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Monday, August 24, 2009


Hi dear viewers, this is a unique appearance handset in a D- SHAPE. By lookwise its also attractive and a very smart multimedia handset in which memory card feature, bluetooth functions are available and has Arena online games too, if u have activated gprs service in it. Its repair is some different from other nokia pcbs, because it has some similar ics like glass ics i.e display ic, ringer ic, light ic, keypad ic. It also has boot ic as other nokia wd2 handsets have it. If It has ringer problem like songs not wokring, then, we have to check its ringer tracks, and then after change its ringer ic. If it has lcd not coming or in white light, then first try to change its lcd, then after check its display ic, remove it and make the jumpers in right way, for that picture i will send u later, or just change its display ic. If its keys not working, then check its straight pins alot of in numbers touching the upper key board pcb, if still not work, then change remove keypad ic, and make its jumpers, and if after that also not work, then change keypad ic. if it got charging problem then change its charging jeck first. if not then see its charging ic. Bluetooth ic problem can also easily solved by just change its bluetooth ic. The rest of solutions will discuss later, just post by comments.

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