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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi all of members (mobile software world) here is the cdma workshop a fabolous tool version 2.7 full which can be used for alot of cdma purposes to read non sim handsets and also uim based handsets. cdma workshop can be also used for data card, walkies to feed new numbers in it, well it can also be used to read spc code i.e. security code of handset, by just go into the security option, there is the spc option, then just select method is universal efs method, and then press the button read spc, it will open nv items, just go to nvm002 as like we read in bitpim tool and u can read 6 digits spc code, and esn can also be read and write in it, properly and min no. can also be read and changed in nam option of the tool. The rest of the benefits you would get when you will use it as necessary. well here is the tool and reply after using it, it supports alot of cpus of the pcb like sky, qualcomm, etc.

Well, after this workshop , latest version which is now in demand, is of cdma workshop 3.4.1, In this many more functions are available for connecting usb based phones, which does not make any particular port or use virtual ports and they get detected in this workshop like blackberry, htc, verizon and many more samsung too. because in this workshop version, there is usb port option is available which the handsets make automatically, for eg, like in vpst or vpct for haier and classic handsets, it detects usb port automatic. In this workshop, it can read all efs and nv data in which alot of spcs are there which displays after scanning the handset, we can change all esns which some mobiles does not change in 2.7 version. But this workshop is paid, for one year valid on single pc hardware id. which costs around rs. 6500 INR.


  1. can u post me how cmda_workshop works?i'have lg rd-3500 rim.but i cant unlock using cdma_workshop.plz help.

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