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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


[MOTOROLA A GOOD RANGE MODELS SECRET CODES]TRY AND ENJOY IT ALL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motorola 7760, 7860, 2260, 8160, etc Nam Programming: Nam Set: Fcn,0000000000000, Rcl Nam Set: 74663#, Fcn, Fcn Test Mode: Fcn, 00**83786633, Sto Motorola v60c, v120c etc Nam Programming: Nam Set: 74663#, Menu, Menu, Spc Nam Set: Menu, 073887, * (type quickly) Test Mode: Menu, 073887*, Spc Debug Mode: ##33284 Force the phone into DIGITAL ONLY mode: 1) ##33284 (Debug) 2) RIGHT Softkey (Next) Twice 3) Down arrow 10 times to "PrefMod" 4) RIGHT Softkey (Change) until you see "DigOnly" 5) LEFT softkey (Exit) 6) MENU then LEFT Softkey return to idle screen 7) ##33284 (The last 4 will not display if you have done it correctly) Motorola t182, c210, etc Nam Programming: Nam Set: ##1111 end Nam Set: ##298645665 end Short Nam: ##073887 sto Motorola v710, v730, v740, ms150, etc Nam Programming: Nam Set: 8378*# + press 3 times NATE (spc - 071082) Test Mode: Menu, 073887*, Spc Service Menu: #758353266#646# Motorola StarTac 2004 Nam Programming: Nam Set: 5759789*#, rec key (3)times (spc - 915037) Motorola ms200, ms230, etc Nam Programming: Nam Set: 5759789*# (spc - 915037) Motorola v6060 Nam Programming: Nam Set:147*369#456*0# MOTOROLA TEST MODE: v60, c120, c331, etc: 1) Turn on the phone. Press MENU 0 7 3 8 8 7 * 2) The phone will require you to "Enter a Security Code", press 000000, OK 3) Scroll down to "Test mode" choose SELECT. Scroll down to "Enable" choose SELECT. Your phone is now in test mode. 4) Signal strength is the 3_rd number down on the left hand side of the screen. 5) To toggle between regular mode and test mode: Press MODE then quickly press the BUTTON DIRECTLY TO THE LEFT OF MENU. 6) To turn off the test mode the phone must be in regular mode, then follow the above sequence and scroll down to where it says "DISABLE" instead of "ENABLE" and choose select.


Hi dear, VE-PRO is the first chinese box launched by the engineers to make our repair easy of the chinese handsets coming in so high range in the market, either they are duplicates or original brands. But there is some limitations in this box as it does not supports all cpu based handsets. In this box alot of chips are give to support, but for them softwares are limited only to MTK OR SPREADTRUM BASED. It has mtk, spreadtrum, infenion, ADI, TI, Agere, sky, OM chips. But it can only format ffs or flash , mtk or some spreadtrum based chips.
So first of all before doing software of any chinese handset, just check by disassembling the handset if u can that which cpu is pasted in it, MTK or any other, if it has MTK, then try for it otherwise wastage of time. Then one more thing is to check in that, its rx tx pinouts are in its charging jeck or given separately on the pcb printed. If rx tx, gnd points are on the pcb printed, then no need to attach cable with its jeck, then we have to solder the wires manually, and try to spy define the rx tx pinouts, when spy get defines, then we have to open the main section and double click the latest version software and just press the format ffs button, then it will ask the handset to power on , then just press once its power button, it will starts erasing and writing eeprom ffs. and your handset will get ok.
Generally faults comes in it is of restarting the mobile when we insert the sim in it or handset gets off or handset shows flight mode, or even handset is totally dead, they also get ok by this procedure mostly like of sigmatel brands. One more thing we have to take care is that its touch should be ok, because if touch screen is broken or not working before, then after formatting ffs it gets stuck on the touch calibration function when we starts handset, and if touch does not get calibrate properly its menu functions will not open, or we have to put new touch in the handset. These problems mentioned above comes due to virus programes like we use bluetooth for transfer data or by loading memory cards from the computers effected by the viruses.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hi dear, now i am here with the solution for LG pm225 sprint model converting it into any cdma ruim accessing network. To do it, first of all we have to need to change its esn no., min no. and have to read its spc 6 digit security code and prl file of the specific network that we have to put in it is also needed at end. In this whole process, some tricks and knowledge is required. For this there should be UNICDMA TOOL with which we can change its ESN NO. as of the ruim(first to read ruim esn and min no. in ZIPPO universal software) or non ruim connection either of reliance,tata, ping or virgin. To write its new esn no. in unicdma tool, open the tool and fisrt set the comport no. which is made as u connect the cable to the pc, whether its serial port or usb to serial port interface is used.
Its cable used for connectivity is same of LG 2230 OR 3000. Then set the baud rate to default or 115200, and enable the monitor option, and it will read the whole handset. Then select the sky mode option, and press write esn button by entering the new esn no. that have to feed in it. The handset will restart and then confirm writing of new esn no. in zippo again. Then we need cdma workshop 2.7 full version software to change its min no. or imsi no. But before that read spc code of the handset with the help of bitpim software as we do in normal lg handsets. or in asc write tool. Then open the cdma workshop and in the security settings send spc code as read above, message will appear spc is correct phone unlocked, then go in the NAM option and press the read button, it wil read all information and then change the new min no. and dir no. same as we have to feed in it and press the write button.
Then handset will again restart and its min or imsi no. is also been changed. Then at last only prl file of the particular network we have to feed in it in the LG DOWNLOADER SOFTWARE , but here comes the problem, when we write the prl it will give an error or fail prl roaming list. So, in that case we require LG VX6000 .dll file that have to be select at that time, and then we have to write that prl file into it by entering its spc code that we read before. Then finally handset is converted into our desired network and is ready to use. For any files and softwares contact at yahoo id or ask by comments.

Friday, September 25, 2009


After some long time, now here is haier virgin c5000 (06 version ) handset unlocking solution available and is 100% tested. This is same like c5000 (05 version) trendy model, but its flash file version has been changed before, so that new stock was not unlocking before, but nowadays unlocking solution is released for this. For this tool is also some new and file also has been changed, cable is same as of usb motorola v3, and modem drivers are also same of c2000usb drivers. First open the download tool i.e named Dloader lite-c5000 (samsung) v1.4.4, There is no need to select any model, it automatics on c2001, then browse the unlock file in it i.e. c500006unlocked bin and select the download option, and tick mark the backup/restore nv and off /on the restore esn option as per need, then just press the start button, it will first backup the nv items and then erase the file and will write the new unlock file to it and after that automatic restore the nv items and handset will get restart and is unlocked, precaution is, it should not stop in between flashing, otherwise handset will get dead, but it could be recovered by shifting it into offline mode by pressing *, 5, power on button on off handset, it will detect comport and by using Dload offline option we can make it on again. Here is the tested tool attached, file is some big, that you can take me from my yahoo id.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Infinity box goes to its name as it has infinite models for unlocking and flashing GSM, CHINESE and some of CDMA handsets also. This box is a universal box and it updates normally a weekly form its support site. Nowadays latest updation is of 2.17a version. It has a range of brands alphabetically from A TO Z Brands. Each brand has some of its models avaialable. There are around 1700 models till date. It has different modules like M -Module, H-Module, QC -Module etc. It has good range of MTK Cpu based ic solution of software i.e. Format FFS complete or in safe mode.
This is done if chinese handsets got a problem of restart on inserting the sim in it. First step to open infinity box shell, then go in chinese miracle option and then in MT62xx cpu based models, after then go in the service option, There just do complete format ffs, it will say power on the phone, just plug the cable or solder the rx, tx and gnd points properly. But remember only mtk based models can be done in it. And if any handset is in dead position mostly like of SIGMATEL Brand, then it can also get ok by complete format ffs keeping baudrate on 48000. We can also calibrate the touch screen through it. Then in infinity box, there is very big range for spice unlocking all models and flashing also. you can download from infinity support site. Airtel cordless phone ie. GD8900 can also be unlock by using lgc2500 cable, just pressing sp unlock button in the service option.
The rest support if u need anyways regarding infinity box, then just reply by comment. It has also now its infinity pin finder, by which it automatically detects the chinese handset's pinouts and set pins to rx, tx, gnd. with multicables.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today i am going to tell all detail, how to unlock samsung cdma F519 sliding handset with touch keypads. This is black body color handset and a very good looking with its soft touch keypad function in it. For unlock this handset to access all cdma network, we have first requirement is of its usb cable i.e. samsung d800 cable can also be used, when we attach to the handset with the computer, then it will ask for samsung drivers, then we can install its universal drivers that it will automacilly pick its modem usb drivers and will install it all and will make modem driver port that we can check in the properties of my computer, in hardware option, in device manager, there in modem option, open the samsung modem drivers properties, then go in advance port setting, there we can see which port it has make. Then secondly, we need its good pst tool to install, in which we will flash with its unlock file i.e. of anycall chinaunicom file.
Open this tool, but be aware that to run this tool you must first have to install microsoft office of any version becase some of it data base files it shares , and if you will not install , it will give a debugg database error and will close the tool. So after installing office in it, then open this tool and in sw option, two browsing options will come, and one of rebuild, we have to first browse the unlocking file in first option, second option remain untouch. Then just click the start download software button, it will automatically go in dm offline mode and will first erasing and then write the flash the file, will take around 10 minutes to complete the process. It has also rebuild button which we can use if we only want to reset or rebuild the handset efs items. This handset if dont detect or give an error in normal mode in flashing, then just put handset in emergency mode manually by pressing 9 key and power button, then select emergency mode also in the tool, then start the process, it will get ok.
After full flashing handset will restart and do some settings automatic in it. wait till it get completely on, its english language will convert to china, so go in settings and again change it to default english language. Now you can access all cdma ruim in it. Here is the tool pic, and file you can take from me directly.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Bitpim version 0.7.34 is the best one for reading internal data mostly of all kinds of cdma handsets. This tool can read phonebook, wallpapers, ringers, calender, memo, todo, sms, call history, file system, log. First of all we have to connect the handset with good interface to the pc, then we have to do some settings like of port setting, phone type, or check for update option. After setting phone type model and comport, then we have to go in the view option, in that there is a option which is hide i.e. view filesystem, just open it, then there will comes a + sign, then just click that it will show some logs in the log option, if the handset jeck is ok and ur cable and interface is ok, then it will go in brew mode after automatic detectbaud rate setting, handset connectivity with the pc can also be check with zippo universal software before bitpim. After that + sign will open alot of options of all its nvm data and phonebook etc. We generally need nvm data to find out if handset get locked of user code of 4 digits. It is generally in the nvm folder, then again press nvm folder + sign, then open the nvm002 option by double click on it and in the right side all data will show there, where u can read its 4 digit code, it will be its user code. And if u need its spc , security code of six digits, just see there too of 6 digit code will be the handset spc code. But somtimes there are more than one spc code, then we have to check its all nvm items, like nvm0000, nvm0001, nvm0002, nvm0003, nvm0004. We can also send ringtones into it of kind like handset supports, mid or midi. And if by any means, handset could not connect to the software, then it will give some errors and will close the window. Nowadays, more many versions has come in this, but this was the most accurate working version tool. It has also bitfling small tool in it too 0f which you can take its benefit as per your need.

Monday, September 21, 2009


LG Non -ruim handsets like rd2330, 2430, 2530, 2710 etc. lg logo blinking problem can be repaired without loosing their number present in it either its reliance, tata or ping no. feed in it. There is very secret and good information and trick or way for it that i will described below. These blinking handsets have to flashed very carefully, so that it could not be dead, as if file writing get stopped in between, handset will get dead. First of all we need lg download tool for it. First select its config option and select its particular port of which interface is used, then after click the dll button tick mark on, and select dll of the particular handset like if it is rd2530 select 2530 dll file not 2330 dll and when you have to select bin file also to flash it in emergency mode it should also be of the same handset like if it is 2530 select 2530 bin file not of 2330, then put the handset first in emergency mode by pressing 5 or 8 key and power button, then click the emergency button, it will ask for spc code, fill it with 000000, then in between press the 8 key, it will start flashing and when flashing gets complete, your handset will come in normal condition without loosing the existing non ruim number in it as it may be of reliance, tata or ping, there is no need to write again the scr or prl file. Its esn no. all will be remain same. This information or trick is very limited known to others, because generally all flash these kind of faulted handsets with md2330 files bin ,scr, dll, so its previous number get washed , but the process that i have detailed above is tested and mind blowing without loosing your number. Its great work dear, try it and enjoy, if u need further any support or files just give me ping on the yahoo id. see u soon.


Well in case of Nokia bb5 handsets like 5130 and 7210c etc. a common problem coming in these handsets is of handset blinking and contact service problem. But it depends upon the condition that how it comes, like if it has come due to handset fell down, then its of hardware problem, may be of CPU ic. But if its due to software corruption, then it could be sought out with the help of mt box, or mx key in which sx4 card pm authorization function is available or it could be connect by the sx4 server. If the fault is due to rpl file corrupted then its rpl file have to be write in it, but it costs, then it will get ok, but if its rpl file is ok, then it has no cost, just open the mxkey tool, and connect to the interface, then go to the option button and open the nokia service tool, then after select bb5 option and then open the service button, In it open the pm option and on the right side there is a button load pm file, just select the contat service ok pm file of the particular model which you have to be repair, and then just click the pmm auth, it will automatically connect to the server, your internet should working properly at that time, then it will say the message mxkey hello connected and super dongle key connected, then just click the write pm button, it will write the ok pm and after that just do the normal ui settings, your handset will definately get ok. The main thing is it does not use any of your credits. But before doing this, you must backup its rpl file so that if by any means its rpl get corrupted , we can write it again. This is a new solution for all of us. You can use ufs interface or jaf box interface to do it all with mx key device. And always been updating these boxes softwares time to time. you can get more knowledge and solutions.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hi dear viewers, today i am going to dictate about vodafone handsets like 125, 225, 226, 227, 228 unlocking and flashing the corrupted firmware without using infinity box. Few months before there was no solution for vodafone software repair and unlocking except infinity box, in that also all models original firmwares were not updated. But now here is vodafone models unlocking available as mentioned above. Actualy this software is launched by sagem infineon unlock team, so it has also some sagem models unlocking also available like sagem 150x, 220x, 220v models. Well This tool has comports available in it, so it depends upon you that which interface you are using for it like usb to rj45 or infinity box or any other which makes a usb serial or profilic port, Then just select its port that it will make, baud rate remains as it is, and then choose model which you want to unlock or flash, then first we have to connect it by pressing the 'connect' button, it will say press and hold the power button, then just plug the cable and battery and try to press the power button, if all is ok, then it will display message loading and detected done. Then if we want to unlock any handset model avaialble in it, just press unlock button, it will automatically erase and flash unlock eeprom. we can also relock phone, it has option in it, but if we want to flash the handset like in blink problem or even in dead condition, and if the handset get connected as the procedure described above, then we can write new firmware in it in flash option, write firmware, when we press that button it will ask for the file to flash, then just choose the flash file as of the model and it will start erasing and writing new firmware automatic, and when it get complete, your handset will get ok, We can also repair its imei no. in it by using that option in any such condition. For more further assistance reply by comments pz. here is the tool or get it from my yahoo id

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Motorola V3m handset is a non ruim based cdma phone, in which memory card feature is also available in it. This handset is the folding one with beautiful sparkle body and look. Its original firmware is based on verizon. The Motorola RAZR V3m offers the ultimate combination of brains, beauty and best of all - your favorite tunes! Motorola’s thinnest multimedia phone for the CDMA network, the RAZR V3m is a beauty captured in refined metal housing and a sculpted clamshell shape, accompanied by a sophisticated set of multimedia functions. Offering a large color screen and EVDO technology, the Motorola RAZR V3m is the ideal way to keep connected and entertained on the move – complete with integrated music player*, Over the Air (OTA) music downloading* and up to 1GB of removable memory. Fusing the best in multimedia, design and power, the Motorola RAZR V3m is the ultimate blend of style and function. To convert this handset into tata or ping non ruim, we have to first required its modem drivers that are attached here at below, After installing its drivers, it will make its modem driver and check the port it has make in its modem driver properties. Then it needs Rsd lite 3.6 software through which it has to be flashed with unlock "ALTv3m" Motorola based firmware by saving its memory card option also, because we can also flash it with v3c file, but in that case handset memory card option gets damaged. When we will install rsd lite and will open the software, then handset will install more drivers also like motorola accesory drivers, test command drivers and its all esn no. will get read in the software and will be connected by using usb motorola v3 cable. After flash, its spc code will alos get 000000. This handset's esn no. get remain same as of the handset after flashing the firmware also, But the file you have to use should be tested one that me have it, it is .shx file. After flashing, just write ping prl file or tata prl file of which network you want, then just get imsi no. and feed in it by using qpst software or cdma workshop. For accessing motorola more original firmwares and unlock one, just visit


HTC verizon xv600 vogue is a good looking handset with all functions operated by touch screen with its stick. Phone Features, With a nearly 3-inch display, the Verizon XV6900's navigation is powered by TouchFLO technology--new underlying touch screen technology developed by HTC--which provides smooth navigation through menus with a finger swipe. This is a pocket pc handset mostly comes in white color and is much used in abroad countries with alot of gprs functions, multifunctions, email etc. This handset is non ruim based phone, because it does not support ruim functions and not any simtray in it. Simply sweep your finger up the display to launch an animated, three-dimensional interface comprising three screens: Contacts, Media and Applications. In addition, the innovative TouchFLO cube brings a 3D cube interface allowing quick access to entertainment, communication tools and a "dial-by-picture" photo caller ID screen. It is intelligent enough to distinguish between finger and input via the included stylus and then respond accordingly.
But the good news is that it could be convert to any cdma network in India like reliance, tata and ping, for that first of all we need some requriements to connect it with the pc. One thing we need its usb data cable as of motorola v3, and then we need any cdma workshop like 2.7 full version.
First when you attach handset switching it on, it will not detect any comport drivers, for that we have to first put the handset in Diag mode. For that there are some special codes like ##3424 and then press dial button, then it will definately ask for its modem drivers which will install the handset all and will make specific comport no. that will read all handset. Its modem drivers are wmodemdriversinstall.exe to take these drivers contact me, If u manualy edit or view some internal cdma settings like nam, prl, esn no. , imsi no., for that code is ##778 and then press dial button, then view settings, edit settings option will open, in that you can also change some settings and network channels by hand. One most important thing is that if handset does not go in diag mode with ##3424 code then we have to make hard reset of the handset with which its all functions will get autmatically reset and even its touchscreen we have to also tab and callibrate as per instructions displayed on the screen. Its spc code will also get default to 000000 with hard reset key, for that how to make hard reset pm me. Then this code will definately work. After making its comport then we can just read it by cdma workshop 2.7 and just write its imsi no. that you have to take on the default esn no. of the handset, because in this handset esn no. never changes its only used of the handset that is written on its backside sticker under battery. Then just write the prl i.e. particularly what number you have to use either of reliance , tata or ping simultaneously.
If this handset get any flashing problem, then you have to search its original file and flash it, but for putting handset into usb flash mode ,we have to press two keys of the switched off handset, one is camera key on side button, and other is on key together, it will go in download usb flashing mode. Any more inquries reply by your sweet comments.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well here myself to sought out your major problems regarding any mobile software converting to other network of cdma handsets. One of which is the model blackberry verizon handset which has touch screen pads on it without keys, only work with touch stick. Well these handsets generally comes from abroad, and their network gets blocked as in India there is different network frequency range, so first it has to be converted into indian cdma accessing networks like reliance, tata or ping. For the model blackberry like 8330, we have to first try to attach or connect with the computer. And we aslo need modem drivers for it or it makes comport, or modem drivers, or virtual port. Well particularly in this handset it makes virtual drives that works on usb port only. Well to read this handset on computer, it get neccessary to purchase latest version of cdma workshop 3.4.1 that worth rs. $99.00 from any good server or from and it gives only 1 year validity for this software on single pc user, this workshop is required because it has additional function of usb ports which automatically detect the handset attached to the pc by using virtual ports, and it also finds automatically all spcs enterd in its nv or efs portion. Well after detecting this handset, then setps are very easy, just find its all spcs and enterd in it one by one using univesal efs method, then it gives message spc is correct, phone unlocked, Then just change its imsi no. i.e. min no. and esn no. will be remain same as of the handset and just write the specific prl of which network you want to use in it, like reliance, tata or ping as per your requirement. well if u still get confused or could not make it out, then me here for your help, just pm on my messenger id.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


MX-KEY device is one of the best device shaped like pen drive used with ufs box, jaf box or any other fbus rj45 boxes or interface not individualy. In this device, there are 1000 credits free of cost i.e. 10 credits = 1 rpl file used for dct4 rpl imei no. ????? corrupted, but the thing to be keep in mind, that handset should not switch off automatically after 20 seconds, because imei no. get ok in those sets if its UEM IC has imei no. rpl data saved in it, if not then its not possible. After that sim get accepted by the handset but its not neccessary that 20 seconds switching off mobile problem get also solved or not, but credits get used by it, so its upon your own risk. First of all plug in device in usb port then install all its drivers and then register dongle id no. with your valid email address online on the internet and you will also recieve the password for log into the server when you need to write rpl file on the phone. After registration, all boxes or other interfaces of fbus or usb port get connected in mx key tool. Files for flashing handsets are same as of ufs hwk. In mx key tool , there is NOKIA SERVICE TOOL, by which we can flash dct3, dct4, dct4 plus and all bb5 handsets by selecting their product code, and can also select automaticaly version of that particular handsets or can select manually also. It do in speed than ufs box. We can all connect jaf interface box in this mx key. It has good backup options for rpl data of any bb5 handset, it automatically saves its rpl file. It can also solve the contact service problems in these type of handsets without using credits. It has also siemens tool for unlocking or flashing complete. We can also flash cdma handset like nokia 1255, 1325 in it because it has also ccs tool for it. And also keep updating device online, as it keeps on adding new features from time to time. Here is the link of mxkey tool pic


My friends, here is now me with All chinese and original mp4 repairing software solutions of their respective firmwares installed in them. First of all we have to exactly identify the mp4 player that for which player, particularly its firmware have to be installed in them. So, for that you have to first open the software file named "bootmode.exe", there, all mp4 pics are placed in it, just first match your mp4 video player OR MP5 video player with the pictures given in it, remember you have to only match their buttons or speaker positions, it does not matter whether it is absolutely similar or not, it should be some similar of like that. Then, in images they have also marked then indicators from which we have to put the mp4 player in boot mode by pressing in same instructions by attaching cable with pc, and if the players get detected in it, it means it have chances to be repaired easily. For eg. take image no.3, in that with red lines it has been indicated that press upper and lower button together to put this player in boot mode, like if player is getting blinking or only its green light getting on. After that when it asks for drivers to be installed for attaching with computer, then open the folder named "mp4 drivers tested" in that, after mp4 is fully detected in it, and make its drive, then the last work is to find its original firmware files and just copy and paste in it. So for that we have to first disassemble the body of mp4 player, then we have to find the exact numbers on RAM IC OR any other ics in it. Then open the software named " mp4mp5firmwares.exe" in that all firmwares ic numbers given in it, just match mp4 ic no. with that software given in it. then just click it, and it will open the download files window in new internet explorer, just copy and paste all files that it downloads. It has alot of firmware file collections in that links. And your mp4 , mp5 gets ok working condition. For any more assistance, contact me, here is the direct link for download whole.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Chinese handsets get very much popular in a very few time, but because of some maintenance drawbacks, like its sparepart is very limited and costly i.e. like new lcd or its battery and bodies too. When these handsets newly launched, their cost was very much, and its spare parts and repair was also not so possible, The commonly fault comes in these handsets if of software problem, like it goings on hang, or going on restart after inserting sim, or automaticaly comes in flight offline mode, so these all faults get solved mostly with the help of software that we can do with infinity box by finding its pinouts, or for it has special boxes to format, just do it complete ffs format, it get ok, Chinese boxes like VE-PRO, SPIDERMAN, CPF BOX are one of the best boxes. Chinese handset's generally fault also comes of touch screen breakage, so It is also get tackled by pasting new touch screen, but touch screen we have to find of its original size, and its strip that we have to paste it on the display strip is not get same design, so we have to paste it with the help of motor winding wire by finding its exact direction, of x-axis and y-axis. Because by mistake if we make the handset restore, then it gets pause on touch calibration screen, and if it is broken then it get necessary to past new touch screen in proper way so it get calibarate properly to access its all functions and features or we can also calibrate it without changing new touches in infinity box because now touch calibration screen function has come in the boxes. If we reset chinese language default in english language then just use this code *#0000# and then dial it. One more thing you can check by checking its imei no. that handset has done software before or not, if no. 1 is get placed before imei no. like 1355932840203, then its understood that software is also done before. Well for software if set gets connected by cable and box through its jeck means its rx tx get connected. And if not, then We have to find rx tx pinouts manualy. For chinese box support site is

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Huawei c5005 is a good and solid handset launched by VIRGIN mobiles. Its name is also VBOND. They launched it very earlier around 1 year before, but its unlocking solution comes recently, as it has alot of features but its virgin handset so only virgin sim works in it. But now its solution is here to access all cdma ruim in it. For unlock this handset, we need usb v3 cable, because its modem supported handset so it has to be attached with usb port, and then it will ask drivers, try to install hair c2000 drivers, if not, then just take new cd that comes with this handset and install drivers of it in it. And it will install all modem drivers of huawei c5005, then you should have latest pst tool in which com ports are shown exactly as this handset makes. First try to read handset with the help of zippo universal software, and if handset gets read in it, means it gets attached to the pc. Then open the pst tool and browse the unlock .xml file in it i.e. of around 4 kb only, Its upon you to download both application and its parameters either you can download only application , its enough to unlock handset and to prevent much time of flashing. Then just press start downloading button and it will take around 5 minutes to unlock it as it done 100%, handset will restart and is ready to use all cdma ruim. But the main precaution or risk covering factors we have to be carefull , that while flashing handset should not be disconnected by any reason, like battery low, light problem or any cable problem, othewise handset will get permanently dead, but may be its also be recovered if it goes in download booting mode by pressing *, 5 and power button. well take care and see u next time. If need this solution pm on my id.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Nokia 2112 handset is a good cdma handset supporting cricket net also. It has soft keypads and good look like nokia slim handsets. Basically its a non cdma from company i.e. of reliance company, but it could also be converted into all ruim working solution. But for that first of all, its need a ufs box, or jaf box, or any nokia flashing box, its rh is 57 and for flashing nokia 3100, 3105, 6100 cable can be used. Its pinouts are on the left side of the sim tray, but this handset mostly does not have sim tray in it, which we have to place it manually, and if its sim ic also not available, check it first by multimeter that on all pins voltage should come exactly. If sim ic is not available, then place new one, or just short the pins of left side of ic to another sides , three tracks as other gsm handsets have its jumpers. Then just select mcu file. ie. .nep and second file ppm i.e. .lfp, just press start flash and after complete 100% flashing, just put any cdma ruim in it, and it will work exactly, but one main precaution is to be taken that handset should not get hang. File should be all ok, if files are not ok, then set has also risk of getting dead. This handset has also dku-2 jeck, through which we can put earphone on it, or can feed ringtones through it. Its charging problem can also be soloved as commonly other gsm nokia handsets solutions are, like its fuse, or direct charging is also possible. It has also ringer ic in it, and can same be solved by replacing ringer ic in exact particular direction. And if it anyway got network problem , then just write good pm of it. it will work proper. It has also notcharing pm file too if set makes not charging on plugging charger to it. If need more detail then reply on yahoo.


Hi dear, now here is cdma huawei c2906 unlocking solution avaialble 100% tested on alot of handsets. First of all we need to unlock it is requried flashing tool, unlock .xml file, 2801 rj45 cable. Attach box or interface first through which you have to unlock the handset, then connect cable to the switched on handset, check first by the help of zippo software to read the handset so that its get assured that handset is properly attached, if it does not read handset, then check its jeck where we attach cable or check cable or check proper comport that it has made. After that as handset get read by zippo, then close it, and open pst tool software and select proper comport there, make it tickmark, then browse the unlock .xml file that we have to flash in it, there are two options in it one is application and other is parameters, you can use both two , or only application option is sufficient to unlock it, so off that tick mark of parameters because it takes more time in process. Then just press start downloading button but be careful your handset battery should be sufficient, light should not go off or any kind of disattachment of the handset will make your handset permanently dead. And now see at below the status bar where handset is getting flashing with messages, at above percentage will start till it gets complete 100% and at last it get finished and your handset will get unlock for accessing all cdma ruims. if u need its unlock file then reply on my yahoo id.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Nokia 1650 handset is a good come handset after a long time-period of nokia 1100, 1110, 1600. Its one of my favourite , cheap and best handset with fm radio also in beautiful colors. This handset also very much suits for ladies also. Its cream color body with red color glass combination makes its more good looking. Well Its repair is also cheap, like its lcd or other spare parts. If by chance this set gets some damaged by the reason of water or any other liquid, its more sensitive parts are of its display jeck, leds and charging side, and ringer problem. So first of all we would discuss its led problem if not coming. It has two leds on below side of keypad of white color emitting and the rest of leds are in its lcd itself. First of all we have to check its display lcd, change it , if still not come its light, then we have to check its tracks first. It has four main tracks of that two leds, very first track of first led i.e. on left side, it has positive supply in it that directly comes from its light ic via some small capacitors, check it will multimeter that track should not be opened, the other two tracks of first led right side and second led left side are joined together, this also check with multimeter, and then the last track of second led right side goes to the second pin of the right side from upper side of the display connector. And still after that if light not come, then just change the coil near light ic, or can also change the light ic. The other major fault generally comes is of charging, If handset not show any charging, then first check its capacitor fuse, and if on plugging charger it says not charging, then its shortcut is , just remove the small double black color resistance right side of the UEM IC, it will solve the problem definately, check that resistance supply should come from the middle pin of the battery connector, the resistance we have to remove of it. well keep commenting and visiting and spread its links all over too.
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