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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well, today me here to dictate about all summary of nokia 1100 repairing and its parts. Let starts from its features that it has some special functions. It is the first phone launched by nokia which has torch light function which has very sharp and white light by which we can use in our daily usage. Then it has dustproof keypads through which dust does not enter in it. It has great ringtone sounds, and vibrator and slim body. The main thing is that it has easy maintanence and repair. If it gets problem of network, like network not come, then it has rx (recieving signals) fault and for that we have to first remove its antenna switch, and make its jumpers in v shape separate for 900mhz and separate for 1800mhz. If network comes once and then goes off, then we have to check tx side like change its PFO. Then it gets sometimes charging problem in it, for that , first of all check its charging jeck, and then its fuse which should be short (check by analog multimeter ), and if still fault does not gets ok, then just make it direct by removing its black resistance and put the diode and then solder diode's gnd side to fuse, and its positive side on +ve pin of its battery connector, in that case mobile will not showing charging but it will get battery full, but be carefull you have to only plugin charger for 1 hour not more than that. Give comments or problems if you face any difficulty.

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