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Thursday, March 26, 2009


Hi M.S.W. MEMBERS (mobile software world) , here is the latest solution for unlocking haier virgin c5000 solution tested by me many times of version 05 for which we were waiting for so much time. so here is the tool and unlock file and complete procedur to unlock this handset, after that using any cdma ruim in it. well first of all switch on the handset and attach with the motorola v3 data cable usb using with computer usb port, it will first ask for handset drivers which are also given, after installing the cable drivers. Then in the device manager see the comport made by it, and then open the downloader lite tool and set the comport that is made for it, and mark the option on backup and restore nv items otherwise proper sotware will not load in it, and functions will not see complete. After that, open the dloaderlite.exe configuaration settings and also selected port = that made in the device manager, then just select the c5000 unlocked file and press the start button, handset will go in then offline mode, and will backup nv items first and will then erase ram file and write ram and then it takes some time , but there do not plug out the cable because it takes normally 1 minute to restore nv items and then set wil restart and its file would be downgrade from 05 verison to 03 version and then use the old code i.e. *32#00# and off the minlock option displayed and set wil restart again and handset is unlocked. well here is the tool and file and drivers too.

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