset software get clashed, we can use its flasher tool and these drivers and by using its original bin (will be postd next time) and handset can be ok, and by flashing with its unlocking bin, we can convert into ruim means can use any cdma ruim in it, and can access it. F285 is a great attempt launched after so much time in so good quality handset. I wil also post its pinout for making the cable, usb cable would be used and its same like zte c332 charging jeck cable connector but with different pinouts. you always keep in touch with this site, because a lot of free solutions would be post regularly and also cooperate by posting the post from your sides and post the comments respectively. well this site is made for all mobile repairing friends who can get alot of benefits and solutions from this site, possible with all your cooperation. you may also ask the questions and will be replied properly and will be guided correctly.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi all of members (mobile software world) here is the cdma workshop a fabolous tool version 2.7 full which can be used for alot of cdma purposes to read non sim handsets and also uim based handsets. cdma workshop can be also used for data card, walkies to feed new numbers in it, well it can also be used to read spc code i.e. security code of handset, by just go into the security option, there is the spc option, then just select method is universal efs method, and then press the button read spc, it will open nv items, just go to nvm002 as like we read in bitpim tool and u can read 6 digits spc code, and esn can also be read and write in it, properly and min no. can also be read and changed in nam option of the tool. The rest of the benefits you would get when you will use it as necessary. well here is the tool and reply after using it, it supports alot of cpus of the pcb like sky, qualcomm, etc.

Well, after this workshop , latest version which is now in demand, is of cdma workshop 3.4.1, In this many more functions are available for connecting usb based phones, which does not make any particular port or use virtual ports and they get detected in this workshop like blackberry, htc, verizon and many more samsung too. because in this workshop version, there is usb port option is available which the handsets make automatically, for eg, like in vpst or vpct for haier and classic handsets, it detects usb port automatic. In this workshop, it can read all efs and nv data in which alot of spcs are there which displays after scanning the handset, we can change all esns which some mobiles does not change in 2.7 version. But this workshop is paid, for one year valid on single pc hardware id. which costs around rs. 6500 INR.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hi dear this is the new cable finder 2009 tool in which we can find any cable i.e used for nokia, motorola, sony ericson, and it saves alot of time of us to find any cable i.e. used for one or more than one model handsets. and also tell us the rm, rh of dct3, dct4, wd2, bb5 models and its easy to select its files and its a great tool which solves your cable findout solution at the spot without any problem and harrasement. A new more latest cable finder tool is going to come in few days, in which you can find any cdma cable, ufs cable, et box cable, sony cables, motorola, lg nokia downloading data cable finder with very ease and attractive searching, check blog regularly, and post your questions , suggestions and comments regarding mobile repairing gsm and cdma solutions that are posted. This struggle is free only for mobile gsm, cdma and chinese mobile repairing users. also check regularly

Saturday, March 21, 2009


LG 3500 is a latest handset of reliance in which reliance ruim works and it has nokia 6500 like chargin jeck , and it has a lot of graphic functions. but it can be unlocked by flashing with unlocking file, and after that upload scr file (image file) and its prl, and dll be must to support in flashing, MODELS OF LG cdma that are unlocking and not unlocking as below UNLOCKABLE 3500 VER08, 3510 VER02, 3600 VER04 NOT-------- 3500 VER09 3510 VER03 3600 VER05 FOR THAT SAME LG TOOL WILL BE USED BUT WITH 3500 unlocking tested files. and the files to be select in it, are as follows. one more thing to be carefull while flashing is that battery must be fully charged or use direct usb charging cable + and _ wires to attached with its battery connectors and if battery is not present and or low, and secondly cable must be tightly attached with it. YOU can also use nokia ca101 cable for it usb cable. if scr file does not load with this lg tool and a lg downloader tool old version , there scr file can be intalled in it to get proper images and network, after the handset get upgrade with it, it would be restart, and set wil be unlocked definately.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


hi all of you, HAIER D1600 is a very useful and good looking tata handset, we can use all ruim in it yoy unlocking its min lock , by flashing boot.rom and cp.rom files, that me going to you the working link of tool, and unlock tested files. The procedure starts first of all install the vpst tool , then vpst usb drivers also to be install, then just attach the handset with usb v3 cable, it will then install your cable usb drivers. then open the tool and it will read automatically the esn of handset, then just go to option detail and then into settings, there on upper side flashing option is there, mark yes to boot.rom and cp.rom and browse the unlocked files respectively. then just select usb port. AND Click update button , downlader booting will start and then message would display , "please reset handset manualy, then unplug the battery and cable for a second and replugin, the flashing will continue, it would again ask for the same thing to do, and then again do the above process, after erasing and 100% flashing completed, your handset will be unlocked definately. This is only for d1600 haier handset not any other, well here is the files and tool

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


LG RD 3100 is a handset in which only reliance sim is use in it, but after unlocking its software, all cdma ruim can work in it. It is a colored handset without fm and good features and processing. For its unlocking a lg downloader tool is required in which first of all we have to set the com port no. 1 or 2 as you have your interface serial or usb rj45, after that we have to select unlock bin file in binary file path, and then its scr file in script file path, and then select any prl file in prl file path and select its .dll file in dll file path, and off the option cs debugging and then just press the button upgrade after attaching the on handset. You can also use serial db9 cable of lg 2230 as its have same pinouts and when upgradation will complete set will reboot 2 times one after bin file writing and one after scr file write and your handset will be unlocked accessing all cdma handsets. A one problem also comes sometimes after unlock , it asks for sid/nid unlocker for its security code, then just use huawei esia pst tool to unlock lg 3100 security sid nid lock. well here is the link to download file and tool and for futher assitance just contact at yahoo id.

Monday, March 16, 2009


CDMA DM TOOL is a flashing tool for motorola cdma handsets mostly of tata based , but these can be unlocked to any cdma network, and any cdma ruim can be used in it. But which set u want to unlock and want to use other ruim you must have that model unlocking file, like the models are that can be unlocked with this tool is W150i, W170, W200, W210, W355. WELL the process starts that just open this dm tool and first off the option in dm tool mode option is there and first off the battery check option, and speed to normal, then just select the right port as which interface or serial cable you r using, then select the particular model you attached with it for flashing, then plug in the cable to handset and attached the battery, and just press the start button, it will initialize and then press the power button, downloader will start and then it would pause on hardware checking id, and then just press the button 5 to continue the flashing , first it will erase and then it wil write unlock file in it, you have also to select the right unlock file. and your handset will restart and it would be definately unlocked. here is the latest dm tool. unlock files will post next time, keep in touch

Saturday, March 14, 2009


LG RD 3000 is a handset launched by reliance, and only reliance sim is use in it, but after unlocking its software, all cdma ruim can work in it. It is a colored handset without fm and good features and processing. For its unlocking a lg downloader tool is required in which first of all we have to set the com port no. 1 or 2 as you have your interface serial or usb rj45, after that we have to select unlock bin file in binary file path, and then its scr file in script file path, and then select any prl file in prl file path and select its .dll file in dll file path, and off the option cs debugging and then just press the button upgrade after attaching the on handset. You can also use serial db9 cable of lg 2230 as its have same pinouts and when upgradation will complete set will reboot 2 times one after bin file writing and one after scr file write and your handset will be unlocked accessing all cdma handsets. A one problem also comes sometimes after unlock , it asks for sid/nid unlocker for its security code, then just use huawei esia pst tool to unlock lg 3000 security sid nid lock. well here is the link to download file and tool and for futher assitance just contact at yahoo id.

Friday, March 13, 2009


D 1000 unlocking procedure Haier d1000 is a tata set and only TATA RUIM works in it, because it sets to min lock, but if u wanna unlock it, you need vpst tool, via telecom usb drivers, and 2 unlock files one of cp.rom and boot.rom, just first attach set with v3 usb data cable and then , detect on vpst tool, when it would read handset esn it will show on above side, and after that go to detail option in that select setting option, then select in flash option that two unlocked files of d1000 and then press ok , and then press update , bootl downloader will start, then it will show the message , please reset phone by hand manually, then just put out the battery and cable and then replugin cable and battery, then boot.rom file will write in it automaticaly, and then again message will come then do the process again as mentioned above , and ur cp.rom fill write in it, and phone would automatically restart after 100% complete, and your handset would be unlocked. it is 100000% tested solution, so dont worry, and there is no risk of dead in it. This handset can also be unlocked by hand by entering code mentioned below. read it carefully, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D1000 unlock by hand insert an accepted sim card dial #*0204 now enter 000000 > checkgo to system > lock nam 1 > unlock nam1 ur phone is unlocked without flashing & restart ur phone. enjoy brothers, for more information , contact me in my profile here are the d1000 unlocked files

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


HI DEAR, Nokia 1255 cdma set is a folding set and white light set, and only reliance ruim is used, but we can unlock it very easily and can use all cdma ruim in it, like ping, connect, virgin, tata and reliance in it. It need no burning flash and not even to do its software. It is done only by using a very useful tool named QPST TOOL to just convert from nv only to all ruim option. First of all take serial 1255 cable or rj-45 1255 cable i.e. used with infinity and makes the port, if you have no cable of its, then just use serial either rj-45 loose cable and just connect its rx, tx and gnd point on 1255 pcb just set the com port made to no. 1 or no. 2, then run service programming option in this qpst tool after installation. There your set will be detected and then go to security option in it and then select ruim only in ruim config option. and write to phone , it will ask for 6 digit spc code enter six zeros in it by default if it not work, then first read spc code in bitpim tool. your handset after write to phone will be restarted once and your problem would be solved. here is the tool for download and pinout pic also

Monday, March 9, 2009


hi here is the nokia tracks, jumpers pic collection, enjoy the lateste shortcuts of hardware and enjoy , here is the download link and its all 100% tested so dont worry and be in touch regularly and check new posts in all sections ,because u can get some gems suddenlY here is the link download and reply by comments. Its the practical jumpers , sought out by full hard work in it, and for ur ease, so being in touch always and or


JAF Box is a very useful tool for almost all nokia handsets flashing, ofcourse cdma nokia flashing too, and now bb5 a large number of nokia sets are unlocking by jaf box absolutely free i.e. country locks, and now a new tool has come that will work with jaf box, and many range of samsung sets would work with it, flasing and unlocking too. and also give comments after using it a great tool tested

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Raw products to assemble cdma cables rj-45

MOBILE PHONE CONNECTORS FOR ASSEMBLING RJ-45 CABLES (ALL SHOULD BE OF GOOD QUALITY MEANS CHEAP AND BEST) 1. RJ-45 MALE CONNECTORS 2. RJ-45 MALE CONNECTORS RUBBERS(STOPPERS) 3. 5 WIRE CABLE ie. used in mobile unlocking cables 4. RJ-45 OR RJ-11 FEMALE DABBI USED FOR RJ45 CABLES OF FITTING With their rubber stoppers (without internal pins.) pins should be extra, we would make as per our need. 5. 18 pin, jeck connectors 6. 8 pin, jeck connectors 7. 24 pin jeck connectors 8. 5 pin jeck connectors as in v3 jeck 9. samsung 20pin connectors like d820 10. motorola t190 headphone pin connectors. 11. glue white that used in cables fixing internally, and rubber fixing glue 12. nokia 6500 charger connectors jeck 13. USB ORIGINAL CABLES WIRES OF 1 METER if you need this all for cdma cables assembling or more products raw material u need as per ur requirement, pz reply we would provide as much you want with best quality and price. here is the pics related to it

Saturday, March 7, 2009


HI ALL OF YOU, Here all kinds of mobile repairing available, at best price and service, of all cdma and gsm unlocking, softwares and chinese repairing too of hardware and software, well for more info. and service, also we deal in mobile cdma cables & softwares trading and selling with good support, contact at or at NEELKANTH TELECOM , SHOP NO. 52, opp. railway station, new parkash cinema market, near hotel new star, amritsar punjab see u soon take care

Friday, March 6, 2009

nod 32 antivirus full free

hi all of you, here is the best one year subscription tool of nod 32 antivirus, just update it regularly , it will be heaven for you, and no conflicting will occur due to any virus, NOD32 combines excellent detection of known viruses with powerful heuristic scanning for unknown viruses. However, configuring it will still be a challenge for typical PC users. Speedy on-demand or scheduled AV scanning. Scans when file is opened, created, or executed. Scans incoming e-mail, downloads, and Office documents. Offers advanced heuristic scanning for unknown viruses. The numerous configuration and scheduling options may prove confusing for all but expert users. best nod32 antivirus tool use and reply soon, on The Control Center in this version makes it easier to use than the four previously separate scanning modules. here is the download link for antivirus

Thursday, March 5, 2009

huawei c2803 few latest model unlocker

hi brothers, dont use about words to others, well i tell u the truth about c2803 unlocking , actualy few of the new versions are unlocking, but all not proper solution is not available yet, because the handsets coming from company has newer flash files and i think they are changing almost ever month, or 2month so kuch handsets khul rahe hai c2803 with this tool, try it if u r lucky ......... because 2 handsets come to me, and it does not unlocked with esia pst, but its unlocked by this huawei tool, use it and reply or
HUAWEI CDMA TOOL -- Its a great tool to read user code, spc code, offline mode, dm mode and reset tool for almost all huawei models, so you can use it by power on phone and plug the serial cable with it, your battery should be charged, then just read what u want, further i will share more of them or from

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Samsung HERO :The slim and stylish Samsung Hero incorporates for the first time in a CDMA phone, a unique Anti-theft feature and Emergency Alert System along with a host of convenient applications that make communication effortless, and ensure that you always feel protected and safe. or S229 CAN ALSO BE FLASHED WITH THIS SAME FILE


Hi, its a 100% tested solution collected, and you can get a lot of benefits from this, and can learn more and more by your own mind, its a very good shortcuts that will help in your mobile repairing, and further i will post more other handsets jumpers also. These solutions are using nokia cares also, so dont hesitate and download and share it as many u can, its all free and if u need some extra ordinary things for gsm and cdma, reply on here is the download file link

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Its a good tool to fiind any cable of almost any mobile, LIKE NOKIA, SONY, LG, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA, SAGEM, SHARP, AND MANY SECRET CODES NEW ALSO , IT IS EASY AND compatible to find any cable at the spot. well give comments too after downloading it ITS A NEW CABLE FINDER FOR NOKIA AND OTHER MOBILES TOO DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY or

haier d1200 cdma set,

hi all of you, HAIER D1200 is a very useful and colored tata handset, we can only use tata sim in it, but if tata sim get blocked by any reason, then it can be unlocked, but after unlocking only tata sim can be used, not any other ruim, well, here is the link from where u can download that .srp file and it would be flashed with vpst tool. here is the link below and add me if u get more benefits or at

Monday, March 2, 2009


CDMA DATA CABLES WITH SERIAL DB-9 PIN interface, here the cables info below u can get at very cheep price Cdma Cable Set samsung s109 samsung s399 samsung s299 samsung f679 samsungm600 samsung s259 samsung raga zte 201 zte 332 lg 2030 lg 2230 ca-101 lg 3500 emergency cable motorola t191 haire d1600 haire d1200 huwaei 2601 huwaei 2900 nokia 1255 serial to rj45 interface test point cable for batteryfree (easy cable for nokia phones) and u could get softwares and tools too as per ur requirement JUST CONTACT - contact by email or just add me in messenger


Hi sir me again, actualy before some time i was not some well , so could not post more information, but i m back now and will post more and more information now, here i and my cousin have make a new forum site, so come on and get more alot of gsm and cdma solutions for free and get register and also u can post new solutions too. This is the site only made for u friends that need help and free support in cdma and gsm knowledge and free softwares to unlock and flash various kinds of gsm and cdma handsets. So, common and just register yourself and advertise this excellent forum to your friend circle everywhere in the world, you will get satisfied reply and solutions within working 24 hours and you can personaly contact the online users in the site forum. so dont hesitate and just come and take alot of free benefits from this, and also you would got chance to highlight your profile as senior users, moderators, super moderators as per your performance. well you would also find some more useful links in it. here is the forum site

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