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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


There are many tools for unlocking samsung cdma handsets by flashing, but these tools are different for different models and after unlocking by flashing, some fucntionalities does not work like fm radio, etc like in samsung s299, s269, or s399. but now there is the good alternate without flashing, we can unlock many of the samsung cdma handsets. HI ALL MGF MEMBERS, HERE IS THE WORKING COMTEST TOOL. IT WILL WORK WITH SERIAL CABLE DB9PIN AND THE PINOUTS GIVEN ON THE PCB, I.E. RX, TX, AND GND, BY USING EXTERNAL USB POWER SUPPLY INSTEAD OF BATTERY U CAN USE. FIRST OF ALL WE HAVE TO GO TO MENU, THEN IN SETTINGS, THEN PRESS * AND THEN PHONE WILL ASK FOR A CODE, JUST INPUT 123456, PHONE PROGRAMMING WILL OPEN , JUST GO IN PORTMAP OPTION AND SELECT HFK MODE AND THERE SET TO UART - PORT. AFTER THAT JUST PLUG THE SERIAL CABLE ATTACH IT WITH PHONE , AND THE TOOL GIVEN BELOW , PUT FIRST CODE IN SEND DATA AND JUST PRESS OK BUTTON, THEN IN RETURN DATA , MUST SHOW AUTOMATIC CODES AFTER PROCESS AND IF IT SHOWS NO DATA IT MEANS UR CABLE IS NOT PROPERLY ATTACHED WITH RX, TX, BUT THE REST OF THE TWO CODES HAVE TO BUY , HERE IS THE TOOL AND FIRST CODE AND ITS PINOUTS and the rest of the two codes will be posted later if u want it now just pm me onmy yahoo id.

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  1. I have the Samsung T219s Imei number:357771012469347 Network:T-mobile USA.I locked to the network above mentioned.I had found the unlocking instructions in the site named want the unlocking code.


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