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Monday, August 17, 2009


Well here is Nokia 3100 colored handset with attractive body look and soft keypads. In this two models were launched i.e. 3100 and 3120, the only difference in them was of outer appearance of their glossy bodies. In this most common problem facing of on/off switch, if by any way its positive track is missing, then we can make its jumper easily near left side of UEM IC. Then other common problem is of regarding network, which is checked by its rx, tx, and its antenna switch, PFO AND of Network ic i.e named as Hagar ic, just reball or change it. One fault generally comes of software in which only lights blink, then we can flash it fully with latest ufs files. And if its IMEI No. is corrupted, it can also be repair through Universal Box, or many rpl servers available onine in the market. If sets going off after particular 20seconds. then its major fault i.e. UEM Ic, and if we change UEM IC, the we have to rewrite its imei no. ie. of same of UEM ic. The other problem comes off ringer not working, Its mostly of ringer ic i.e of black color near sim tray, but before reparing, check its direction also when you have to change it with new one. As per ur demand, i will post its tracks pics and jumpers also .

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