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Monday, March 16, 2009


CDMA DM TOOL is a flashing tool for motorola cdma handsets mostly of tata based , but these can be unlocked to any cdma network, and any cdma ruim can be used in it. But which set u want to unlock and want to use other ruim you must have that model unlocking file, like the models are that can be unlocked with this tool is W150i, W170, W200, W210, W355. WELL the process starts that just open this dm tool and first off the option in dm tool mode option is there and first off the battery check option, and speed to normal, then just select the right port as which interface or serial cable you r using, then select the particular model you attached with it for flashing, then plug in the cable to handset and attached the battery, and just press the start button, it will initialize and then press the power button, downloader will start and then it would pause on hardware checking id, and then just press the button 5 to continue the flashing , first it will erase and then it wil write unlock file in it, you have also to select the right unlock file. and your handset will restart and it would be definately unlocked. here is the latest dm tool. unlock files will post next time, keep in touch

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