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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Hi my blog lovers, here is the tested solution to enter new number into motorola foriegn handset (folding) of K1m/L7c handset, In this we can feed any of the non ruim reliance, tata or ping, rainbow number in it, For that you must have its usb drivers complete and also a rsd lite latest tool and motorola pst tool for writing min number and huawei prl file for network. First of all you have to full flash with its unlocked flashing file, i.e. of verizon lg wali , given below, just read it with first rsd lite to pick up complete modem drivers. in that it will connect and then after select flash file tested 100% and then just start it, it wil take 15 minuts after that set will start automatically, and is ready for new number feeding in it, its min no. will get 0000000000 but esn no. will write automatically of the original esn of handset, because if we wil not flash it, its new min number will not be write, it will give error, and its spc code u can also read, rather its spc will get 000000. well then open motorola pst tool and open new file, after that select CDMA NAM OPTION , then just read it first to establish connection for it, it will then read all nam file, and then just put new min number that you will get from the company, after that just write it , it wil ask spc code, read it first in motorola spc reader, and it will then complete 100% , after that open file option , select CDMA PRL, then select huawie prl file and write it into the handset, set will restart and your number gets starts in it with full network range, and if any problem pm me on pawanlovesu2004, well i have tested it, so dont hesitate to access it, enjoy dear All more solutions me posting daily so check blog regularly daily. These are the unique and rare handsets that comes very few in the market, but if you can tackle them out by the proper way i described above, then its good to make your reputation in the market and money too.

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