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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


SAMSUNG B239 CDMA HANDSETS WITH FM IS VERY GOOD LOOKING and simple operating system and functions. Its colored handset with v3 like charging jeck, usb cable can also be attched with of motorola usb v3 and it detects its usb modem drivers. If the phone get locked and phone locked contact service comes or four digit lock code gets on it, then it can be unlocked by pressing rebuild buttion in b239 pst tool and tata ruim will again work in it. BUT IF YOU WANNA ALL RUIM WORKING UNLOCKING, Yet its not present exactly but you can try it, that i posted this link with it, by using and making serial or rj-45 cable by attaching its rx, tx , vcc, gnd pinouts on the pcb. after that power on the handset , and try to connect with pinouts. then just press method 1 unlock button, and handset will go in dm testing mode, and codes wil write in the handset and set will try to rebuild, but i tried too, but not unlocked, you try urself on ur behalf, may be u get success. well here is the all links. It it not works, then wait for some days, proper working solution will come but check always regularly this site

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