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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


HI DEAR, Nokia 1255 cdma set is a folding set and white light set, and only reliance ruim is used, but we can unlock it very easily and can use all cdma ruim in it, like ping, connect, virgin, tata and reliance in it. It need no burning flash and not even to do its software. It is done only by using a very useful tool named QPST TOOL to just convert from nv only to all ruim option. First of all take serial 1255 cable or rj-45 1255 cable i.e. used with infinity and makes the port, if you have no cable of its, then just use serial either rj-45 loose cable and just connect its rx, tx and gnd point on 1255 pcb just set the com port made to no. 1 or no. 2, then run service programming option in this qpst tool after installation. There your set will be detected and then go to security option in it and then select ruim only in ruim config option. and write to phone , it will ask for 6 digit spc code enter six zeros in it by default if it not work, then first read spc code in bitpim tool. your handset after write to phone will be restarted once and your problem would be solved. here is the tool for download and pinout pic also

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  1. Hai,
    Thanks for Your information about the Nokia 1255.Its very useful to me.I found one site
    In that site unlocking instructions for nokia available.


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