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Saturday, March 21, 2009


LG 3500 is a latest handset of reliance in which reliance ruim works and it has nokia 6500 like chargin jeck , and it has a lot of graphic functions. but it can be unlocked by flashing with unlocking file, and after that upload scr file (image file) and its prl, and dll be must to support in flashing, MODELS OF LG cdma that are unlocking and not unlocking as below UNLOCKABLE 3500 VER08, 3510 VER02, 3600 VER04 NOT-------- 3500 VER09 3510 VER03 3600 VER05 FOR THAT SAME LG TOOL WILL BE USED BUT WITH 3500 unlocking tested files. and the files to be select in it, are as follows. one more thing to be carefull while flashing is that battery must be fully charged or use direct usb charging cable + and _ wires to attached with its battery connectors and if battery is not present and or low, and secondly cable must be tightly attached with it. YOU can also use nokia ca101 cable for it usb cable. if scr file does not load with this lg tool and a lg downloader tool old version , there scr file can be intalled in it to get proper images and network, after the handset get upgrade with it, it would be restart, and set wil be unlocked definately.

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