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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Hi dear, now i am here with the solution for LG pm225 sprint model converting it into any cdma ruim accessing network. To do it, first of all we have to need to change its esn no., min no. and have to read its spc 6 digit security code and prl file of the specific network that we have to put in it is also needed at end. In this whole process, some tricks and knowledge is required. For this there should be UNICDMA TOOL with which we can change its ESN NO. as of the ruim(first to read ruim esn and min no. in ZIPPO universal software) or non ruim connection either of reliance,tata, ping or virgin. To write its new esn no. in unicdma tool, open the tool and fisrt set the comport no. which is made as u connect the cable to the pc, whether its serial port or usb to serial port interface is used.
Its cable used for connectivity is same of LG 2230 OR 3000. Then set the baud rate to default or 115200, and enable the monitor option, and it will read the whole handset. Then select the sky mode option, and press write esn button by entering the new esn no. that have to feed in it. The handset will restart and then confirm writing of new esn no. in zippo again. Then we need cdma workshop 2.7 full version software to change its min no. or imsi no. But before that read spc code of the handset with the help of bitpim software as we do in normal lg handsets. or in asc write tool. Then open the cdma workshop and in the security settings send spc code as read above, message will appear spc is correct phone unlocked, then go in the NAM option and press the read button, it wil read all information and then change the new min no. and dir no. same as we have to feed in it and press the write button.
Then handset will again restart and its min or imsi no. is also been changed. Then at last only prl file of the particular network we have to feed in it in the LG DOWNLOADER SOFTWARE , but here comes the problem, when we write the prl it will give an error or fail prl roaming list. So, in that case we require LG VX6000 .dll file that have to be select at that time, and then we have to write that prl file into it by entering its spc code that we read before. Then finally handset is converted into our desired network and is ready to use. For any files and softwares contact at yahoo id or ask by comments.

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