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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Nokia 6600 handset is an excellent colored mobile with alot of features. This is Wd2 mobile, and its good features makes it famous very much. It was the first nokia handset that launched in the market with camera and memory card and bluetooth function in it. This handset have alot of integrated circuits in it, It has 4 Flash ROM ic, and one RAM IC, CPU, UEM and one boot ic, which boots the handset at starting when we switch on the phone, nokia comes and blinks once and then handset gets on, If its boot ic gets damaged by water or by any reason, then it should be replaced, try to use the original boot ic from another handset, like 6600, 7610, 3230 or many more which have same boot ic. If boot ic is not ok , then handset will remain on nokia, it will not work further.

It has then silver color memory card ic, which gives the accruate supply to memory card jeck, with which it works. If it is damaged, then memory card will not show in gallery function of handset. Then the common problem we face in this handset is of bluetooth not working, in that case bluetooth function does not get on, so just make its jumper first i.e shortcut, just short two pins that are close to each other on left side of bluetooth ic points give, i will post its track pic also later. If it still not get ok, then just change the whole bluetooth ic.

Then comes it display problem, its main problem generally found in its display connector with alot of pins, resold it and check its tracks consistentaly, If this handset keeps on hanging, then repair its flash rom ics. And if unluckily its rpl file gets corrupt, then it has alot of expense near 700 rs. Its sound quality is some low.

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