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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well, here today me with summary and solutions about nokia 2650 handset. It was also the first folding handset in Nokia company, This handset has white keypad buttons of rubber from top of the handset to bottom. Its folding feature was the most attractive and beautiful thing that makes people to buy that. But because of one problem, it has alot of drawbacks in it for maintenace and repairing i.e. Its flex cable which join two parts of it, display portion and main board portion. Actualy because of using it as fold daily alot of times, after some days its flex cable get damaged soon, And alot of combined faults comes in it, like insert sim problem, automatic off and restart and network problem in it, means the whole upper portion of display and insert sim, speaker all are attached with flex cable. And the major thing is that its flex cable changing procedure is very lengthy and difficult. And we have always to change it with original flex cable, because duplicates are not so efficient. Well if set is going on blinking and blinking, then it could be get ok with its flashing software. But if all files get copied in it, then it get ok, and if it get stop in between, then handset will not get switched on, then we have to see its hardware fault in it i.e of may be flash ic, or cpu. overall, its not good going handset in a long run. After that Nokia understands its response and then he covered alot of things in further handsets.

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