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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Here is the latest BB5 model i.e. Nokia 3110c with its slim body and alot of features in it. This handset with mega pixel camera, and bluetooth function, memory card features and fm radio in it makes it more popular in the market and it is some solid handset. Its repair is also more easy and cheap. If it has display not coming problem, then it has two small glass display ic in it, one is near on/off switch and the other is at backside near display connector. If it is dead in hardware fault like water damaged, then first of all we have to do check software of it, if it says 1st boot ok and flashing complete and local mode comes and also full ui setting is done, then set will get on, and if it says 1st boot error, then first check its charging ic and one more supply ic upper side of charging ic, and also check its light ic, if one of these are short with water, then also handset will not get on, so just remove then , and make the balls of ic and then paste it again properly, if still it not get ok, then repair cpu ic of it. If 3110c has memory card problem not showing, then just change black and silver memory card ic of it. Its keypad ic is also some different than 6600, it has small keypad ic with one middle dot blank in it and if you got keys not pressing problem, then change it, sometimes what happened that its volume keys get switched on due to water inside it, in that case also no keypads work at all, and automatic its volume go up and down, so we have to change that volume switches also in it.

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