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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


HTC verizon xv600 vogue is a good looking handset with all functions operated by touch screen with its stick. Phone Features, With a nearly 3-inch display, the Verizon XV6900's navigation is powered by TouchFLO technology--new underlying touch screen technology developed by HTC--which provides smooth navigation through menus with a finger swipe. This is a pocket pc handset mostly comes in white color and is much used in abroad countries with alot of gprs functions, multifunctions, email etc. This handset is non ruim based phone, because it does not support ruim functions and not any simtray in it. Simply sweep your finger up the display to launch an animated, three-dimensional interface comprising three screens: Contacts, Media and Applications. In addition, the innovative TouchFLO cube brings a 3D cube interface allowing quick access to entertainment, communication tools and a "dial-by-picture" photo caller ID screen. It is intelligent enough to distinguish between finger and input via the included stylus and then respond accordingly.
But the good news is that it could be convert to any cdma network in India like reliance, tata and ping, for that first of all we need some requriements to connect it with the pc. One thing we need its usb data cable as of motorola v3, and then we need any cdma workshop like 2.7 full version.
First when you attach handset switching it on, it will not detect any comport drivers, for that we have to first put the handset in Diag mode. For that there are some special codes like ##3424 and then press dial button, then it will definately ask for its modem drivers which will install the handset all and will make specific comport no. that will read all handset. Its modem drivers are wmodemdriversinstall.exe to take these drivers contact me, If u manualy edit or view some internal cdma settings like nam, prl, esn no. , imsi no., for that code is ##778 and then press dial button, then view settings, edit settings option will open, in that you can also change some settings and network channels by hand. One most important thing is that if handset does not go in diag mode with ##3424 code then we have to make hard reset of the handset with which its all functions will get autmatically reset and even its touchscreen we have to also tab and callibrate as per instructions displayed on the screen. Its spc code will also get default to 000000 with hard reset key, for that how to make hard reset pm me. Then this code will definately work. After making its comport then we can just read it by cdma workshop 2.7 and just write its imsi no. that you have to take on the default esn no. of the handset, because in this handset esn no. never changes its only used of the handset that is written on its backside sticker under battery. Then just write the prl i.e. particularly what number you have to use either of reliance , tata or ping simultaneously.
If this handset get any flashing problem, then you have to search its original file and flash it, but for putting handset into usb flash mode ,we have to press two keys of the switched off handset, one is camera key on side button, and other is on key together, it will go in download usb flashing mode. Any more inquries reply by your sweet comments.

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