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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Nokia 1110 handset is a great black and white set with black background display with yellow color font displayed on it. Nokia 1110 has also polyphonic ringtones and loud sound and vibration with dustproof keypads. Its repairing is also simple and alot of jumpers like, if it has local mode problem or not charging problem, first check its battery, then its charging jeck, if it still does not get ok, then remove small resistance behind middle pin of battery connector, and also remove double resistance near on upper side of UEM Power ic, your local mode and not charging problem will be solved. If you got any network problem in it, first load pm file in it that is for network access and if network not come, then change its PFO ic first, if not then change its network ic. If any display problem in it, then change its display first, after that check its all display jeck tracks, its 2nd track from upper right side of the jeck goes near the yellow point on back side of the plate near ringer ic, and if track is missing, then just make the jumper with jumper wire. Its light problem can also be solved by changing its light ic at the bottom of the plate on front side, or if u want to solve the problem without light ic, then just take its similar ohm resistance or transistor which u can use from any nokia model like 3310 or old models, and can display light. well if need more knowldege and jumper pics, then just reply on my yahoo id. well here i off this topic now. see u

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