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Friday, August 14, 2009


Hi all viewers that are fresher in repairing field, for them here is some selected information how you can recover some faults in nokia 2300 handset. This is the nokia first FM radio working handset and it gets very popular at that time can say before 5 years. It has polyphonic ringtones and good features. Its internal pcb and circuit is some similar like nokia 1100, It has ringer ic in it, if ringtone does not work, first check ringer, then its tracks points where ringer touches, and if still not work, then just change the ringer ic by seeing ic direction properly. Charging problem solution is same like nokia 1100 as described below. It has FM radio ic fault also which is near battery connector, if radio not works, then just change that ic. Other fault that generally comes in it i.e. of software , like pressing on switch of mobile display shows blinking again and again, then we have to flash it with proper mcu, ppm, cnt and pm files by ufs box or jaf box. pm file is for network, cnt file for games and images, ppm and mcu are main bin files. and after that do all ui settings to open sim lock of it. Well reply if you got any other hardware problem in it, i will send u its shortcuts or jumper pics properly.

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