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Sunday, July 12, 2009


HI DEAR ALL OF U , HERE A GOOD NEWS THAT VIRGIN F285 i.e. VGLIDE unlocking solution is ready and availble tested 100%. Its a very cute maroon red color sliding handset and is one of the most attractive full of features amongest all virgin models. It has very soft keys working and soft musical loud tones. It supports only virgin ruim in it as it is of virgin company, but now we can unlock it by using latest unlocking software and file by flashing of it. It has some similar tool like we unlock ping c332 handset, but in this there is no need to change any unlocking file with original one. It has simple process of around 10 minutes of flashing, just open the tool, attach its usb cable and install its drivers, then connect using its comport made in device manager and when the handset get detected in this tool i.e. show its version flash file, then just browse the unlock bin file of it and press start button, flashing will get start in steps like step -1, step -2, and like this step 8-1, 8-2 and after step 8-2 completion it will show setup failed for 2 seconds and then step 8-1 will start automatically again, so the main thing we have to do in this case, that we have to remove the cable that we have connected with the handset when after completion it will say step failed for 2 seconds, but be careful we have to remove it before step-1 starts again. And your handset will get unlocked for all cdma ruim to access in it. It has all same features and logos safe in it. To reset or restore its default settings code is *983*5391# keypad test * *983*5651# phone reset and user code reset also .Here me attaching its small tool, but if u wanna get complete tested solution, then pm me on my yahoo id on messenger.
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