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Friday, September 4, 2009


Hi dear, now here is cdma huawei c2906 unlocking solution avaialble 100% tested on alot of handsets. First of all we need to unlock it is requried flashing tool, unlock .xml file, 2801 rj45 cable. Attach box or interface first through which you have to unlock the handset, then connect cable to the switched on handset, check first by the help of zippo software to read the handset so that its get assured that handset is properly attached, if it does not read handset, then check its jeck where we attach cable or check cable or check proper comport that it has made. After that as handset get read by zippo, then close it, and open pst tool software and select proper comport there, make it tickmark, then browse the unlock .xml file that we have to flash in it, there are two options in it one is application and other is parameters, you can use both two , or only application option is sufficient to unlock it, so off that tick mark of parameters because it takes more time in process. Then just press start downloading button but be careful your handset battery should be sufficient, light should not go off or any kind of disattachment of the handset will make your handset permanently dead. And now see at below the status bar where handset is getting flashing with messages, at above percentage will start till it gets complete 100% and at last it get finished and your handset will get unlock for accessing all cdma ruims. if u need its unlock file then reply on my yahoo id.

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