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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hi all the users, how r u , here a latest news to all of the viewers and this would be the blasting success in non ruim handsets, well now here is i defining some old lg non sim handsets blinking solution, like lg rd 2330, 2430, 2530, 2230 and alot of more like this. so the models like 2330, 2430, 2530 , their main flash file use is same that of Md2330. There are three main files to write in handset for flashing i.e unlock bin file, scr file and prl file. If u want to write new reliance number in it, first of all you have to attach handset in lg download tool in emergency mode, there you have to select main bin file and have to select correct md2330.dll file and right comport selection the cable u r using (either lg 2230 serial cable or rj-45 2230 cable with any interface). then just press download button, and the file will start from 8% after entering 000000 default spc code and then you have to press button 5 for two or three times then the rest flashing will start and after completing handset will restart but when vivo logo will come just plug out the cable at the spot because if u plug out later after complete on, then new esn no. will not write. well after that use qpst tool and go in service programming and there in nam option and directory name write new min no. starts from 166 ------- and after that write new spc code and in unicdma tool write new esn number to it. then the handsets restarts again, and then after open again lg download tool and write md2330 prl and scr file . And after that when you will make call *228 handset will ask for entering 9 digit pin number of the activated kit from reliance company that u taken. and ur new nonsim number will start working successfully. for more details contact at my (pawanlovesu2004) yahoo id. and for entering new number of ping or tata, no need to write new esn and spc code , it will work with old esn. need files pm me

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