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Friday, May 1, 2009


Hi dear, here is again an amazing thing that works, and you can unlock all of your spice handsets with this tool and unlocking files , by using direct usb cables or by using any rj45 interface in a very few time without any confusion and problem. you have just to make right comport connection in this tool option and baud rate to be set on high rate. And then selecting its booting files and scatting files and unlocking rom files , you can unlock any spice handsets in less than 2 minutes without investing so much high investments on boxes. But for this you have to contact us for further details on mail addres. or on yahoo messenger. Well you can also format any spice handsets with it too, if your set have problem of restarting after inserting sim in it. It can also format user area as like we use in china sets and also have usb downloading ringtones and wallpapers into it by its download manager. Every spice handset has its own working tools and .dll files and unlocking files and downloading agent files. If we not use compaitble tool with particular handset then it will give some brom.dll file errors . so be carefull, your set might be get dead too if u use wrong file but not to worry, because if can also be recovered by its origina file with this tool or through infinity box files.


  1. Can i get Unlocking code for my SPICE S-920 I have found the Unlocking code rates details for the Nokia Mobile In the site UNLOCK ZONE.but not for my spice caanyone help me please..

  2. dear, i can give u spice all unlocking files and tested tool , but for that contact me on my yahoo id without infinity box, u can use any usb to rj45 interface that makes comport


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