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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Chinese handsets get very much popular in a very few time, but because of some maintenance drawbacks, like its sparepart is very limited and costly i.e. like new lcd or its battery and bodies too. When these handsets newly launched, their cost was very much, and its spare parts and repair was also not so possible, The commonly fault comes in these handsets if of software problem, like it goings on hang, or going on restart after inserting sim, or automaticaly comes in flight offline mode, so these all faults get solved mostly with the help of software that we can do with infinity box by finding its pinouts, or for it has special boxes to format, just do it complete ffs format, it get ok, Chinese boxes like VE-PRO, SPIDERMAN, CPF BOX are one of the best boxes. Chinese handset's generally fault also comes of touch screen breakage, so It is also get tackled by pasting new touch screen, but touch screen we have to find of its original size, and its strip that we have to paste it on the display strip is not get same design, so we have to paste it with the help of motor winding wire by finding its exact direction, of x-axis and y-axis. Because by mistake if we make the handset restore, then it gets pause on touch calibration screen, and if it is broken then it get necessary to past new touch screen in proper way so it get calibarate properly to access its all functions and features or we can also calibrate it without changing new touches in infinity box because now touch calibration screen function has come in the boxes. If we reset chinese language default in english language then just use this code *#0000# and then dial it. One more thing you can check by checking its imei no. that handset has done software before or not, if no. 1 is get placed before imei no. like 1355932840203, then its understood that software is also done before. Well for software if set gets connected by cable and box through its jeck means its rx tx get connected. And if not, then We have to find rx tx pinouts manualy. For chinese box support site is

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