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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Nokia 6610 is also a very good looking shining handset of silver and black, grey color comes in it. Its display same as of nokia 3100. Its internal pcb is some like 3100, but main power , flash and other ics are on front side in nokia 6610, as these are on backside of nokia 3100. Its keypad board is separately fitted on the main board by touching many pins on it, in which supply comes from keypad ic. Well if u face display not coming or in blue light, then check its small resistance under on/off switch on back side of pcb, change that two resitances or short them, the rest display connectors pins tracks goes on front side yellow points under display jeck. The fault of its charging can also be easily solved, by checking its fuse ic and r22 ic. If it makes not charging, then change its battery or charger problem. Its also sometimes makes ringer problem, i.e. very similar to nokia 3100, It has fm it and infrared also , by which we can transfer small kb files and fm can be repair by changing its black color fm ic. Then we can download alot of ringtones by using usb dku-5 cable or serial dku-5 cable. It supports .amr recording files, midi ringtone files, small images files like jpg, gif and games too i.e jad and jar files. One more advance model same like this handset is 6610i, which has extra feature of camera at back with average picture quality. If it gets software problem in it, then just flash it with mcu , ppm and cnt files and pm file for network, after that make ui settings, even many dead sets are also recoverd with help of software with ufs box, mt box, ub box, etc.

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