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Friday, March 13, 2009


D 1000 unlocking procedure Haier d1000 is a tata set and only TATA RUIM works in it, because it sets to min lock, but if u wanna unlock it, you need vpst tool, via telecom usb drivers, and 2 unlock files one of cp.rom and boot.rom, just first attach set with v3 usb data cable and then , detect on vpst tool, when it would read handset esn it will show on above side, and after that go to detail option in that select setting option, then select in flash option that two unlocked files of d1000 and then press ok , and then press update , bootl downloader will start, then it will show the message , please reset phone by hand manually, then just put out the battery and cable and then replugin cable and battery, then boot.rom file will write in it automaticaly, and then again message will come then do the process again as mentioned above , and ur cp.rom fill write in it, and phone would automatically restart after 100% complete, and your handset would be unlocked. it is 100000% tested solution, so dont worry, and there is no risk of dead in it. This handset can also be unlocked by hand by entering code mentioned below. read it carefully, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- D1000 unlock by hand insert an accepted sim card dial #*0204 now enter 000000 > checkgo to system > lock nam 1 > unlock nam1 ur phone is unlocked without flashing & restart ur phone. enjoy brothers, for more information , contact me in my profile here are the d1000 unlocked files

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