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Thursday, April 9, 2009


JAF BB5 UNLOCKING CRACKED TOOL WITH UFS BOX Sir this is the great news to all gsm users who are already using ufs box or ufs +hwk attached box, with this box now we can use jaf cracked version of latest bb5 tool with which we can unlock alot of bb5 models or dct4 models easily in offline mode, no internet connection and not credits required now, just attach 7pins ufs cable and with cracked jaf tool, we can unlock all bb5 models and dct4 too. First just install new jaf usb drivers. But one precaution must be there, you cannot use this jaf cracked software if infinity box software is also installed because, infinity box egate drivers clash with of jaf drivers. so if they clash, then infinity box cannot be run and when anyone try to run infinity tool , computer will restart automatically, so just intall jaf in different window or pc where infinity is not installed, It is very easy to unlock ,just select ufs box attached and press unlock button, functions will run automatically, and if any error ecomes in it, just press repair SL and then press unlock again. It would fix all errors and will unlock the phone. now no need to pay any credits. and further more cracked bb5 200version also coming with which we can unlock offline also n95 8gb handset or 6120c, and more models which were not opening before, or were opening with a very high cost. so here is the link , just download and enjoy 1000% tested. and also comment after using it.

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