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Friday, September 25, 2009


After some long time, now here is haier virgin c5000 (06 version ) handset unlocking solution available and is 100% tested. This is same like c5000 (05 version) trendy model, but its flash file version has been changed before, so that new stock was not unlocking before, but nowadays unlocking solution is released for this. For this tool is also some new and file also has been changed, cable is same as of usb motorola v3, and modem drivers are also same of c2000usb drivers. First open the download tool i.e named Dloader lite-c5000 (samsung) v1.4.4, There is no need to select any model, it automatics on c2001, then browse the unlock file in it i.e. c500006unlocked bin and select the download option, and tick mark the backup/restore nv and off /on the restore esn option as per need, then just press the start button, it will first backup the nv items and then erase the file and will write the new unlock file to it and after that automatic restore the nv items and handset will get restart and is unlocked, precaution is, it should not stop in between flashing, otherwise handset will get dead, but it could be recovered by shifting it into offline mode by pressing *, 5, power on button on off handset, it will detect comport and by using Dload offline option we can make it on again. Here is the tested tool attached, file is some big, that you can take me from my yahoo id.

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