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Saturday, May 2, 2009


This handset is like analogue based handset, which is locked to ruim network and its display is in black and white digits. Its all ruim tested unlocking is now available here, i am posting its tested tool through which it get flashed with unlock shx file , that you can get from me personaly too. Well first of all install this software named RSD LITE 3.6 version in which odm serial option is available , and have to activate it. For it you can use infinity cable i.e. f3 cable that comes with infinity box, but the amazing thing is this that through infinity box this set does not connect in rsd lite software, so for that you have to arrange usb to rj-45 interface which installs profilic usb to serial drivers that you can also collect from me. well after that this software will show device in it, and will automatically read handsets file, and then browse the unlocked .shx file in it and press start button, it will then take 5 minutes to do full flash with tested unlock file i have and your handset will restart at end automaticaly and phone gets unlocked to other cdma networks. HERE IS THE SOFTWARE


  1. I have the Motorola F3 locked to the Network Bouygues Telecom France IMEI NUMBER:355072015488638.The features are amzing the Phone.But i want to unlock it.I have found the Unlocking instructions in the site named I want the Unlocking code only.

  2. yes sir, but clear me first u have f3 of gsm one or f3c of cdma one, if u have f3c cdma one then i can unlock it, with any rj45 interface and using f3 cable of infinity with my tested rsd lite tool and unlock shx file , its working, but if it is f3 gsm handset it can be unlocked in infinity box tool easily.

  3. i have moto f3c and samsung sch-s269. can u provide me cables for these 2 handsets.i have also rj-45 interface.

  4. I have motofone F3c cdma .I would like to unlock it for reliance. From where can i get the cable & what would be the cost.

  5. Dear Pawan Ji: I need to have a F3c unlocked (formerly with Tata), but I am unable to find a cable for it. How may I get hol of a cable? Or would you be able to do the same for me? How may I contact you in such case?

  6. i have motorola f3c cdma I want to unlock it how to do this plz tell me


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