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Friday, March 6, 2009

nod 32 antivirus full free

hi all of you, here is the best one year subscription tool of nod 32 antivirus, just update it regularly , it will be heaven for you, and no conflicting will occur due to any virus, NOD32 combines excellent detection of known viruses with powerful heuristic scanning for unknown viruses. However, configuring it will still be a challenge for typical PC users. Speedy on-demand or scheduled AV scanning. Scans when file is opened, created, or executed. Scans incoming e-mail, downloads, and Office documents. Offers advanced heuristic scanning for unknown viruses. The numerous configuration and scheduling options may prove confusing for all but expert users. best nod32 antivirus tool use and reply soon, on The Control Center in this version makes it easier to use than the four previously separate scanning modules. here is the download link for antivirus

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