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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well here myself to sought out your major problems regarding any mobile software converting to other network of cdma handsets. One of which is the model blackberry verizon handset which has touch screen pads on it without keys, only work with touch stick. Well these handsets generally comes from abroad, and their network gets blocked as in India there is different network frequency range, so first it has to be converted into indian cdma accessing networks like reliance, tata or ping. For the model blackberry like 8330, we have to first try to attach or connect with the computer. And we aslo need modem drivers for it or it makes comport, or modem drivers, or virtual port. Well particularly in this handset it makes virtual drives that works on usb port only. Well to read this handset on computer, it get neccessary to purchase latest version of cdma workshop 3.4.1 that worth rs. $99.00 from any good server or from and it gives only 1 year validity for this software on single pc user, this workshop is required because it has additional function of usb ports which automatically detect the handset attached to the pc by using virtual ports, and it also finds automatically all spcs enterd in its nv or efs portion. Well after detecting this handset, then setps are very easy, just find its all spcs and enterd in it one by one using univesal efs method, then it gives message spc is correct, phone unlocked, Then just change its imsi no. i.e. min no. and esn no. will be remain same as of the handset and just write the specific prl of which network you want to use in it, like reliance, tata or ping as per your requirement. well if u still get confused or could not make it out, then me here for your help, just pm on my messenger id.


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  2. however touch registry depends on the electrical properties of your body. Faytech


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