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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


LG RD 3000 is a handset launched by reliance, and only reliance sim is use in it, but now it has more latest version, before i have post 08 or below that version solution for unlocking, but now here is its 12 version latest unlocking solution, after unlocking its software, all cdma ruim can work in it. It is a colored handset without fm and good features and processing. For its unlocking a lg downloader tool is required in which first of all we have to set the com port no. 1 or 2 as you have your interface serial or usb rj45, after that we have to select unlock bin file in binary file path, and then its scr file in script file path, and then select any prl file in prl file path and select its .dll file in dll file path, and off the option cs debugging and then just press the button upgrade after attaching the on handset. You can also use serial db9 cable of lg 2230 as its have same pinouts and when upgradation will complete set will reboot 2 times one after bin file writing and one after scr file write and your handset will be unlocked accessing all cdma handsets. A one problem also comes sometimes after unlock , it asks for sid/nid unlocker for its security code, then just use huawei esia pst tool to unlock lg 3000 12 version security sid nid lock. well here is the link to download file and tool and for futher assitance just contact at yahoo id.


  1. I found the Details of Lg R series Unlocking details software downloading etc.I found the details also in mobile unlockguide site unlocking instructions are free there Unlock NowI want the unlocking software.

  2. dear its cdma set not gsm , so of these are not easily avaialble, and if u got anyway then also there is risk of any handset to get dead , if flash with non tested file.


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