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Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, this is the tata Data card for using tata internet connection in it , by entering non sim connection of tata or by inserting tata ruim by activating internet connection on it, but it is secured by min lock, so that no other ruim can not run in it. But now here is the solution for its min unlocking so you can all access all cdma ruim in it by activating net connection facility on it, so for that a flash tool is required for it, for its full dmss and ram flashing, and its unlocking file is required and if any phone locked contact service comes on data card for that another unlock tool is required, here is me posting the tested flasher for unlock it, and if u need its tested file and procedure to run tata and reliance ruim net connection on it, then you have to pm me on my personal yahoo messenger id post very time in rest of the posts of my blog. Well corrupted data card can also be recovered through this great tool in emergency flasher mode. But one more thing to take in mind, that is very important i.e we have to flash the data card without any ruim card in it, because if by mistake you do with ruim in it, then it may be dead too if file get stopped in between after dmss erasing and write flashing process and after data card dead modem's lights will also get off and it will not make any port after that, nor even in emergency mode. So brother, here is the link for that incredible, fabolous tool. Here is the link


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  2. oh really kunal i am here to help u out, but dear dont mind some solutions are some paid because i have also spent alot of money on these softwaers, but still i will try as much as i can for u


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