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Monday, September 21, 2009


LG Non -ruim handsets like rd2330, 2430, 2530, 2710 etc. lg logo blinking problem can be repaired without loosing their number present in it either its reliance, tata or ping no. feed in it. There is very secret and good information and trick or way for it that i will described below. These blinking handsets have to flashed very carefully, so that it could not be dead, as if file writing get stopped in between, handset will get dead. First of all we need lg download tool for it. First select its config option and select its particular port of which interface is used, then after click the dll button tick mark on, and select dll of the particular handset like if it is rd2530 select 2530 dll file not 2330 dll and when you have to select bin file also to flash it in emergency mode it should also be of the same handset like if it is 2530 select 2530 bin file not of 2330, then put the handset first in emergency mode by pressing 5 or 8 key and power button, then click the emergency button, it will ask for spc code, fill it with 000000, then in between press the 8 key, it will start flashing and when flashing gets complete, your handset will come in normal condition without loosing the existing non ruim number in it as it may be of reliance, tata or ping, there is no need to write again the scr or prl file. Its esn no. all will be remain same. This information or trick is very limited known to others, because generally all flash these kind of faulted handsets with md2330 files bin ,scr, dll, so its previous number get washed , but the process that i have detailed above is tested and mind blowing without loosing your number. Its great work dear, try it and enjoy, if u need further any support or files just give me ping on the yahoo id. see u soon.

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