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Thursday, August 20, 2009

NOKIA 3230 repair solutions

Well today here i am to discuss about nokia 3230 handset, which is good looking and comfortable handset. But there comes problems in its maintenance, either we can say its maintenance is some costly comparitively to other handsets. Its one drawback is, that its on/off switch, camera, display i.e. lcd and joystick are all on front pcb board, it has two pcbs, one is of keyboard and other is main board which are attached by the help of flex cable, and its repairing of flex cable is very difficult, so these handsets could not get so popular in nokia world. Because when we have to repair its lcd problem or camera problem or joystick then we have to change its whole front pcb i.e very much costly. Then it has keypad ic, display ic in it, if they get damaged, then we can repair it by replacing them or we can make all jumpers in it without ic, their jumper pics will post here later and its network fault is also very difficult to repair. So overall, feature wise its very nice handset with memory card, bluetooth, camera with good megapixel, but due to its some repairing drawbacks, it is still behind in the que. Well it has also boot ic near right side of battery conector, which have to be replaced if get damaged to get rid of nokia pause on display problem. Its small battery is good backup battery, but it should be charged only in limited period around 1-2 hours, not more than that, if u do , then it will get destroyed, and charger of it should always use original one, that output good supply to all components as per requried.

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