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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Infinity box goes to its name as it has infinite models for unlocking and flashing GSM, CHINESE and some of CDMA handsets also. This box is a universal box and it updates normally a weekly form its support site. Nowadays latest updation is of 2.17a version. It has a range of brands alphabetically from A TO Z Brands. Each brand has some of its models avaialable. There are around 1700 models till date. It has different modules like M -Module, H-Module, QC -Module etc. It has good range of MTK Cpu based ic solution of software i.e. Format FFS complete or in safe mode.
This is done if chinese handsets got a problem of restart on inserting the sim in it. First step to open infinity box shell, then go in chinese miracle option and then in MT62xx cpu based models, after then go in the service option, There just do complete format ffs, it will say power on the phone, just plug the cable or solder the rx, tx and gnd points properly. But remember only mtk based models can be done in it. And if any handset is in dead position mostly like of SIGMATEL Brand, then it can also get ok by complete format ffs keeping baudrate on 48000. We can also calibrate the touch screen through it. Then in infinity box, there is very big range for spice unlocking all models and flashing also. you can download from infinity support site. Airtel cordless phone ie. GD8900 can also be unlock by using lgc2500 cable, just pressing sp unlock button in the service option.
The rest support if u need anyways regarding infinity box, then just reply by comment. It has also now its infinity pin finder, by which it automatically detects the chinese handset's pinouts and set pins to rx, tx, gnd. with multicables.

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