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Monday, August 17, 2009


Dear nokia 1600 handset is a colored handset with polyphonic ringtones has loud sound. Its attractive look makes it famous inNokia world. It is the cheap and best colored handset with handsfree function also in it. Its repairing is somewhat like nokia 1110 as described above. One more point i would like to discuss in it, is that we can convert nokia 1110 to nokia 1600 or nokia 1600 to nokia 1110 by changing their softwares and display respectively. If it got ringer or speaker problem in it, like if both speaker and ringer not work, then just change its ringer because in this handset ringer and speaker is same. And if only speaker is not working, ringer is working, then check the small resistances on the front above side of the pcb that either any component is break or damaged with water. And if speaker is working and ringer not working, then check its ringer ic or change it. The other common problem in this handset comes is of handsfree symbol on display, inwhich speaker , mic and ringer stops working. so first of all check charing jeck of it, because if jeck is not touching the points properly or damaged by water, then change it. and if still it got problem, then check components near charging jeck points and ringer ic could also be short in this problem. Well its flash and UEM ic are fixed with gum. so it is difficult to repair. Cpu can repair because it is not fixed, and if handset has contact service problem in it or its going on hang or restart then just reball cpu or replace it.

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