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Friday, August 21, 2009


NOKIA 7610 handset is a beautiful and some light in weight than 6600. Its glossy shining body in some round and rectangular shape makes it some different and attractive appearance. It has also bluetooth, fm, memory card and have dku-5 jeck, through which we can also make it communicate with computer with help of usb data cable. In this handset there is also boot ic in it. This handset supports good internet speed with gprs or dial up connections. It has also advance internal memory. It has good pixel camera by which we can take still pics and video too as long as we need, depends on capacity of its DV Memory card. If its camera does not work, then first try to change its camera, if still not get ok, then make its camera jumpers that i will share with u some other time with help of its jumper pic. One precaution has to take of virus, like we should not use more bluetooth from other handset as it is risky of virus or if u have also load your memory card from any shop, then also you have to see that either he has good antivirus in his pc or not. Because if u got any virus problem in it, the you can face problems like no dial call list , miss call, recieve call, or sms sending automaticaly deducting your money from your card or phone would get hang or restart as you open gallery or functions. Then it would get ok by flashing with ufs with latest version files.

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