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Sunday, April 12, 2009


HI brother, here is the solution for lg rd2230 non ruim handset can be converted into any cdma ruim solution, by the unlocking flash file i am attaching here. First of all lg download latest tool we need here, mentioned under. We have to do two processes. first is of hardware and second of software. First of all we have to cut of the body pannel of the handset as per the sim tray size fitting, then after we have to solder simtray that comes fit to it, after that first check also the supply on the sim tray points. then after switch on the handset and attach with computer by lg 2230 serial cable. then open lg download tool, and go it download option, first set the comport as on your pc, then just select this unlocked ruim bin file i am attaching here, and its scr file and then its prl file and .dll too , just click off the check box of cs debugging option in the tool. Then press the upgrade button, and downloading will start automatically and after finish, your 2230 non ruim handset will be converted to any cdma ruim handset and enjoy. And there are 30 modes more nonruim to ruim solutions like 2630, rd6600, 5130, 6130, 6230 and more, but these are some paid if u need now . pm me on pawanlovesu2004

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