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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Raw products to assemble cdma cables rj-45

MOBILE PHONE CONNECTORS FOR ASSEMBLING RJ-45 CABLES (ALL SHOULD BE OF GOOD QUALITY MEANS CHEAP AND BEST) 1. RJ-45 MALE CONNECTORS 2. RJ-45 MALE CONNECTORS RUBBERS(STOPPERS) 3. 5 WIRE CABLE ie. used in mobile unlocking cables 4. RJ-45 OR RJ-11 FEMALE DABBI USED FOR RJ45 CABLES OF FITTING With their rubber stoppers (without internal pins.) pins should be extra, we would make as per our need. 5. 18 pin, jeck connectors 6. 8 pin, jeck connectors 7. 24 pin jeck connectors 8. 5 pin jeck connectors as in v3 jeck 9. samsung 20pin connectors like d820 10. motorola t190 headphone pin connectors. 11. glue white that used in cables fixing internally, and rubber fixing glue 12. nokia 6500 charger connectors jeck 13. USB ORIGINAL CABLES WIRES OF 1 METER if you need this all for cdma cables assembling or more products raw material u need as per ur requirement, pz reply we would provide as much you want with best quality and price. here is the pics related to it


  1. Hi

    I have mobile unlocking shop in india.One of my custemer came from uk. Bring his Sony Ericsson K850i. He wants to use his mobile in indian local network. SO i try to get the unlock instrucitons for his mobile. I find the site there i got the unlocking instrcutions for Sony Ericsson K850i. But it says i need unlock code to unlock his mobile. So i try to get the unlock code for his mobile. from varius sites. All are very expensive. I need chepeast good working code. can u provide me code for his mobile? or else can u know where i get the code?and can u gauranty how it will work?

  2. DEAR ONLINE BROTHER, YOU HAVE TO USE CRUISER SUITE BOX LATEST 07 ID VERISON. WITH THAT IT WILL UNLOCK IMMEDIATE WITHOUT USING ANY CREDITS, OR USE SE TOOL BOX FOR UNLOCKING IT, OR IT CAN BE UNLOCKED BY CODE BY REMOTE SERVERS LIKE or anyother u can believe it, anyways thanks for ur query. any information more regarding cdma or gsm post further too. or pm at pawanlovesu2004 on id


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