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Saturday, September 5, 2009


Huawei c5005 is a good and solid handset launched by VIRGIN mobiles. Its name is also VBOND. They launched it very earlier around 1 year before, but its unlocking solution comes recently, as it has alot of features but its virgin handset so only virgin sim works in it. But now its solution is here to access all cdma ruim in it. For unlock this handset, we need usb v3 cable, because its modem supported handset so it has to be attached with usb port, and then it will ask drivers, try to install hair c2000 drivers, if not, then just take new cd that comes with this handset and install drivers of it in it. And it will install all modem drivers of huawei c5005, then you should have latest pst tool in which com ports are shown exactly as this handset makes. First try to read handset with the help of zippo universal software, and if handset gets read in it, means it gets attached to the pc. Then open the pst tool and browse the unlock .xml file in it i.e. of around 4 kb only, Its upon you to download both application and its parameters either you can download only application , its enough to unlock handset and to prevent much time of flashing. Then just press start downloading button and it will take around 5 minutes to unlock it as it done 100%, handset will restart and is ready to use all cdma ruim. But the main precaution or risk covering factors we have to be carefull , that while flashing handset should not be disconnected by any reason, like battery low, light problem or any cable problem, othewise handset will get permanently dead, but may be its also be recovered if it goes in download booting mode by pressing *, 5 and power button. well take care and see u next time. If need this solution pm on my id.

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